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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gas Prices To Rise: The Reason Might Surprise You

The price of gas is going to be increasing but we don't know yet by how much or when. 

In an unusual move, Irving Oil has filed an application with the Energy and Utilities Board to increase prices in light of rising expenses to transport E-10 or mixed gasoline. 

Public Intervenor Renee Basque represents consumers. He tells CHSJ News since Irving has successfully demonstrated its costs have gone up since 2006, there will be some sort of increase.

More details will be released Monday on the change. Meantime, the price of self serve regular and diesel both dropping after the weekly setting by under a cent a litre each.

Watch Out For "NB Power" Telephone Scams

If you've gotten a call from "Hydro Power" or NB power looking for billing information or selling a way to save on bills, it might be a scam.

NB Power is warning customers of several telephone scams being reported recently that are trying to sell you a device to save money on electricity bills.

The company says it's not selling or approving the sale of any type of device and warn customers should be cautious when receiving phone calls requesting billing information.

If you're in doubt you can contact NB Power by calling 1-800-663-6272 or e-mail

Lock Your Cars Or Risk Theft, Warns RCMP

If you get a leaflet on your car windshield this month, you're lucky it wasn't a theft.

Hampton RCMP will be placing leaflets under car windshield wipers if your car looks like an easy target for thieves. This would be if you have valuables in plain sight or if your car is unlocked.

The RCMP say 125 car owners this year either had items stolen from their car or had their car stolen and only 2 of those cars were locked. They also say 23 of the vehicles that were stolen already had keys left in the car.

Inspector John Warr says it shows that many thefts not only happen in the city but in rural areas as well. He says people can avoid being a victim by simply locking their cars and keeping valuables out of sight.

They say it takes less than minute for thieves to remove items from an unlocked car and items are rarely recovered.

Interchange Project Set For Completion Next Fall

No doubt you have noticed the progress on your commute in and out of the City. Working is moving along on the One Mile House Interchange project on Highway 1.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams tells CHSJ News a provincial contractor is working with the Ontario contractor Horseshoe Hill.

He says right now with the schedule and the work that is taking place, he is being told it will be finished in the fall of 2013. He also is claiming it's on budget.

When it's finished, the One Mile House Interchange will improve the flow of traffic for  in East Saint John moving some heavy truck traffic off the highway and into the industrial park.

Pay It Forward, Saint John!

There's no doubt random acts of kindness can make a person's day.

A new group called Pay It Forward SJ is encouraging Saint Johnners to take simple steps like donating items to people in need or simply buying the next person in line a coffee. Teacher Michael Whelton tells CHSJ New they're spreading the message on social media, including Facebook and Twitter, that no kind deed should go unnoticed or unreturned.

Pay It Forward is a national movement. For more information on what they're doing locally and how you can get involved, click here

CAA Shocked Over Proposed Changes To Licenses

The Canadian Automobile Association in the Atlantic region is flabbergasted why the provincial government would consider making changes to the graduating drivers' license program. 

The suggested change would mean graduated license level 2 drivers, who are newly licensed, could be allowed to drive between midnight and 5 am which is currently restricted.

Steve McCall, president of CAA Atlantic, tells CHSJ news this would make our driving rules the weakest in North America. He says all scientific evidence is against this suggestion, saying fatalities are reduced by 12% with restrictions. 

McCall says there's already automatic exemptions for people who have to drive to and from work or school between 12-5 am so the ruling would only be for social driving.

The provincial government proposed lifting the ban in its recent throne speech.

Appears Saturday Morning Fire Was Deliberately Set

We have an update on the Saturday early morning fire that damaged a vacant building at 16 St Andrews street.

Divisional Fire Chief Mark Wilson tells CHSJ news it appears a couch outside the building was deliberately set on fire, which caused the blaze to engulf part of the building.

Wilson says the 2 story, 4 unit building was under renovations and has been vacant for 5 years. The matter is now in the hands of City Police.

Street Closure In Uptown

Germain Street from King Street to just south of the City Market will be closed to traffic from 6:30 until around 9 this morning so supplies can be off loaded at a nearby construction site.

Qplex Will Host Remembrance Day Ceremonies

It's official! Remembrance Day ceremonies in the valley will now take place at the Qplex.

Quispamsis Council voted in favour to donate the venue for future veteran day ceremonies after members of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #58 approached council last week.

Legion Branch #58 President Harold Defazio tells CHSJ news previous venues couldn't hold the growing number of people attending. He says he's so happy the decision was made, not for the legion but for the veterans who shouldn't be out in the cold. Defazio says they also plan on erecting a bigger and nicer cenotaph for next year. 

Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll says the town is delighted to contribute the facility to vets and those who have fallen, whom he says deserve the utmost respect.

Mayor Asks Fullerton To Withdraw Sex Work Motion

Mayor Mel Norton has asked Councillor Susan Fullerton to withdraw a controversial motion to fine sex workers for jaywalking; however, Fullerton says she'll have to "think about it."

His request came at last night's meeting of the Police Commission, following presentations by both Fullerton and AIDS Saint John. Fullerton's opinion is that used needles and noise issues bother residents and drive down her property values; however, AIDS SJ says sex workers need help, not further penalties. 

Outreach worker Cathleen Belliveau tells CHSJ News Fullerton--who owns Chipman Hill Suites---is missing the point. The not-for-profit says overdoses, rapes and murders are far more serious that having to upgrade guests in a hotel room.

AIDS SJ Chair Leslie Jeffery responded to Fullerton's suggestion sex workers should be told to gather in Agar Place away from people's homes. She says driving them into the shadows puts them at a greater risk of being attacked and even killed.