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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If You Live West, Keep Conserving Water

Westsiders are being asked to cool it on water usage until sometime next week.

A fire on the weekend damaged equipment that pumps water from the Musquash watershed to the Spruce Lake watershed.

Repairs are underway but, until the work is finished next week, the restrictions will be in place.

You are being asked to continue conserving water by not watering lawns and gardens,  taking shorter showers and not filling the bathtub.

For more info, click here

Chipman Hill Entrance To Parking Garage Reopens

The Chipman Hill entrance to the Brunswick Square parking garage will be open today as construction work in that area is wrapping up.

The Union Street entrance to the parking garage will be closed beginning on the 15th of the month.

Province Seeks Opinons On Blood Options

The province wants your two cents on what blood option the provinces should go with.
A KPMG report prepared for the government analyzed three options looking at feasibility, accessibility and safety.

Those options are remain in partnership with Canadian Blood Services, form a New Brunswick blood agency or partner with another established blood agency.
You are encouraged to read the report on the Department of Health's website and submit your opinion.
To see the report, click here

Drunk Drivers Nabbed On Long Weekend

RCMP keeping busy over the long weekend with a slew of impaired drivers.

Police reporting a total of 22 people who were caught behind the wheel while intoxicated, and issued seven one-week suspensions to drivers with a blood alcohol level between 0.05 and 0.08.

In comparison, RCMP charged 20 people with drunk driving during the same weekend last year.

Pension Payment Due

The city will have to shell out 9 million dollars in payments towards the 2010 pension plan, whether the province makes pension reforms in the fall or not. 

That from Finance Commissioner Greg Yeomans, who says changes to the plan would not relieve the city of their 2010 payments. 

Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase says he doesn't want to move forward until the province's assessment of the city's pension plan is made public.

Councillor Chris Titus says he doesn't want to make the payment either, but it's required, and if the city doesn't pay it the province could take other action.

Small Business Confidence Remains Soft In Province

The provincial economy remains flat and that's reflected in the latest survey from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business on how confident small business people in New Brunswick are these days.

Small business confidence remains below the national average and the C-F-I-B's Acting Director of Provincial Affairs Erin McGrath-Gaudet tells CHSJ News don't hold your breath waiting for an upswing anytime soon.

37 per cent of small businesses in the survey characterise the state of business as being good........50 per cent call it satisfactory and 13 per cent say it's bad.

It looks like employment plans for the next few months will be soft as well with 10 per cent planning to hire more people but 15 per cent say they will be downsizing.

Common Council Divided Over Move Of Frenchy's

Not everyone is in favour of Frenchy's relocating at 303 Westmorland Road from its current location off Rothesay Road.

Common Councillor Peter McGuire won't be voting in favour when it comes up for a final vote. He says a line has to be drawn in the sand because Westmorland Road has been saturated.

Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase, who grew up in that part of the city, says the area is used to having large numbers of people and that's why he's in favour.

Councillor Joe Mott lives on the east side and is worried increased traffic will result in more accidents happening.

Liberals Blast Alward Government Over Shale Gas

The opposition Liberals are accusing the provincial government of being hypocritical in how its handling the controversy over shale gas development after not one Conservative M-L-A showed up at the protest Monday which included a march to the legislature by those opposed.

Natural Resources critic Denis Landry tells CHSJ News those people who are worried about the possible contamination of their drinking water have a legitimate point of view.

Landry argues not enough is known to says for certain that drinking water will remain safe.

Another Liberal M-L-A Bill Fraser of Bay du Vin says the opponents of shale gas exploration have enough merit in their arguments to warrant a moratorium.

Arrests Made After Attempted Holdup

There was an attempted robbery early this morning around the Garden Street Irving shortly before 4:00.

City Police arrested one man and a teenager not long afterwards.

They're not saying what sort of injuries may have been suffered by the victim.

Proposed Mobile Home Park Bites The Dust

After listening to more than three hours of opposition, Common Council is rejecting a mobile home park at 50 Heather Way on the east side.

Residents raising concerns over lack of space, snow removal and decreased property values. Margaret Dubee spoke on behalf of the neighbourhood and says heading into the meeting, she wasn't sure Council would take their side.

The developer, Bob Darling, arguing the project was an efficient use of land that provided an affordable housing option for people living in Saint John, but Council voted down the mobile home park by a slim margin of 5-4.

Councillors did give preliminary approval to Frenchy's setting up shop at 303 Westmorland Road. The store is currently operating off Rothesay Road but wants a more visible location. Chief City Planner Ken Forrest says the municipal plan discourages business development on Westmorland because it is a residential neighbourhood.

Word Delayed On Providing Power For Expansion Of Metal Shredder

Common Council still isn't ready to give details on how the city plans to power a metal shredder expansion on the city’s lower west side at the port.

Information was expected to be released this week concerning a new option after nearby residents objected to the use of above ground power lines.

Mayor Ivan Court says Council is still in negotiations with the province and NB Power.

After a closed-door emergency meeting last week Court saying he couldn't comment on whether the option involved an alternate route or underground transmission lines until the costs were worked out.

More Thunderstorms Strike Saint John

Our stormy summer continues with more rain, thunder and lightning in Greater Saint John yesterday morning and afternoon.

Meterologist Linda Libby tells CHSJ News it's a little unusual to see storms beginning on the coast.

Libby adds it's a bit unusual to see storms on the coast pushing northward even though a warm stretch in the summer tends to lead to more thunderstorms with the right mixture of humidity and temperature.