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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Huge Divide Between Rich And Poor In NB

A small but passionate group of activists gathered in King Square this afternoon for a rally to eradicate worldwide poverty. 

Sister Angie Martz of the Sisters of Charity has been advocating for social change in Saint John for many decades in her 89 years. She tells CHSJ News over the years things have changed for the poor but many have remained the same, particularly the fact that it's difficult to get people involved in social justice apart from a small group.

Others in attendance included the Human Development Council, AIDS Saint John, and members of the community  concerned with eliminating the divide between the rich and poor in Saint John. According to statistics released at the march, the poorest 10% of New Brunswickers having just 2.7% of the income pie, while the wealthiest have 24.8%.