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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Canada Hockey Tournament/Fundraiser In Town

You can get a free game of ball hockey today plus help your food bank.

Five Hole For Food is inviting Saint Johnner's to bring their hockey sticks and food donations to Smythe Street by Harbour Passage trail. Today is Five Hole For Food's fourth stop on their coast to coast venture to play ball hockey and raise 100,000 pounds of food in communities across Canada.

Founder Richard Loat tells CHSJ news this is their third annual tour.

"It's just exciting to be back on the road, to put on these drop in games for everyone to participate in."

Loat adds out of the 13 stops last year, Saint Johnner's raised the second highest amount of food. The fundraiser takes place from 3 o'clock until 7pm.

For more information on Five Hole for Food, click here.

Large Rock Smashes Woman's Face & Windshield

Rothesay Regional Police are looking for your help after a giant rock smashed a women's car windshield and face.

Police say the 64-year old woman was heading North bound on Route 111 towards the Rothesay Fire Station at around 3:20 yesterday afternoon when a large rock bounced off an  dump truck heading South.

The rock that Police describe as "bigger than a baseball, but smaller than a volleyball" then broke her windshield and hit her in the face, resulting in deep cuts on her hands, blood on her face, and a possible broken jaw.

The incident occurred near the Rothesay Baseball field.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Rothesay Regional Police.

Parent Locked Out Of Underage Party

A parent being locked out of their home after an underage house party got out of control.

Saint John City Police tell CHSJ news they responded to two house parties full of underage drinkers on Duke Street and Ocean West Way near Manawagonish road.

Police warn that when once a party announcement is made on social media like Facebook, parties can easily have a large group of unexpected guests.

Multiple charges were made for underage drinking.