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Friday, April 9, 2010

A thrift Store in the Parkway Mall will close in a week

A city discount store is closing. The Salvation Army Thrift Store will be closing its Parkway Mall location at the end of the business on Friday April 16th.

Major Mike Leblanc of the Salvation Army says as their lease expires they are looking for a larger facility to give their customers more selection than they can offer in the present location.

The store has been in the Parkway mall for 5 years.
The Salvation Army also has a Thrift store at Landsdowne Place in the North end.

NB Power Rate increase will be reviewed

Electricity rates in the province will be going up by three per cent if NB Power has its way.
Interim President Gaeten Thomas says a cost-reduction program will be brought in by the end of June and includes reducing management and administration jobs by about 100. Thomas estimates this will save $20 million a year.
Opposition Leader David Alward questions why the rates have to go up at all.

The proposed sale of many of NB Power's assets to Hydro-Quebec was supposed to eliminate any increase and freeze rates for residential customers for five years but that deal fell apart last month.

Provincial Pay Equity coalition in jeopardy

Efforts to achieve pay equity for women in the province have taken a huge hit. That admission from Elizabeth Blaney, Vice President of the Coalition for Pay Equity in the province, at word the Harper Government is withdrawing its funding.

Blaney charges the decision is based more on ideology than on the value of the work that has been done by the Coalition which includes helping to get adoption of a law on pay equity in the provincial government.

Local ACAP pleased to know federal money is coming

Federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice has announced funding the Atlantic Coastal Action Programs.
The Executive Director of ACAP Saint John is pleased that Environment Canada has finally come to a decision on funding.
Tim Vickers tells CHSJ News there 16 ACAP sites across Atlantic Canada.

He says the program itself began here and in most centres back in 1991.
Vickers adds nationally there is some friction where other groups are surprised that Ottawa would give up power but, he says they have a great relationship with Environment Canada.

Police Called To Another Stabbing

Yet another stabbing in the city. This one was reported by a man in the north end. He claims to have been stabbed in an apartment on Elgin Street suffering a minor wound to the side of his head. The major crime unit is investigating.
Meantime, it wasn't hard for police to nab a drunk driver at the Garden Street Irving who rammed into a parked truck when apparently trying to light a cigarette. Police were inside the store when the collision happened.

Uptown Fire

Firefighters found heavy smoke, heat and fire when they were called to 64 Cobourg Stret in the uptown early this morning. District Chief Peter Saab says fire crews managed to contain the fire to the kitchen where they believe it began. The cause is under investigation.
The fire was contained for the most part to the kitchen but there was some smoke and water damage to the rest of the apartment. The people who live there were allowed back in despite the damage and there were no injuries.

Attempted Murder Trial Underway In Hampton

The attempted murder trial of a 55 year old man who was charged after a robbery at the Barnwood Pub last November continues today in Hampton. Adrienne Lepage earlier pleaded guilty to charges of robbery and abduction. A 22 year old woman, who was working at the Pub on the day of the holdup, testified about being robbed, abducted and threatened before abandoned in a gravel pit near Lepreau.