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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mayor Says Owner Of Bargain Shop Should Be Ashamed

The former Bargain Shop--better known to long-time Saint Johners as the old Woolworth's--on the corner of King and Charlotte Street is a disgusting sight these days, with brown, water-damaged paper sagging in the windows revealing a crumbling interior.

CHSJ News asked Mayor Mel Norton whether something can be done about the eyesore. He says what the city can do is limited, but he's personally appalled that someone in this city would allow their property to deteriorate to that level. He says they should clean it up immediately.

The property was purchased by embattled city lawyer Rod Gillis a number of years ago. One year ago this June, Gillis was sentenced to 22 months in jail for obstruction of justice, but was freed a day later. CHSJ News tried to reach Gillis for comment, but his listed residential number has been disconnected.