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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Startup Weekend Coming To The Port City

It's a global movement uniting developers, tech gurus, and business people. 

Startup Weekends brings experts together for 54 hours of workshops to pitch ideas, form teams, and start companies. Mark Breen is an Economic Development Officer with Enterprise Saint John and he tells us it's a fast-paced and productive time. 

Startup Weekend has hosted over 400 past events in 100 countries around the world and one is happening in Saint John April 25 to 27. As well, T4G is hosting its Big Data Conference for emerging data science innovators today and tomorrow at the Trade and Convention Centre.

Seniors Encouraged To Assess Their Driving Skills

The Canadian Automobile Association believes seniors need to do some self-policing when it comes to their driving skills. 

Gary Howard of the C-A-A says if you notice your reaction time is slowing or you're finding it difficult to drive at night, then you may need to make some changes. Howard tells CHSJ News it's not necessarily about stopping, it's about making the driving experience safer for everyone.

You can assess your driving skills by going to the C-A-A's new web tool for seniors, which can be found by going to

Climbing Gear Recalled Due To Fall Hazard

Rock climbers, rapellers and other outdoor adventurers might want to check their gear.

The Sterling Rope Company recalling three models of their sewn cords because they break at a lower than published weight, meaning you could fall. 

The cords include the 8mm Aztek Sewn Bound Loop Prusik, the 8mm Aztek Elite Edge Restraint and the 8mm Accessory Cord Sewn Eye. About 480 of these were sold in Canada from January 2013 through January 2014. 

For more information about the recall, click here.

Warning From Health Canada

If you take the antiviral drug Telzir to treat H-I-V, you may notice the product label looks a little different. Health Canada says the drug label has been updated to include new safety information. 

According to the federal department, Telzir shouldn't be used in combination with the antiarrythmic drugs amiodarone, lidocaine or quinidine because it could cause serious and/or life-threatening reactions such as abnormal heart rhythm. 

Telzir should also not be used with delavirdine, which is another antiviral drug used to treat H-I-V, because it could reduce delavirdine's effectiveness.

Health Canada says do not stop treatment without consulting with your doctor or healthcare professional.