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Monday, July 4, 2011

Foundation Director Steps Down After 11 Years

After an 11 year run as the Executive Director of the Greater Saint John Community Foundation, Jane Barry is stepping down.

Barry tells CHSJ News when she first started working with the Foundation she was unaware of just how many volunteer organizations existed in the city.

Barry says the Foundation's board will begin looking for her replacement within the next week, and they're hoping to have as many good, qualified candidates step forward as possible.

Barry says she'll be there to help in whatever way she's needed, but knows other people will bring their skills and talents to the table.

Dog Shot After Biting Man And Boy

The SPCA and city by-law officer are investigating after two people were bitten by a dog in the North End.

City police tell CHSJ News there were three dogs, one of which was shot at the scene.

A 10-year-old boy was taken to hospital after one of the dogs bit his arm. A dog also biting the pants of a 38-year-old man, but missed his skin.

Police say the dogs were Kane-corsos.

Police say the city by-law officer will investigate and decide whether or not charges will be laid.

Police Investigate After Two People Bitten By A Dog In The North End

City police currently investigation an incident where two people have been bitten by a dog in the North end.

Police were looking for three dogs, described as a pitbull-type breed, the extent of the injuries is not known.

One of the dogs has been put down.

City Working On Main Street Bike Lane

The City is installing a bike lane in the left-hand eastbound lane of Main Street this week.
It will be set up between Chesley Drive and Union Street.

The eastbound side of Main Street will be reduced to two lanes for the duration of the temporary bike lane which will be open until Harbour Passage reopens in the fall.

The speed limit on Main Street will be reduced to 50 kilometres an hour there will not be a left turn from Main Street to Portland Street when travelling from Union street.

You can access Portland and Hilyard Street from Simonds street.
More information will be made available this week.
You can call municipal operations to find at more at 658-4455.

Funding Sought For Safe Drinking Water

All three levels of government sitting down at the same table for the first time to discuss safe clean drinking water. 

MP Rodney Weston meeting with Mayor Ivan Court and MLA Trevor Holder today to look at all the possible funding options for the 172 million dollar project. 

Weston says one option is a public-private partnership, nicknamed "3P" for short.

Weston says there's a long line of cities looking for the traditional form of funding, where the cost is split between three levels of government, so every option has to be examined.

The project, which includes the construction of a water treatment facility near the Little River Reservoir, is meant to take place over four years and be completed by 2015, but Weston says the timeline will ultimately depend on the funding program.

Current Water Is Safe

You may be asking, if the city needs funding to provide safe, clean drinking water, what are we drinking now?

Mayor Ivan Court says the city's water is currently safe, but they can't guarantee a boil water order won't take place so a filtration centre is needed.

Court says the water regulations are changing, and in order to meet the new standards, the city needs a water treatment centre.

NBYO Wins International Competition In Austria

The New Brunswick Youth Orchestra winning 1st place in the Summa Cum Laude International Festival and Competition in Vienna, Austria.

They are the only Canadian orchestra to ever receive this distinction.

The orchestra is representing both the province and the country and will perform in the Gala Awards Ceremony of the festival on Tuesday night.

Sailboat Rescues Seven People From Boat Fire

Fire crews also responding to a boat on fire near Ragged Point just after 4pm where seven people on a 45-foot power boat were rescued by a passing sailboat. No one was hurt.

The boat was fully engulfed when the Saint John fire department water rescue boat arrived on scene. The vessel is a total loss and the cause is under investigation.

West Side Fire Leaves One Person Homeless

A 2-alarm fire at 204 Ludlow Street in the West Side leaving one person homeless. District Chief Gerry Morris says heavy, black smoke was seen coming from the 2-storey apartment building at 2:30 Sunday afternoon, but the building's sole occupant was not at home when the flames broke out. Morris says the fire appeared to have started in the rear of the building and quickly spread to the roof.

Morris says he had to pull crews out of the building at one point in anticipation of the roof collapsing. The vinyl siding of a home on the left melted under the fire's intense heat.

Crews spent more than 5 hours on the scene and fire investigators are now trying to determine the cause of the blaze.

Politicians Set To Make Water Announcement

Politicians from all three levels of government talking about the future of water at Rodney Weston's office this morning.

Mayor Court, Tourism Minister Trevor Holder, MLA Glen Tait and Councillor Mel Norton will join Weston for what is described a meeting to discuss the long-term of safe clean drinking water for Saint John.

It gets underway at 11am this morning.

Titus Calls For Fewer Councillers

Councillor Chris Titus wants to save the city money by reducing the number of councillors by four.

Titus says the city should work to "do more with less" and will ask council to look into the cut at tonight's council meeting. For the change to take place, a by-law would have to be passed at least 6 months before the next municipal election, scheduled for May 2012.