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Sunday, October 23, 2011

East Side Assault

Paramedics and Police responding to an assault on Edith Avenue in East Saint John.

A 55-year-old man is being treated for a head injury after being hit in the head with a bat.

One person may face charges.

Fuel The Care Offers Help To SJ Toddler

One Saint John family is singing the praises of Irving's Fuel the Care program.
The program provides gas cards to famillies travellies out of province for medical treatment.   Amanda Bennett and her family did at least 7 round trips after her son Chace was diagnosed with neuro-blastoma.
She tells CHSJ News Chace had surgery on June 30th to remove a mass from his chest.

At his last check-up in September, Chace's doctors said he's doing so well his visits to the IWK can be cut back from every three months to every six months.

Bennett says Fuel the Care provided great financial relief for her and her family and she recommends it all the time.
For more information on the Fuel the Care program, click here

Quispam Barn Goes Up In Fire

A barn in Quispam is a loss after a fire on the Chamberlain road.   The fire began about 3 in the afternoon and with the helps of neighbours, the owners were able to get all the animals out safely.    One man was treated in hospital for smoke inhalation and released.   There were no other injuries.

Gas Main Installation Near City Market

On your way to church today you may notice a whole lot of activity near the Market, that's because a gas main is being installed.
CHSJ News has been told the work will continue all day today forcing the closure of one lane of Charlotte Street.

That will re-open in time for the morning commute tomorrow but work may continue in the area until Tuesday.

He Says We're All Thinking About The Loonie

Interest rates and the strength of the loonie is on the mind of the everyday Canadian -- that from Scotiabank Chief Economist Warren Jestin.

He tells CHSJ News interest rates should stay pretty low and the our dollar should reach parity again.

Jestin says we've been all over the map lately and he thinks the market can settle down we'll reach parity and even exceed it.

He says it's because our banking system is solid and we have a commodity/export situation that is the envy of other countries.