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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Canadian Soldiers Held In High Esteem

The Royal Canadian Legion getting together with the town of St. George to fly banners complete with photos of more than 50 veterans as part of the Remembrance Day commemoration.  The Legion is now getting calls from across the country. The banners will be given to family members.

German war records have been researched by Dr. Marc Milner of the Gregg Centre at U-N-B. He discovered the Germans viewed Canadian soldiers as the crucial troops in the British Commonwealth formations leading up to D-Day. 

Dr. Milner says the Germans thought of the Canadian soldiers during the First World War as the shock troops of the British Empire.

He has also found out the Germans were keeping a close eye on where the Canadian soldiers would be and, because of this, the Canadians were utilised as part of a grand deception to lead the enemy into mistakenly believing the D-Day landing would be at Calais and not Normandy.