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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hemmings Speaks On Bringing Love Into The Workplace

A full ballroom at the Delta for the People of Influence Luncheon featuring local filmmaker and musician Greg Hemmings.

He discovered his personal philosophy for putting love in the world also meshed with his beliefs for business.

He says after really spending time studying the visions of people who inspire him he realized they have the right to speak boldly about love so can't we do it in the business community adding it doesn't mean we can't be just as competitive and just profitable.

Natasha Doucet of the Regional Hospital Auxiliary says proceeds from this event go towards the purchase of a virtual sky ceiling for oncology.

She says it's for patients going through radiation treatments to provide a pleasant distraction during an otherwise unpleasant experience.

The auxiliary's next event features Olympic Gold Medalist Alex Bilodeau and his brother Frederic at the Qplex on June 5th.