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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Teachers & Parents Celebrate 23 Middle and High School Students

Laughter and tears as 23 middle and high school students spent a few hours celebrating big accomplishments.

The 2014 Turnaround Achievement Awards for the Saint John Education centre held tonight at Lily Lake Pavilion.

15 year old Brandon Humphrey-McCashion of Fundy Shores School overcame a hip injury and discovered a love for wheelchair basketball and now plays for the provincial team.

He says it gave him a purpose to be able to go an play basketball instead of watching his friends play sports.

18 year old Trevian Snow of Harbour View High has battled depression and has advice for other students who struggle with it.

He says keep trying and never give up hope because once you push through these tough times you will be the best person anyone has every met.

Anglophone South Community Engagement Co-ordinator Erika Lane says it's inspiring to see the impact of teachers and principals have in the lives of their students.

She says they know their teachers, guidance counsellors and principals are behind them 100 per cent and beyond that the greater community which speaks volumes to them.

The event's guest speaker Spencer Mason spoke of his own struggles with drug addiction and coming through the other side to find happiness in marriage, school and in operating a business.