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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kitchen Mishap Causes Fire Call



Fire crews responding to a call at 138 James Street around 10 o'clock last night.

Fire officials say a burning pot was the culprit, which caused some smoke and minor fire damage to the wall and stove area.

One man was taken to hospital for minor injuries. 

Summer Season Gearing Up for Boardwalk



Music, the Canada Day Countdown and a guy who will jump over the stage of the Boardwalk on a moto-cross bike...that's just some of the activities happening on the Market Square Boardwalk this summer season. The drive has been on to get more people into the uptown over the past few years and Pete Stoddard with the Ale House tells CHSJ News, the crowds get bigger on the boardwalk every year.

Stoddard says all of the events can be found at market square and they are also adding Facebook and Twitter sites so people can keep track of what is happening and when. 

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rally for the CBC



cbc rally.jpg

[Public Support for the CBC----Photo by Dave Briggs]

Over a hundred people in attendance at the Rally for the CBC in Kings Square today.
The rally comes as staffing cuts are affecting 4 of the 15 member staff.
Employees being affected include two sound technicians, an office manager, and a reporter is being reassigned to only web based work.
Saint John MP Rodney Weston tells CHSJ News, people think his government is responsible for the cuts, but that's not the case.

Weston says the cuts come from dips in the advertising revenue.

Out to show their support for the Crown radio station include Senator John Wallace, Mayor Ivan Court, and a handful of city councilors.


Walk For Memories Tomorrow



Tomorrow afternoon the Alzheimer's Society of New Brunswick will be holding the 6th annual Walk for Memories.
All proceeds raised during the event will go towards local programs and services for those living with Alzheimer's, as well as towards funding for national research.
Organizer Mel Vincent tells CHSJ News, the walk is to help raise money, but also awareness.

Vincent says those who cannot make the walk can make a pledge by going to their website
Senator John Wallace, and MLA Trevor Holder will be on hand during the walk taking place at 1 o'clock at Wolastoq Park.

Town Wide Yard Sale



Looking for a hidden treasure that someone may be looking to get rid of?
Take a trip out to Quispamsis to browse the town wide yard sale.
Things get underway this morning at 8:30 and run until 1 o'clock.
For a complete map of vendors click

Car Stolen From McDonald's



City police quickly apprehended four people after stealing a car last night.
Just before 10 o'clock a car was stolen from the McDonald's parking lot on Fairville Boulevard, while the owner was inside the restaurant.
Police recovered the car about 20 minutes later on Douglas Avenue.
One adult and three young offenders have been arrested.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Traffic Woes in Quispamsis



Traffic volume and speed.....two of the big issues for most home-owners in Quispamsis. Both were brought up when the Town rolled out it's draft traffic calming policy this week. Residents from Lexington, Minstrel and Southwood Drives say the area is getting dangerous and was never set up for the traffic volume they see. Chief of Police with the Rothesay Regional Force is Steve MacIntyre who tells CHSJ News, there is close to 50,000 registered vehicles in the Kennebecasis Valley and it continues to grow.

MacIntrye adds the traffic trailer isn't set up as a speed trap but to give driver's a sober second thought about how fast they are going in a residential area.     

Cherry Brook Zoo Says Goodbye to an Animal Friend



There is sure to be a few tears at the Cherry Brook Zoo over the weekend as employee's say goodbye to a friend and the signature animal of the facility. Baikal, the male Siberian Tiger is being sent to the zoo in Winnipeg next week to hook up with his paired female.

She has been waiting for a year for him to arrive.

Local Photographer Honoured



Next time you see local photographer Martin Flewelling, extend a congratulations as he was recently honored with the Yousuf Karsh Lifetime Achievement Award. The award is given out by the Professional Photographers of Canada.

Flewwelling tells CHSJ News his job is rewarding in its own right. The award was established in 1970 and only six awards have been given out to date.

Province Introduces Pay Equity Legislation for All Civil Servants



The provincial government has introduced new legislation to extend pay equity to all levels of the civil service.  Since 1989, pay equity has applied to just departmental employees, but the new legislation would extend it to schools, hospitals and Crown corporations. The Executive Director of the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women says this is a move in the right direction.  Rosella Melanson tells CHSJ News she hopes this means pay equity for the private sector is not far off.

The minister responsible for the Status of Women, Mary Schryer, says as far as pay equity in the private sector goes, `stay tuned for next week, because we're not done.'  The legislation for civil servants will come into force April 1, 2010.

Saint John Board of Trade Calls for Consultation on Provincial Trauma System



The Saint John Board of Trade is encouraging the provincial government to call on those who will be directly impacted by the provincial trauma system to get their input.   President Imelda Gilman tells CHSJ news the province needs to focus on implementing the system and would like to see the Trauma Committee reach out to trauma surgeon Dr. Andrew Trenholm to participate in completing the process.

Gilman says this approach will serve to restore credibility to the process of building and implementing the provincial trauma system.

Firefighters to Get Cancer Coverage



Firefighters in the province are getting cancer coverage thanks to the Firefighters' Compensation Act, introduced today in the legislature. Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Donald Arseneault says the legislation will provide coverage to active and retired firefighters who have served the required number of years of service, and who are diagnosed with a specified cancer-- or-- who suffer from a heart attack within 24 hours of an emergency response.

The provincial government promised back in June 2007 to address the need for cancer coverage. Under the legislation, assessments will be calculated and levied against municipalities on a per-firefighter basis. WorkSafeNB will administer the program.

City Works to Improve Website



The city is hoping new additions to the Saint John website will drive more people to use it and be satisfied with the result.  Councilor Carl Killen says there is much work to be done to bring the website up to where it should be.

City Manager Terry Totten says they have been working with various departments to re-design the site, while adding new features such as Twitter and the ability to pay parking tickets on line.

Police Conclude Suspicious Man Not Real



In reference to a story we ran yesterday, police are no longer asking for the publics assistance in finding a suspicious man. Police were looking for a white man in his 50's driving a black car with many dents and a loud exhaust. 

However, police have determined the event in question did not take place.

No Options For Doctors



Opposition Health Critic Margaret Ann Blaney says Provincial Health Minister Mike Murphy never gave doctors any options when it comes to the proposed wage freeze.

She tells CHSJ News the Medicare budget already had the wage freeze factored in as it was smaller than last years.

Members of the Provincial Medical Society will meet in Fredericton today to discuss the issue.

Final Conference For Youth This Weekend



It will be a bittersweet weekend for youth around the province as this weeknd marks the final Big Splash Youth Summit. 

The summit gathers 50 youths from around the province to discuss issues they are concerned about and to take those topics back to the provincial government.

Spokesperson Brad Perry tells CHSJ News they will have a lot to talk about, including the environment and the new driving laws for yound drivers.

He says with the Youth Advisory Council being cut by the provincial government, it will be harder for youth to interact with their government.

Students Graduate from UNBSJ Today



It will be a busy day at UNBSJ as its 35th Spring Convocation Ceremony takes place today.

Four hundred and fourteen students will be donning the cap and gowns. 

Dr. Nancy Grant, founder of Hospice Saint John and Dr. Robert Neve, Secretary General for Amnesty International Canada, will both be receiving honorary degrees at the event.

Things get underway at 2 o'clock at the G. Forbes Elliot Athletic Centre.


West Side Residents Want Movie Theatre



It seems West Siders have one thing in mind when it comes to development on that side of the city. During a Q and A at the West Side Retail Development Forum resident after residents told developers a movie theatre is needed.

There is no plans for a theatre yet, but developer Bryce Schnare says when the public voice their want for a business to the company, chances are their ears are going to perk up. Other wants include a gym and more family restaurants.

Simms Corner Getting Makeover



As the business front on the West Side changes so will the driving. Director of Works Shayne Galbraith tells CHSJ news, major renovations to Simms Corner are scheduled to begin soon and with the retail boom it needs to become more drivable to those not familiar with it.

Galbraith adds the intersection will become controlled by lights and access to Fairville Blvd will become two way. He says the city will look for provincial funding for the project and Phase 1 will get underway soon with the entire project expected to wrapped up by 2011.

Retail Development for the West Side



Retail Development is booming on the West Side. Counsel Corporation is the company renovating the Lancaster Mall, and spokesperson Madeleine Nicholls tells CHSJ News, the plan is make the mall more than just a one stop shop. Nicholls says the mall is being designed using an innovative method where all shops inside are on display on the outside. She says that model will likely increase traffic, because customers will know what they are in for.

Also announced last night is 1 of the 8 new stores going into the Fairville Boulevard Plaza. Developer Bryce Schnare says one store is going to be a Staples, but kept tight lipped about the remaining 7.


Java Moose is Expanding



West siders are getting a new option for their morning coffee fix. Java Moose announced last night that a new store is going into the Lancaster Mall. Co-Founder Randy Pederson tells CHSJ News, the West side is an untapped market for premium coffee products.

The new location will be going into the newly refurbished Lancaster Mall.


Two Men are in Custody



Rothesay Regional Police have made an arrest in connection to a robbery and break and enter last weekend. Two men are locked up and will appear in court later today after officer's executed a search warrant at a home in Rothesay last night. It was on Thursday of last week, a man walked in to the Petro-Canada station in French Village with a weapon, demanded cash and smokes and ran.

Officer's are also expected to lay charges in connection to a home that was broken into last weekend in Quispamsis where alot of stuff was stolen.

Ambulance NB Responds to Report



The Brady Report, an inquiry into the Events Affecting Ambulance Service on April 2 in Fredericton Junction has been released. Ambulance New Brunswick received a 9-1-1 call for a patient and a vehicle arrived 57 minutes later but the 14-year-old patient could not be resuscitated. The report concludes there was a preventable delay in the ambulance response time including a lack of map resources, dispatch and fleet resources and a paramedic dispatch communications policy. 

Ambulance New Brunswick has seen the report and has already made several improvements including changing the ambulance deployment plan to ensure the best allocation around Fredericton Junction and other areas and making sure a shift continues until a replacement ambulance arrives in the area.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

ANB Plans Response to Brady Report



Those looking for Ambulance New Brunswick's response to Brady Report will have to wait a little longer.

In an email to our newsroom, ANB says they are going over the report and will address the recommendations in a release tomorrow morning.

The Brady Report found that the delay of an ambulance when trying to reach a New Brunswicker, who eventually died, was preventable.

The report states that the ambulance service did not have proper maps and lacked proper dispatch policies.

Funding Announcement for Fitness Program



The provincial government is investing 50-thousand dollars into the Canadian Tire JumpStart program.

The program provides funds to needy children to help over the costs registration, transportation, and equipment for organized sports.

Affiliated partners such Recreation New Brunswick, the YMCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and KidSport will also reap the benefits of the money.

Public Hearing into NB Powers Rate Hike Wraps Up



Saint John lawyer Gary Lawson says NB Power needs an attitude and culture change.  Lawson says the utility needs to re-think the way it tries to save money because it has a history of going over budget.

An Energy and Utilities Board public hearing into NB Power's 3 per cent rate increase has just wrapped up at the Delta in Saint John. The utility is facing a 94 million dollar loss even with the rate increase and Lawson admits it's unlikely there could be enough savings made this year to avoid the hike. But Lawson says the effort should still be made to demonstrate leadership in efficiency.

NB Power Hearing Continues



The Vice President of Operations for JD Irving says he would be out of a job if he managed the company's budget the way NB Power has managed its budget. Wayne Wolfe says the utility had a 16 per cent increase in costs over two years for travel, vehicle expenses, labour and hired services--at a time when it should be cutting costs.

Vice President of Transmission and Distribution, Darren Murphy, says they have already cut some costs-- but-- he won't compromise service or the environment to save money.

NB Power is trying to justify a three per cent rate increase at an Energy and Utilities Board hearing underway at the Delta. The utility is forecasting a 94 million dollar loss this year. Chartered Accountant, Andrew Logan, says there is nothing in the evidence to show the loss is not accurate.


Retail Forum Tonight



If you are curious about what development is going on over on the West-Side and what might be on the way, don't forget about this. Enterprise Saint John and the West Side Business Association are hosting an informative workshop tonight. The meeting is to give residents, developers, existing retailers and land owners a chance to learn more about the West retail sector.

Developers, retailers and City Staff will be on hand to answer any questions. West Saint John has seen a hub of activity lately with a new Sobeys, construction underway on a new hotel and renovations to the Lancaster Mall. Tonight's meeting gets started at 6:00 at 69 Branch Legion.

Sussex Mayor Still Looking for Answers



The Mayor Of Sussex, Ralph Carr continues to ask questions but isn't finding alot of answers. You might remember his Town's emergency room doctor was yanked away during a weekend last month to cover a shift here at the Regional. Carr tells CHSJ News, he is waiting for clarification from the Health Minister's office on why it happened and a guarantee it won't again.

Carr says he is feeling even more un-easy with all of the talk of a wage freeze for physicians and what that is going to do for retention and recruitment efforts. 

Blaney Setting the Record Straight



The wording of a proposed wage freeze for provincial doctors is getting complicated. Opposition Health Critic Margaret Ann Blaney tells CHSJ News, what Minister Murphy is saying doesn't make any sense because fee for service doctors don't fall into the civil service category.

Blaney says she will continue this debate with Health Minister Murphy today in the Legislature. Members of the Provincial Medical Society will meet in Fredericton tomorrow. 


Fire on Grand Manan



A summer home on Grand Manan was hit by fire late last night. RCMP and fire crews arrived on the Hill Road at eleven o'clock to find a summer home with the flames and smoke coming from it. Crews smothered the flames but the front room has smoke and fire damage.

The blaze is being called suspicious and RCMP won't say how it started.



Fire in East Saint John



Nobody hurt after fire ripped through a home in East Saint John this morning. Crews were called to a single storey bungalow on Summit Drive just after ten o'clock to find flames and heavy smoke coming from the building. Crews have contained the flames and it looks like most of the damage is to the interior.

No word yet on how the fire started.

Pension Meeting Last Night at City Hall



The city's actuarial firm Morneau Sobeco is suggesting to council that the pension's benefits and funding policy need to be updated in order to deal with economic uncertainty. The firm made the suggestions yesterday in an open meeting at council chambers. Associate Jeff Penner says simply increasing contributions, reducing benefits, or increasing investment returns is not the answer.

Penner adds the suggestions offered by the union groups last month only delay the problems and are not viable solutions.

Mayor Court Pleased with Latest Step



Mayor Ivan Court is looking forward to the next step after meeting with the city's actuarial firm about the pension. He tells CHSJ News, it's important to get the issue resolved in the most affordable way possible.

Mayor Court adds since legislation has to change in order to solve the problem, it's important for all the stakeholders to work together.

Gas Prices Up Again This Week



It's still under a loonie a litre but the price of gasoline is up again this week. The Energy and Utilities Board has released it's weekly price schedule which shows the maximum price for a litre of self-serve is going for 96.3. That is up just under two cents from seven days ago with most stations showing a posted pump price of 96.5.

Diesel is up just over a penny at 88.3, propane comes in at 82.2 which is up only percentage points and furnace oil is up just under two cents at 71 cents. 


Quispamsis Traffic Calming Policy



Speed and traffic volume......two of the issues brought up at a meeting last night at the Town Hall in Quispamsis. The Director of Engineering Gary Losier gave a power point presentation on what officials hope to accomplish with it's draft traffic calming policy. The majority on hand live in the Lexington, Minstrel and Southwood Drives area including Todd Steven who tells CHSJ News, safety has to be the main factor for both young and old.

The next step in the process is to present the document to council in the next two weeks for approval and get started with some of the recommendations which includes traffic monitoring and more consultation with home-owners. 



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blaney on Doctor Wage Freeze




[Opposition Health Critic Margaret Ann Blaney------File Photo]

Opposition Health Critic Margaret Ann Blaney tells CHSJ News, the move to extend a civil service wage freeze to doctors will hurt recruiting and retaining doctors in the province.

Blaney says Health Minister Mike Murphy showed up to the legislature with a heavy handed approach, and basically implied if doctors do not accept the terms, they will look at legislation.

Proposal to Change Animal Cruelty Laws



Oromocto MLA Jody Carr is proposing a new bill to the legislature to hand out stiffer penalties to those found guilty of animal abuse in the province.
The bill being pushed will give judges the power to hand out a maximum provincial fine of $100 thousand dollars and/ or 18 months of prison time.
Carr tells CHSJ News, this bill should send a strong message.

Right now anyone charged under the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act can only receive a maximum fine of $570 dollars.
Carr says animal cruelty is often linked to community safety and domestic violence, which is another reason it is important for government to act on the matter.

Update on Subway Resaurant Robbery



Police are closing the books on a reported armed robbery at a Subway Restaurant on the west side earlier this month.
Information Officer Sgt. Pat Bonner tells CHSJ News, it wasn't an armed robbery at all, but appears several employees planned to take some money and report it as one.
Two young offenders are being charged with mischief, theft and leading police into a false investigation, and an adult is facing charges of theft and damage.

New Credit Card Regulations



Changes to how people apply for credit cards may help reduce debt through education.
From now on new regulations require credit card applications and contracts feature a box that outlines interest rates, grace periods, and fees.
On monthly statements there will be information on how long it would take a card holder to pay off a balance only making the minimum payments.
The President of Credit Counseling Services of Atlantic Canada John Eisner says that little piece of plastic can get consumers in a lot of financial trouble if not used properly.

Budget Estimates from the Department of Health



Health Minister Mike Murphy is presenting the budget estimates for the Department of Health in the legislature today.
Some of the highlights include an additional $67 million dollars being budgeted for capital construction projects and equipment, and $2.5 million for developing the provincial trauma system.
This year's budget also has funding for 25 new physician positions, and funding for an English medical school.
Murphy says this years account spending will be more than $2.3 billion dollars----a record breaking figure.

Port Meeting in Belgium



Representatives of the Saint John Port are in Belgium promoting Atlantic Canada as an entry point for foreign shipments.
Andrew Dixon with the Saint John Port tells CHSJ News, the real value of a conference like this is speaking with officials with international shipping companies face to face.

Breakbulk cargo is not shipped in containers, like potash, limestone, or paper pulp.
Dixon says Saint John is an important breakbulk port for the region, and for years has concentrated on forest products.

He says this conference will likely open up more shipments coming in from the South American, and European market.

Missing Man is Found



A happy ending to a missing person case. RCMP say a man from Grand Manan has been found after he went missing at the first of the month. 52-year old Ritchie Wilson left the island and he did not tell his family where he was going.

RCMP says he has made contact with his family and is safe in Quebec.


Fire Fighters on the West-Side



Don't be surprised if your coming past Moosehead Breweries and see members of the Saint John Fire Department. Brewery officials are letting the department use the fermentation vessels so they can conduct a tank top rescue simulation.

This is part of their on-going readiness training. They exercise is expected to last until just after one o'clock.

Blood Task Force is Ready for Meeting



A show down could be weeks away between the Provincial Blood Task Force and Canadian Blood Services. The group is looking to convince CBS to keep it's distribution center in Saint John and thwart a proposal to move it to Halifax. Rothesay Conservative MLA Margaret Ann Blaney tells CHSJ News, they don't want to tip their hand, but they are ready to present a rock solid case as to why the center should stay on University Avenue.

Blaney says they hope to meet with CBS Officials on the 15th and 16th of next month but have not heard back on whether those dates are good.

Energy and Utilities Board Hearing Underway



The Energy and Utilities Board has begun its public investigation into NB Power's 3 per cent rate hike that came into effect on April first. Vice President of Transmission and Distribution, Darren Murphy says the decision was made in the context of the global economic crisis.

The rate hike came after the EUB approved a 5.9 per cent increase for NB Power in 2007. A report must be submitted to Energy Minister Jack Keir by June 30th on the justification of the increase.

Should cab Drivers Deliver Booze



Do you think it's o.k. for cab's to deliver alcohol? The question is out there with a trial is set to begin in Nova Scotia next month. A local delivery company is considering challenging a law that makes it illegal to deliver alcohol after one of it's drivers was charged. The owner of Vets Taxi Gerry Lowe tells CHSJ News, this is a big portion of a cab companies revenue.

We have contacted City Police and they tell us they are looking into whether there is any law on the books in this city or province that prohibits cabs or delivery companies from bringing alcohol to anyone. 


New Look for the Cherry Brook Zoo



The ribbon will be cut on a new Awareness and Discovery Center at the Cherry Brook Zoo later today. The purpose of the new exhibit is to educate about the poaching of endangered species and of course, bring more people to the facility for extra revenue. Director Linda Collrin tells CHSJ News, the new set-up wouldn't be possible with-out the help of several venues.

Several dignitaries will be on hand for the ribbon cutting which gets underway at 11:30am. 


Open House Tonight in Quispamsis



If you live in Quispamsis, a reminder that tonight is your chance to get a look at the draft traffic calming policy. Director of Engineering Gary Losier tells CHSJ News, the specifications in this plan are unique to Quispamsis.

Losier says what they have now on paper is just a draft and this open house is so residents can provide them with feed-back to fill in the gaps so to speak. Tonight's session gets started at 7:30pm at the Town Hall.

Energy and Utilities Hearing Today



Remember that three per cent rate hike NB Power instituted back on April.1st? It goes under the spotlight today as the Energy and Utilities Board gets started with a hearing, under recommendation by the Energy Minister, to see if the hike is justified.  E.U.B. spokes-person Dave Young tells CHSJ News, they have been working on this file since the end of April.

No word on how long the hearing will take but two days have been set aside. Things gets started this morning at 9:30am at the Delta.


Forest Fire in East Saint John



3 acres of wooded area has been charred in East Saint John after a forest fire yesterday afternoon. Fire Crews were called to the area just before one o'clock to find heavy flames and black smoke rolling from a wooded area behind Simonds High School near Heatherway. Crews were having a tough times containing the fire due to the heavy winds. Department of Natural Resources crews were called in to evaluate the scene but no water-bombers were needed.

Fire-fighters remained on the scene till eleven last night stamping out hot spots. Still no word on what sparked the fire.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Tool for Provincial Search and Rescue



New GPS--or global positioning equipment-- is now available for volunteers of the New Brunswick Ground Search and Rescue Association thanks to the federal government.  The Department of Public Safety has received 510 thousand dollars in federal funding from the National Search and Rescue Secretariat.

The department has also received 178 thousand dollars of in-kind support from the provincial government over the three years of the project.

Premier Set to Receive Controversial Honourary Degree



Premier Shawn Graham will be receiving his honorary Doctorate at UNB Fredericton tomorrow during the spring graduation ceremony. More than 100 faculty and staff from the two UNB campuses signed a letter in opposition to the honour.  Acting Chair and Professor of History at UNBSJ, Dr. Greg Marquis tells CHSJ News it's time the university introduced a policy against politicians receiving honourary degrees.

The Board of Governors of the University of New Brunswick have yet to respond to the faculty and staff's letter of petition.


Ground and Air Crews Called in for East Side Forest Fire



City fire crews have a forest fire on the East Side under control. The District Fire chief tells CHSJ news crews will be on scene for the next 4-5 hours battling hot spots in woods behind Simonds High School. The blaze broke out just after one o'clock and put thick black smoke into the sky. The New Brunswick Forestry Service responded to the fire and a provincial airplane with the department of Natural Resources also flew in to keep an eye on the situation, after spotting the smoke while in Canterbury.

No homes or schools have been damaged or are believed to be in danger. So far, no word on the cause of the blaze and fire investigators will be brought in tomorrow.

Council Votes Against Their Own Pay Cut



Common councilors will not be taking a 5 per cent pay cut--as proposed by colleague Patty Higgins. She put forward the motion during last night's meeting as a symbolic gesture to city staff who are facing a two-year wage freeze.

The pay cut was voted down by only one vote--after five councilors and the mayor argued it was not necessary because they have not received a pay increase in 8 years.

St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation Gets $100,000 from City



The St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation is getting 100 thousand dollars from the city over four years. Council has approved money for the Care Connection Campaign for the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer.

The Hospital Foundation made the funding request to council back in November. Meanwhile, both the Boys and Girls Club and the South End Days Organizing Committee will receive one thousand dollars for events.

Tree Farm is Damaged



It looks like there is a Grinch on the run in May. St. Stephen RCMP were called to the Cleland Road near Dufferin to find someone hot-wired a tractor on the property. They then drove it through a Christmas Tree farm destroying roughly 350 of them and then crashing the tractor into a ravine.

No word on what the loss of the tree's adds up to.

Marijuana Operation Dismantled



The supply of marijuana around the Province is lighter by 1000 plants. This after RCMP seized the dope yesterday from a home in Wilmot which is near Hartland. If your wondering how many joints that would roll, Officer's estimate it is close to half a million. 

A small quantity of hashish, cocaine and Canadian money were also seized. Charges are pending against a 48-year old man.


KV Reach for the Top Team Comes Home



Feeling a little dejected, the KV Crusaders Reach for the Top Team is on it's way home today. This after finishing second at the National Championship yesterday with a loss to a school in London. Teacher and Coach Jason Thorne tells CHSJ News, coming in second out of six hundred schools from coast to coast is nothing to hang your head about.

Thorne says this same school from London they beat last month by 200 points so it just wasn't their day. Two members of the team will be back to give it another shot next year.

Missing Person in Long Reach



A happy ending to what could have been a tricky situation for two men from Saint John. Last weekend, Grand Bay-Westfield RCMP received a call from a father and son who became lost in a wooded area near Long Reach. Using their cell-phone, they got in touch with officers who used flares to help find the two men.

The father was treated for injuries to his knees and face after he fell but both are going to be alright.

Blood Task Force Continues Work



A conference call is scheduled tonight between the medical community and the blood task force. Both sides continue to build their case against Canadian Blood Services and their plan to move the Millidgeville distribution center to Halifax. Rothesay Conservative MLA Margaret Ann Blaney is a member and tells CHSJ News, this fight is to important not to try.

There is still no word on when the task force will get a face to face meeting with officials at Canadian Blood Services to present their case.


Energy Effiency Awards Handed Out



The Premier's Awards for Energy Efficiency were handed out in 13 different categories last night. The awards were developed by Efficiency NB to recognize best practices in energy efficiency.

The winners include the Saint John Theatre Company, Martin and Sandra Searle in Hampton, Jean-Yves Boudreau of Saint John and the Flakeboard Company in St. Stephen.

KV Reach for the Top Team Finishes Second



They reached but came up short in getting to the top. The KV Crusaders are coming home with a second place finish in the National Reach for the Top Competition this year. They were beaten 470 to 310 by a school in London in yesterdays final. This equals the schools best finish at the National Tournament when they also finished runner up in 2007.

Crusaders team captain Nick Manuel also received an additional Honor as he was named to the tournament all-star team for his outstanding play. The team will return home tonight. 


Monday, May 25, 2009

Negotiations Drag On for Industrial Water Rates



Mayor Ivan Court says he expects rate negotiations with a handful of major industrial water users will be resolved by year's end.  But Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase says in the meantime, the unresolved issue is hurting the city's chances for getting provincial and federal funding for clean drinking water projects. Court says he disagrees.

The city manager has been asked to report back to common council in early June with some recommendations or agreements for resolving the industrial water rates.  Consultant Touchie Engineering said last year that Irving Oil is due for a rate increase of 57.7 per cent, while Irving Pulp and Paper should pay 24.3 per cent more this year.

Experts Look at Ways to Make Clean Drinking Water Affordable



The city's Commissioner of Municipal Operations says city staff and hired consultants are doing everything they can to make clean, safe drinking water an affordable reality for Saint John. Paul Groody says this is the biggest project the city has ever taken on and having the right resources and staff is crucial to maintaining costs.

Groody says there are at least six projects--totaling nearly 24 million dollars--that are ready to be started and could be finished by March 2011. They include transmission mains throughout the city and a district water metering program. Mayor Ivan Court says work will continue with --or without--federal and provincial funding.

City Council Aims for More Efficient Meetings



City council is taking action to make their regular meetings more efficient. Council has accepted 12 recommendations by the common clerk for improving the efficiency of open council meetings. Some of the recommendations include limiting debate times by sticking to the 3-minute rule and banning councilors from reading the entire text explaining their motions when it's already in the council kit. Councilor Gary Sullivan says the trick will be following the adopted recommendations.

One item of contention is the recommendation that the common clerk schedule a review of the committee system form of governance. Some councilors say that doesn't fit with the others and they aren't prepared to take another look at that style of government.  Five councilors voted against the recommendations.

City Seeking Input from Staff on Cost Saving Tips



The city will soon be picking the brains of its employees to get their ideas for making city hall more efficient. Councilors Patty Higgins, Bill Farren, and Joe Mott will form a committee to develop an efficiency questionnaire for staff.

Higgins says they may have some good ideas for balancing the city's budget.


Blaney Reaction to Protest



Rothesay M-L-A Margaret Ann Blaney says it's impressive the amount of protest young people are putting into the changes to driving regulations.

Blaney says congregating online for discussion may be the future of debate, rather than face to face.
She says government should have consulted with young people before changing the rules, and at least hold off legislation before they have a chance to have their concerns heard.


Protest Over Driving Regulations



Protesters organized outside of Service New Brunswick to voice concerns over changes to drivers rules taking place starting next month.
Several changes include people under 21 cannot drive between midnight and 5am, and how many people can be in the vehicle.
Protester Lindsay Cole says the new regulations are not fair

Cole says the small number of protesters who showed up is not at par with those who oppose the changes.
Cole says there are hundreds of people online who are not happy with the new rules.

Green Ashpalt Technology



The Transportation Department is using a greener method when paving roads in the province.
The department will begin using a warm mix asphalt that requires less heat to produce, which decreases the carbon footprint.
Using less heat means less energy is used to mix the asphalt, decreasing the fuel consumption, and green house gas emissions.
In the city, the warm asphalt mix will be used on two kilometres of Route 111 leading to the Loch Lomond Road.
In tests the mix proves to be just as durable as traditional ones.

Health Department Reminder on Fiddleheads



It's the time of year when many dinner tables will have a Maritime favourite on the plates---and the Health Department is issuing a warning to be careful.
The reminder is to thoroughly wash and cook fiddleheads to prevent a temporary illness.
Health Canada says to boil fiddlheads for about 15 minutes, or steam for 12.
The reason for getting sick from undercooked fiddleheads is still not known, but is suspected to be a natural toxin.

KV Team Moves Closer to Reaching to the Top



The KV Team competing at this years Reach for the Top Tournament is moving on to the finals.
Teacher and coach Jason Thorne tells CHSJ News, the semi final match against Cobequid, Nova Scotia was a nail biter.

Thorne says his team had to comeback from a 70 point deficit, and a protest from the opposing team resulted in the final results not being known until about 40 minutes after the final question was asked.
The KV Team are heading to the finals this afternoon.

Boat Stolen



The boating season is just underway and someone has already had their vessel stolen. A 12-foot Suzuki Chesnut aluminum boat was stolen from a property in Apohaqui over the weekend. The boat was tied up at the edge of the river. Officers remind everyone who owns a boat to record the serial numbers and vessel identification of their boat and motor.

This will speed up the process in identifying any property officer's believe has been stolen.

Armed Robbery in French Village



A follow up to a robbery in Rothesay last week. Still no arrests after the Petro-can in French Village was held up just before closing last Thursday. It was just before eleven o'clock that a man walked into the store with a weapon, grabbed cash and cigarettes and ran off.

The two girls working were shaken up but not hurt. Rothesay Regional Police tell us they continue to work on a few angles as they and bring a suspect into custody.

KV Still Reaching for the Top



The KV team competition at this years Reach for the Top Tournament has a tough test this afternoon. They will take on a school from Cobequid, Nova Scotia with a berth in tomorrow's final on the line. Jason Thorne is teacher and coach and tells CHSJ News, a third straight trip to the semi-final is a true testament to the dedication of the students.

Thorne points out that Cobequid beat them in the round robin but they hope to prey on the team's inconsistency to try and pull out a win.


Proposed Changes for the Uptown



Wouldn't it be nice to be able to shop in the uptown during days almost everyone has off from work? The President of Uptown Saint John Sean O'Neil thinks so and is requesting city council pass a by-law allowing uptown businesses to remain open on Canada Day, and New Brunswick Day.

Also on the agenda, is the proposal to accept the bid from ICR General Contractors to renovate the washrooms at the city market. Money from the  Facilities Management Capital Budget will pay the price tag. If ICR is awarded the job, it will cost nearly $65 thousand dollars. Both topics are up for discussion at tonight's council meeting getting started a 5 o'clock in the council chambers.

Peel Plaza Making Progress



Most of 105 Union Street is no longer there. Only one wall is left of the former day-care as the city brought in the heavy equipment to bring it down over the weekend. It has been cleared to make way for the new look for that area of the metro which includes a new Justice Complex, Police Headquarters and parking garage. Bill Edwards is in charge of the project and tells CHSJ News, from his perspective......this proposal is right on schedule.

Edwards says whats left of 105 Union should be gone before the end of the week. The plan is to start construction of the Justice Complex, parking garage and police headquarters in October. 


Quality of Life Meeting Tonight



Pierre Doucette, project manager with the Department of the Environment will be the guest speaker at a meeting tonight. It's being put on by the Quality of Life Initiative as they continue to monitor activity by Corridor Resources. The company wants to drill into salt beds, flush them out and make caverns to store natural gas to pipe in through the Penbsquis field and onto the United States. Spokes-person Otty Forgrave tells CHSJ News, things are on hold for the time being.

Forgrave says Doucette will outline the requirements a company has to go through to get another permit to extend their expiration rights for an area to do any mining or storing natural gases. Tonight's meeting gets started at 7:30pm at the Upham Rec Center.  

Power Out for Close to Two Hundred



Still no progress being made on a power outage in Rothesay this morning. NB Power is dealing with a problem at one of it's sub-stations but no word on what the trouble is. 262 customers are off the grid including 180 in the Rothesay area. That covers a portion of Quispamsis, the Kingston Peninsula and can even stretch into Hampton.

NB Power tells us they don't know specifically what the problem is but they were hoping to have the problem fixed by 6:30am.

Fire Near Plaster Rock



A fire over the weekend destroyed a home in McLaughlin, which is just west of Plaster Rock. Fire crews were called to the house on the Bedford Road yesterday morning at three. Two adults and a 15-year old escaped the flames with no injuries.

No word yet on how the fire started and the three people who were living in the house are staying with family.

Crusaders Continue to Reach for the Top



For a third straight year, KVHS has reached the semi-finals of the Reach for the Top Competition. They did so by beating a school from Edmonton yesterday, answering the final two questions to end the game with a thirty point victory.

KV will now face a team from Cobequid, Nova Scotia today with the winner moving on the to the final on Tuesday. The Crusaders finished last year's competition in third and 2nd in 2007. 

Students Not Happy About Move



A grade 12 student from Chipman Forest Avenue School is voicing his concern about the upcoming budget cuts from the Department of Education. Brad Perry is the President of the Student Representative Council and tells CHSJ News, he's organized a petition to present to the government.

The New Brunswick Advisory Council on Youth is on the chopping block for June the 2nd, and Perry says eliminating this program will silence students. The petition can be found on our website, at

Protest This Afternoon Against New Driving Rules



New rules that come into effect June.1st for drivers under the age of 21 are facing some opposition. Melissa O'Rourke of Quispamsis fronts a facebook group which has collected over six thousand signatures in this half of the Province who are upset. She tells CHSJ News, they don't disagree with all of them but a lack of consultation certainly didn't help the matter.

O'Rourke says province-wide, they have collected over ten thousand signatures and have several rallies, including one in Kings Square this afternoon at four o'clock.

Q-Plex Numbers Look Good



The hard numbers have yet to be ironed out but officials in Quispamsis are confident the tax rate will not jump more than three cents with construction of the Q-Plex. The $22 million dollar proposal is still in a holding pattern waiting for a tender to be awarded for the construction phase. Officials indicate they can finance this project on their own because of huge growth in the population last year in recent years. As for whether Rothesay wants to come on board, Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News, their offer stands.

The facility will sport an annual operating cost of one million dollars with a yearly deficit of $400,000 dollars but is expected to bring in $600,000 dollars in annual revenue.

Road A New Dawning For Town



news-grace losier.jpg

(Mayor Grace Losier - photo courtesy Town of Grand Bay-Westfield)

Grand Bay-Westfield Mayor Grace Losier says a new 5-million dollar collector road is a shot in the arm for her community.
The federal and provincial governments are funding the highway which will run from the Highland Road overpass on highway 7 to the center of the town opening up a large tract of land for development.
Losier says about 400-acres have been sitting idle because of a lack of access -- she expects landowners to come to council soon with development proposals.
The mayor says the town also has some other irons in the fire -- construction on the new road will begin this year with completion set for later next year.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Minister Says More Support Needed for Lobster Industry



The provincial fisheries minister says the federal plan to support the regions lobster industry is worrysome.
Rick Doucet says the funding going towards marketing and promotions does not directly aid fisherman who are getting less this season for their catches.
Doucet says there is little the province can do to offer direct support, as adjusting employment insurance benefits to offset losses is a federal decision.

Sing For the Q-Plex



Tomorrow evening choirs will take the stage to sing for the Q-Plex.
The District 6 Elementary Honour Choir and the Rothesay Kings Rotary Girls Choir will be hosting the event to help raise money for the Q-Plex, and the church building fund.
Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News, it shows how much the community supports the project.

Things get underway at 7 o'clock at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Rothesay.

Brunswick Pipeline to Begin Clean Up



The final clean up of the Brunswick Pipeline will begin on Monday.
Work will begin in the Red Head area and move westward.
With construction being completed during the winter some areas need backfilling and ground contouring.
To ensure safety measures are being used, Brunswick Pipeline has inspection staff trained in working around "in service" natural gas pipelines.
Rural clean up will begin on June 1st, and the clean up is expected to be complete near the end of September.

Update on the Costco



Site preparation for the East Side Costco store appears to be ahead of shedule. Mayor Ivan Court says the company hopes to begin laying the foundation this July, rather than August as orginally planned.

Court says four thousand Saint Johner's have a Costco membership for the Moncton store and hopes the Saint John Costco will bring people to the city from places as far away as St. Stephen.

Housing Starts



 New home construction is a mixed bag around the province in the first four months of the year.
 Canada Mortgage and Housing reports a 13-percent drop in new units started here in the city compared by the end of April compared to a year ago.
 Moncton is reporting a 38-percent drop in new units underway while Fredericton is showing a fifty percent increase with 114 units underway compared to 76 last year.

Election Speculation Downplayed



news-gbw announce 1.jpg

(Veterans Affairs Minister Greg Thompson making funding announcement in Grand Bay-Westfield - photo by Gary MacDonald)

The speculation is beginning within political circles about the timing of a provincial election.
But -- Energy Minister Jack Keir is downplaying the whispers surrounding major infrastructure announcements like the 5-million dollar collector road for Grand Bay-Westfield.
Keir says it's a project which has been in the works for over two years and became part of the federal and provincial economic stimulus packages.
And federal Veterans Affairs Minister Greg Thompson is also downplaying election talk on Parliament Hill.
He says his minority government is a the whim of the opposition parties -- meantime -- it will push ahead with its economic stimulus package.
Both Ministers say more announcements will be made over the coming weeks.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

CUPE Wants Education Minister Laid Off



Members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees are handing out postcards addressed to the Premier requesting Education Minister Kelly Lamrock be laid off.
Provincial President of CUPE Sandy Harding tells CHSJ News, when education support staff is laid off next month, so should the Minister.
In the postcards heading to Shawn Grahams mailbox it states Minister Kelly Lamrock does not understand, value or respect their work---and when money comes first--kids come last.

Minister Says New Road Will Spark Development



news-gbw announce 2.jpg

(Federal - provincial - and - municipal politicians make road announcement - photo by Gary MacDonald)

The speculation was off the mark on this one -- it wasn't about sewerage but a new collector road for Grand Bay-Westfield -- the announcement made this morning at the Brundage Point River Center.
The 5.4-million dollar road is being financed jointly by the federal and provincial governments -- and -- Energy Minister Jack Keir says it's a project which makes a lot of sense because it will open up a lot of land for future development.
The road will connect the town center with highway 7 at the Highland Road overpass with construction to begin almost immediately and completion set for later next year.

New Road For Grand Bay Westfield



The federal and provincial governments are funding construction of a new collector road in Grand Bay Westfield.

The 5.4 million dollar project will provide access between the town center and highway 7 at the Highland Road overpass.

The announcement made moments ago at the Brundage Point River Center.

Relocating Residents



The city wants to search out provincially and municipally owned lands that can be used to begin building housing for the future.  Mayor Ivan Court says the industrial expansion out East may results in  more residents being re-located-- and-- he wants to make sure they stay in Saint John by preparing new land for residential neighbourhoods:

Court says there are already people living in Lorneville that have to go through an industrial park to get between home and the rest of the city.



Employment and Training Federal Funding



The province is getting $43 million dollars in federal funding for employment and training programs.
The agreement between the two governments was signed today (yesterday) and is in addition to the $207 million that will be provided to the province over the next two years under existing agreements.
The funds will go towards increasing workplace literacy, and developing employment action plans.
$14 million dollars over two years will help support provincial initiatives that help workers, whether or not they are eligible for employment insurance---and create programs to help retain jobs or make the transition to new ones.

Digby Ferry Effort to Bring in Tourists to City



Tourism Saint John says the uncertainty of the future of the Digby Ferry is resulting in canceled tours.
Spokesperson Sean Payne tells CHSJ News, two motor coaches have pulled out of summer tours of the city.

Payne says as an effort to get some more tourists from Digby a day trip schedule is going to start being offered.
He says travelers will come in the morning, and return home later that evening.

Tannery Court Construction Update



Tannery Court is still playing the waiting game before starting construction.
Spokesperson Mark Higgins tells CHSJ News, they are still waiting to hear back about the environmental assessment, and once it is taken care off a public announcement will be made.
Higgins says the plan for constructing the 50 unit low income apartment building is slated for early summer.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Major Infusion Of Cash For Grand Bay-Westfield



A major infrastructure announcement is being made this morning in Grand Bay-Westfield -- it involves federal Veterans Affairs Minister Greg Thompson and provincial Energy Minister Jack Keir.
The funding is in the multi-million dollar range and speculation is it will be money for a new sewerage system for the town.
The announcement is being made at the Brundage Point River Center at 9.

Premier Says City Making A Big Splash



news-graham splash.jpg

(Premier Graham addressing at Board of Trade Big Splash event - photo by Deborah Stevens)

Premier Shawn Graham says he's confident the province is on the road to self sufficiency -- and -- he says this region's growing energy hub is playing a significant role.
Graham says it means more opportunities for the people of not only greater Saint John -- but -- the province.
Graham was speaking to the Board of Trade's annual Big Splash event tonight at the new cruise terminal on Water Street.

news-big splash.jpg

(Part of the crowd at Big Splash in the new Water Street cruise terminal - photo by Deborah Stevens)

City Begins Planning for Industrial Expansion



Mayor Ivan Court says the city will need to find new residential areas to build upon as the industrial sector out East continues to expand. Court says eventually more and more city residents will be displaced and he wants to ensure they remain in Saint John.

Court says they aren't just planning for the next 3 or four years--city staff are planning for the next 50 years. He says now is the time to begin searching out provincially and municipally owned lands that can developed.

Province Gets Federal Funding for Employment Programs



The province is getting $43 million dollars in federal funding for employment and training programs. The agreement between the two governments was signed today  and is in addition to the $207 million that will be provided to the province over the next two years under existing agreements.

The funds will go toward increasing workplace literacy, and developing employment action plans. $14 million dollars over two years will help support provincial initiatives that help workers, whether or not they are eligible for employment insurance---and create programs to help retain jobs or make the transition to new ones.

Digby Ferry Adds New Day Trip Service



A new part of the Digby Ferry schedule is expecting to bring more tourists into the city.
Tourism Saint John spokesperson Sean Payne tells CHSJ News, a new day trip service will be introduced.

Payne says adding new services will benefit the city, because more services means more money being spent. Payne says due to the uncertainty of the service, two motor coach clients have dropped out.

Tannery Court Update



Tannery Court is still playing the waiting game before starting construction. Spokesperson Mark Higgins tells CHSJ News, they are still waiting to hear back about the environmental assessment, and once it is taken care off a public announcement will be made.

Higgins says the plan for constructing the 50 unit low income apartment building is slated for early summer.


Grand Manan Missing Person



Grand Manan RCMP are looking for the publics  help in finding a missing man.
52 year old Ritchie Wilson left Grand Manan in his Nissan X-Terra at the beginning of the month and has not been heard from since.
Wilson did not tell his family where he was going, but made preparations at home that were consistent with leaving for a trip.
He is described as 6 feet tall, 275 pounds with light brown hair.
Anyone with any information on his whereabouts is asked to call 755-1130.

Mayor Delivers State of the City Address



Mayor Ivan Court is still advocating for tri-level emergency response. During his State of the City address today, Court said city fire fighters had to respond to 22 emergencies in one weekend earlier this year because an ambulance wasn't available.  Court says funding is key to ensuring the Saint John Fire Department can continue responding to emergencies in situations such as that.

Court says there is a shortage of about 100 paramedics in the province and while Medavie-Blue Cross, which took over ambulance service late 2007, is doing it's best, Saint John and Mirimachi are not getting adequate service.

Saint John To Re-Ask for Federal Water Funding



The city will continue work on water system improvements--with or without federal and provincial help. But Mayor Ivan Court says he hopes to hear they will be giving Saint John funding by the end of the year. The city is re-submitted a formal request for federal funding for six water-related projects. Mayor Ivan Court says the items will be sent individually to MP Rodney Weston.

The city is planning to build one or two water treatment plants at a cost of up to 214 million dollars. Court says they are already doing work to upgrade the necessary pipes and water mains.  Earlier this month Court had said millions of dollars are on the way from the federal and provincial governments for water related projects. He says length of time to complete the project will depend on whether they do contribute funding.

St. Stephen GM Dealership Avoids Chopping Block



Many General Motors dealerships in the country are closing the doors, but another provincial dealer has avoided the axe.
Charlotte County GM  in St. Stephen is keeping its doors open, just after GM announced over 200 dealers will be closing up shop across the country.
In the city, Brett's Chevrolet-Cadillac also avoided cut, as did Centennial-Pontiac.

Opposition Claims Government Will Scuttle Doctors' Deal




(Murphy and Blaney lock horns in Legislature - file photos)

The Conservative opposition is questioning the Graham government's motives in dealing with negotiations for doctors' fees.
Rothesay M-L-A Margaret Ann Blaney says she understands a tentative agreement has been in place but the government has been dragging its feet -- and -- may be on the verge of scrapping it altogether.
Health Minister Mike Murphy says no deal is in place and negotiations are continuing -- meantime -- the Conservatives are also hammering the Graham Liberals over pending cuts to various education programs -- both Districts 6 and 8 say programs will be slashed thanks to a cut in their 2009 - 2010 budgets.

Another Scam is Making the Rounds



RCMP are letting residents know about a scam that has surfaced and seems to show up with the good weather every year. A paving contractor or company, operating in the Charlotte County area is targeting seniors and they may not be licensed.

Officers ask that anyone who is approached about someone paving your driveway to give them a call at 466-7030 or 755-1130.

Valedictorians are Chosen



Make sure you congratulate Edith Rose Cairns of Saint John, Brian Beaudette of Ontario, Keely Wallace of Truro and Katie RoeBothan of Newfoundland when you see them. They will be working on their speeches in the coming days after being named valedictorians of their respective classes at UNB Saint John and UNB.

Cairns will deliver her speech next Friday here in Saint John while Beaudette, Wallace and RoeBothan will speak to their classmates in Fredericton on Wednesday and Thursday. Premier Shawn Graham will also be on hand for the ceremony in Fredericton on Wednesday when he receives an honary degree that some of the faculty have protested against.  


Charges Laid Against Man from Montreal



A date with a judge is on the schedule for a 40-year old man from Montreal today. This after RCMP arrested a man at a bank on Broad Street in Sussex yesterday. Officer's tell us a man was trying to obtain a credit card by using a false name.

When he realized it wasn't going to work he made a run for it but was caught a short time after. No word on specific charges. 

More calls to Leave Fundy National Alone



First, it was Fundy Royal MP Rob Moore and now the New Brunswick All Terrain Vehicle Federation is speaking out. Both are concerned about any possible expansion of Fundy National Park and the Federation says if the talks move ahead, they want to be involved. 

Federation President Daniel Boucher says they agree with the importance of National Parks and Protected Areas, but feels it must also be recognized that people in this Province need access to land for outdoor activities.

Funding Announcement in Grand Bay-Westfield



Politicians from all levels are expected to be in Grand Bay-Westfield tomorrow. A news conference has been scheduled by the Premier's office to speak about what they are describing as a significant announcement.

We called Mayor Grace Losier to see if she had anything to say about what might be headed their way and she will only echo what the Premier's office has told us..........the announcement is significant. Things get started at nine at the River Center.

Latest on Uptown Shooting



No word yet on when City Police will get a chance to speak with a 26-year old Mandarin man who was shot during a robbery at an uptown bar last weekend. A bullet grazed his skull and he remains at the Regional under-going treatment.

It happened at the Sunstar Lounge just after 1:30 in the morning last Sunday morning. No arrests have been made.

West Side Man will Remain Locked Up



A 30-year old west side man has been sent for a further psychiatric evaluation in Restigouche. Jeremy O'Hearn has been charged with various weapons offenses -- possession of stolen property -- and -- assaulting a police officer following a stand-off on the west-side on Tuesday of last week. He just underwent a five day psychiatric examination while awaiting his next court appearance.

O'Hearn was arrested after police were held at bay for over four hours by a man inside a Fundy Drive home -- it started when police tried to serve a warrant.

Busy Construction Season Along Highway 7



Work is well underway on a new section of highway 7 which will bypass the Welsford area.
Most of the clearing work has been completed and the Transportation Department is getting ready to call tenders for grading work and two bridges.
Meantime -- grading work for the Highland Road overpass access ramps is expected to begin next month.
And some repaving work is also underway on sections of highway 7 through the Base Gagetown training area.

Big Splash Hits the Boardwalk Tonight



The new cruise terminal will provide the back-drop for the 4th annual Big Splash event tonight. Things get started at 6:30pm with Premier Graham the guest speaker. Hosted by the Board of Trade, President Imelda Gilman tells CHSJ News, this is a great chance to celebrate the communities achievements in the past year.

Other speakers include developer John Rocca and chair of the Saint John Port Authority Stephen Campbell. 

City Police Report



No word on specific charges but two men are due in court today. This after a routine traffic stop by City Police last night on Winslow Street West uncovered a gun in the vehicle.

Also, officer's are investigating a report of a man being robbed in the uptown. He was standing at the bus stop near King Square just before 7:30pm when he was approached by two or three men. He was hit and they grabbed some of stuff and made a run for it. He wasn't seriously injured.

Armed Robbery in French Village



The normal quiet of a neighborhood in Rothesay was shattered last night after an armed robbery. Rothesay Regional Police tell us a man with a weapon walked into the Petro-Canada station just before closing at eleven o'clock.

He demanded cash from the clerk, grabbed a handful and made a run into the darkness. No one was hurt. 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Artist Says Dragon's Den Stressful



jackson 1(1).jpg

(Jackson with his latest painting of President Obama - file photo)

He says it was interesting -- but -- stressful -- local artist Norm Jackson has just finished taping an episode of the CBC Tv business show "Dragon's Den."
Jackson is bound by agreement not to reveal whether he was successful in convincing the money people to back his marketing plan for his paintings of moments in history -- but -- he tells CHSJ News the panel didn't go easy on him.
The episode will air some time in the fall.

Health Committee Supports New Provincial Wellness Strategy



The Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Committee will be working closely with other health organizations over the next four years with the release of the province's new Wellness Strategy. Live well, be well, New Brunswick's Wellness Strategy 2009-2013, focuses on improving mental fitness and resilience, increasing physical activity, healthy eating, and living tobacco-free. Committee Co-Chair Betty Hoyt tells CHSJ news there is a lot of work to do in this province.

The Wellness Strategy addresses 29 of the 49 recommendations in a final report by the Select Committee on Wellness.  Hoyt says in the long-term it will be important to have continued funding to ensure programs that work don't get cut.

Bay Ferries Would Like to Privately Run Ferry



Mark MacDonald with Bay Ferries says the Digby ferry saw a slight decline in private vehicle traffic last fiscal year, but an increase in commercial.
MacDonald says when the company took over operating the service they wanted it to be privately funded.

MacDonald says they would rather not be going to the taxpayers for money, but at the moment it's hard to see no government assistance needed to continue operations.

Mayor Will Continue Efforts to Keep Digby Ferry Running



The Digby Ferry will be running until January 2011, and already the Mayor is lobbying to have the service extended.
Ivan Court says private and commercial passengers want to be assured the ferry will continue running.

Court says passengers on the ferry generate about 5 million dollars a year for the city, and as long as he is mayor he will continue to fight to keep the service afloat.

PETA Demonstration Takes Place Uptown



news-seal 1.jpgnews-seal2.jpg

(Anti-Seal Demonstration in Uptown Saint John--Photo By Diane Henry)

A small handful of PETA members and supporters turned out for a noon-hour anti-sealing campaign near Market Square. Some people held signs saying "stop the bloody seal slaughter", while a two others lay on the sidewalks dressed as seals covered in fake blood. Spokesperson Colleen Higgins tells CHSJ news the seal hunt may not go on near Saint John, but that doesn't means it's not a New Brunswick issue. She says the entire Canadian economy and reputation will benefit from the end of the East Coast seal hunt.

Saint John resident Drenna Duplessie used her lunch break to join the demonstration. She says she wanted to support the cause.

The animal rights group plans to continue their demonstrations across Canada until the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.