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Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Warning Against Any More Cuts In Bus Service

Saint John Transit has been cut to the bone and any further reductions will come at the expense of bus service being reduced. 

That warning from Transit General Manager Frank McCarey who says he knows from first hand experience, the last round of cuts is still being felt. He says a person who works in his dentist's office used to take the bus but then bought a car after the last round of cuts and likely won't be back.

McCarey says cleanliness on board buses has suffered because of staffing reductions and, for the first time he can remember, certain routes had to be missed because there weren't enough buses to put on the road. 

Maintenance costs are up by 10 per cent because the buses are getting old and need more upkeep to stay on the road with some of them over 20 years of age.