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Monday, December 27, 2010

Traffic Changes On Lower West Side To Improve Driver Safety

Changes are being made to traffic patterns on the lower west side. The Head of Municipal Operations Paul Groody says there is a problem with insufficient sight lines for drivers.

As for drivers speeding along Duke Street West.......Groody says that's not a problem.

City staff did recommend to Common Council on street parking be banned on the south side of Duke Street West between Champlain Street and City Line as the traffic approaches City Line.

Another recommendation was to turn Lancaster Street between Duke West and Guildford into a one way street south.

Another December Storm Batters Region

A major snowstorm which moved up the U.S. eastern seaboard is now hammering our region.

Jeremy March is with Environment Canada and he expects the worst of the snowfall will occur this morning with a total of 20 centimeters expected. He says there will be a bit of a break later on but the stormy conditions will resume after that with precipitation lingering until late tonight.

He also warns there will be high winds gisting at times to 70 or 75 kilometers an hour.

Power outages have been reported from St. Stephen through Sussex and up through Fredericton.

Common Council"s 2011 Budget Will Assume Provincial Approval Of Pension Plan Changes

Common Council will table its budget next month with the assumption the province will allow the city to defer pension payments for a year.

Mayor Ivan Court tells CHSJ News he believes the deferral will be allowed because it won't cost the province any extra money.

Premier David Alward was non-commital when asked whether the new government will go along with what the city is requesting. Court says Council is seeking a meeting with the Premier to present the case for the deferral.

 Both Court and Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase, who don't agree on much of anything, concur the city will be facing a fiscal crisis if the province doesn't play ball.

 The Saint John Police Association is urging the M-L-A's to say no. If the provincial government does not grant the city's request, Common Council would be looking at as 13 cent increase on the tax rate unless there are cuts in city services.