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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BREAKING: Arrest Made In Oland Murder

Police making an arrest in the Richard Oland murder investigation.

Dennis Oland, his 45-year old son, was arrested today and will be appearing in court tomorrow afternoon. 

The 69-year old city businessman was found dead in his office on Canterbury Street in July, 2011. Documents from search warrants show blood on a coat belonging to Dennis Oland matched the DNA profile of his father, and also that he owed him a lot of money. The search warrants also portray a dysfunctional family relationship. 

His uncle, Derek Oland, releasing a statement saying they believe Dennis is innocent and will support him and his family members.

Police have made no secret of the fact that Dennis has been the prime suspect in the case. They will be releasing more information at 10am tomorrow at Peel Plaza.