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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Back To The Drawing Board For Rothesay

It looks like a bylaw amendment in Rothesay still needs a little fine-tuning. 

The town deciding to hold off on making a decision about changing a signage bylaw to let community groups and non-profits advertise their events after some deemed the amendment too restrictive at a public hearing.

When the current signage bylaw was enacted, it took away an exemption for community events, so they have been confined to the electronic sign boards in the town. Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ News council will take what they have heard at the public hearing into consideration, and they will likely make more adjustments to the bylaw amendment.

Councillor Miriam Wells suggesting groups could come to the Planning Advisory Committee and make a special request for exemption. Councillor Pat Gallagher Jette says council needs to move slowly and carefully with this issue.