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Friday, September 6, 2013

New 18-Car Deer Island Ferry Will Cost $4 Million

Conservative MLA Curtis Malloch confirming rumours surrounding the Deer Island Ferry service. 

Malloch tells CHSJ News the John E. Rigby between L'etite and Deer Island will be replaced with another 18-car ferry.

He says they are replacing the John E. Ridgy with a new modern ferry that's the same size and will cost of 4 million dollars.

Malloch says the promise to replace the Rigby with a 24-car ferry was made back in 2007 by the previous Liberal government. 

He says traffic volumes were used to determine the size needed for the new ferry, and he says, 18 cars was enough to handle the demand.

UPDATE - Judge Rules More Oland Info To Be Released

It looks like we will get more details about the police investigation into the murder of Richard Oland - provincial court judge Leslie Jackson has ruled censored transcripts of closed door testimony by a city police investigator last year should be released.
The judge has ruled censored versions of other court documents dated last year should also be released.
Previously released documents show police believe Oland's son Dennis is the prime suspect in the two year old case - however - no arrest nor any charges have been laid.

Kingston Peninsula To Get Plan For Future Development

The Fundy Regional Services Commission will be putting together a rural development plan for the Kingston Peninsula.

Grand Bay-Westfield Mayor Grace Losier chairs the Commission and tells CHSJ News more and more activity is happening on the Peninsula and, while growth is good, it shouldn't be haphazard. 

Losier says when it comes to development, what you don't want to be is reactive and activity on the Kingston Peninsula is getting busier.

More Information Being Sought In Oland Investigation

Another court hearing taking place that's requesting even more information be released from the investigation into the July 2011 murder of prominent businessman Richard Oland at his office on Canterbury Street. 

This time, the court is being asked to allow the released of testimony given behind closed doors by the lead investigator for the police, Stephen Davidson. 

Media lawyer David Coles says the more information Saint Johnners have, the better.

Coles argues without the court action, Saint Johnners would be completely in the dark about the investigation because virtually nothing would have been released.

Slight Dip In Unemployment Rate

There has been a bit of a drop in the unemployment rate but Saint John at 10.5 per cent last month still has the highest jobless percentage of any city that's surveyed and the only one in double digits. 

The provincial unemployment rate rose from 10.2 per cent in July to 10.7 per cent.  

Unemployment, nationally, fell to 7.1 per cent in August from 7.2 per cent the previous month. 59,000 new jobs were created during the month but most of them were part time.

Police Seek Robbery Suspect & Solve Home Invasion

Just after 11 this morning, a man came into Shawn's Variety on Broad street with a weapon and made off with some money. 

Police are looking for a 35 year old man about 180 pounds, 5 foot 11 with a dark complexion and dark hair with a tear drop tattoo under his right eye.

If you know anything, contact City police at 648-3333 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477(TIPS).

A home invasion on King Street East last night has been solved.

A 34-year-old man robbed a 61 year old man and stole some property along with his car.

The suspect was arrested in Quebec and is due in court tomorrow morning.

Police tells us this was not a random act.

JDI Contributes $2 Million For A New Research Chair

Provincial Health Minister Ted Flemming and Dalhousie Medical School Dean Dr. Tom Marrie on hand at the Lily Lake Pavilion for the announcement of the first endowed occupational medicine research chair in the province.

J-D Irving is contributing $2 million dollars to the Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick to establish the first position of its kind in Canada.

The first person to occupy the new post will be Dr. Anil Adisesh who comes from the UK national Health and Safety lab in Buxton, England.

He says the theme of his research will be a long and healthy working life and helping people into work.

Jim Irving of JDI says the company is proud to support this important first adding the health and safety of their employees is their top priority.

Local Alzheimer's Cafe Celebrates 2 Years Soon

September is World Alzheimer's month and the local chapters across the country will spend it trying to create awareness about the disease and related dementias. 

Jamie Matthews of the Saint John chapter tells CHSJ News the monthly Alzheimer's cafe will celebrate two years in existence this January.

He says when people come to the cafe it's more of a relaxed atmosphere where you can mix and mingle and if you want to talk about the struggles you are facing you can do with the people at your table.

The first Alzheimer's Cafe of the season is coming up on September 29th at St. Mark's Church on Dexter Drive on the West side from 2-4pm.

During the month of September, you can join over 100 businesses and people across the province by hosting a fundraising Coffee Break.

For more information on the Coffee Break call 1-800-664-8411 and on the monthly Alzheimer's Cafe in Saint John call 634-8722.

Man Robbed At Home

A home invasion late last night in the uptown. 

This one taking place at 196 King Street East. One man  robbed by another and had his vehicle stolen along with some cash. 

Police believe they have a pretty good suspicion who did this.