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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

UPDATE: Local Realtor To Clean Up Former Bargain Shop

Earlier today, we highlighted the deplorable condition of the former Woolworth's at 91 King Street--namely, the unsightly brown paper that has been sagging in the windows for years.

Local Realtor Stef Turner tells CHSJ News she just took control of the listing recently, and she's going to get rid of the paper within the week.

She says the owner, Rod Gillis, had considered spending the money to clean up the property--however, he concluded any potential buyer would be starting from scratch anyway, and it wouldn't make sense to spend the money. Mainly, she said, it was just been a case of no one taking the initiative.

They're replacing the paper with new signage advertising the building for sale. Turner says the building is zoned for mixed usage--meaning we could see commercial space on the bottom and apartments on top--and remains structurally sound despite a little water damage. Turner is inviting the public to comment on the future of 91 King Street via Twitter--for more info, click here