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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Green Party Forum in Fredericton

Fredericton is the backdrop today for the first of six policy meetings to be held by the provincial arm of the Green Party.  The focus of this get together is Ecological Rights and Responsibilities, the first charter principle. Interim Leader Mike Milligan tells CHSJ News, they hope to have a full card of 55 candidates in time for the next provincial election.

Milligan says the environment and the economy must go hand in hand or future generations will suffer. Today's meeting goes between ten and three at the Charlotte Street Arts Center in Fredericton. 

Attempt to Halt Obesity Rates

The Department of Culture, Wellness and Sport is hosting an open house at Market Square today. This is to mark the final event of phase two of their social marketing campaign to get people more active. Staggering figures show that only 54% of children and youth in the province are not physically active enough to achieve health benefits. Spokes-person Michelle Bourgoin tells CHSJ News, this is not a counselling or testing day.

Bourgoin says they are making strides in their wellness movement by getting people to be proud to try new things. Things gets started at 10:30am and run til 4:30pm.  

PRUDE Hosting Open House

Today marks the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and Prude Saint John is celebrating with an open house. Spokes-person Judy Eatman tells CHSJ News, this is a day when PRUDE's call letters take on their full meaning.

Eatman says they are opening their doors to a wider section of cultures including Asian, Russian, Korean and South African who are taking part in their womens program. The open house today gets started at one o'clock and runs until three.  

Minister Not Budging On Ferry Cuts



Meantime -- Transportation Minister Denis Landry isn't ready to back away from his decision to scuttle the three river ferries -- Landry met with representatives from Gagetown and Cambridge Narrows yesterday.
Gagetown mayor Randy Smith tells CHSJ News the Minister gave them lots of time to make their pitch which included options like scheduled runs.
Smith says Landry offered to sell him the Gagetown ferry for a dollar -- but -- he says his village doesn't have the resources to maintain and operate the service.

Belleisle Residents Want Ferry Decision Delayed



Residents in the Belleisle Bay area are determined to keep the Graham government from docking the Belleisle ferry along with the Gagetown and Hampstead ferries permanently as of next Friday.
Close to 300 people packed the Belleisle High School last night to plot their strategy -- and -- they are smarting over what they term an attack on their way of life.
Meeting organizer Linda Watson tells CHSJ News there is no stopping now -- she meets with Tourism Minister Stuart Jamieson on Tuesday while residents from Belleisle Bay to Gagetown are planning a rally in Fredericton on Thursday.
And they want any decision to cut the Belleisle - Gagetown - and - Hampstead ferries delayed until a full economic impact assessment is done.