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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Town Reallocating Funds To Handle Fire Deficit

Not everyone at the council table supportive of a decision to move money in the valley's fire department around in order to balance this year's budget. 

That includes Rothesay's Deputy Mayor Dr. Nancy Grant, who says she can't support the reallocation because it sets a bad example, and while 2013 may have been an exceptional year for the fire department, who knows what next year will bring. 

Mayor Bill Bishop voting in favour, but he tells CHSJ News they will be telling the Kennebecasis Valley Fire Department that they don't want to see this kind of thing happen again. He says when they pass a budget, they expect people to work within the budget.

Bishop says the current deficit was caused by a number of things, including many people out on long-term disability. At an earlier meeting of council, he called the usage of sick leave out of hand and said it needed explaining.

The KV Fire Department made a request to council for the reallocation in September.