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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Center For Women Addicts Marks 5 Years

A recovery center aimed specifically at women is marking 5 years in operation in Saint John.

Sophia House has seen 370 women through its doors since it opened and executive director Janet Bordage tells CHSJ News there have been some amazing success stories. She says one thing, however, came as a bit of a surprise for her: the most commonly abused drug isn't something illicit. Rather, about 50% of the women they see are primarily addicted to alcohol.

Everyone who works and volunteers at Sophia House is in recovery themselves, which provides an atmosphere of understanding as women work to overcome their addictions. An event marking the 5 year milestone is being held Monday (today) at the center at 83 Hazen Street.

Shipbuilding Industry in Motion

Slowly, but surely, the shipbuilding industry is moving forward. MP Rodney Weston telling CHSJ news that he's confident that the current strategy for the program in Halifax is the right one to keep the maritime industry afloat.

The Irving shipbuilding project will span over the next 30 years, and Weston says because of that time frame, they're factoring inflation rates into cost estimates.

Marigolds A Success, But North End Needs More

Main Street in the Old North End used to be a thriving commercial area---and although things have changed for the worse according to Marigolds on Main founder Barry Ogden, the city needs to focus on the area's potential. 

Ogden tells CHSJ News he'd like to see the murals along that street keep up and a fountain installed near Fort Howe.

Ogden says part of the reason people aren't attracted to the area is also the high rate of speed on Main--but that needs to change is the city wants to generate tax revenue from the North End.