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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Service Based Budgeting Presentation

Common council is going to be getting a look at what a service based budget would look like.

The style of budgeting shows the relationship between funding levels and expected results on a service basis.
Council will get a presentation at tomorrow nights meeting on how the accountability tool works, and will even get a sample of the sports and recreation service file, done in a service based way.
The public portion of the meeting gets underway at 5:15 tomorrow evening in the council chambers.

Province Invests in St. Stephen Jobs

The province is providing a $500, 000 loan guarantee and investing $100, 000 to help maintain up to 70 jobs at a St. Stephen company.

SWP Industries Inc. is a value-added manufacturing company in the Bordertown.
The company produces a line of value-added wood products, fencing products from northern white cedar, as well as manufactured vinyl and aluminum fencing.
They serve more than 400 dealers in the US and Canada.

Still No Location for Uptown Liquor Store

Still no word on where NB Liquor plans to put a new store in uptown Saint John.

Spokesperson Nora Lacey tells CHSJ News, the uptown core presents several challenges including parking and the ability for trucks to make deliveries.
She says the corporation is still looking at the area, but there is no update as of yet.