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Friday, January 31, 2014

Turbine Transport Set For Sunday

They will try again this weekend to get the other mammoth turbine from the Port down to Point Lepreau.

You are advised to avoid Route 1 between 7am and 10:30 a.m. on Sunday.

You can expect major delays in the eastbound and westbound lanes of Route 1 from Ludlow Street in Saint John West to Route 790 at Lepreau as the turbine is transported to Point Lepreau.

It was originally planned for last Sunday but delayed because of the weather.

The convoy will be moving very slowly at between 15-20 kilometers per hour for most of the 50-kilometre journey with a police escort.

It should take about six hours to complete the transport.

Covered Bridge Re-Opens

The people of Charlotte County are no doubt happy about this.

The Maxwell Crossing Covered Bridge reopened today.

You may remember it suffered a lot of damage early last year when it was hit by a car.

The historic structure is now fixed up and you will find it on the Maxwell Crossing Road between Route 750 and Route 3.

NB Power Creating Long-Term Electricity Supply Plan

NB Power calling on their customers to give input on the development of a long-term electricity supply plan for the province.

President Gaetan Thomas says they value the partnership they've developed with their customers and are excited to hear from them about how they can plan for the future.

The process starting with a workshop in Fredericton. The information gathered with help them create a Integrated Resource Plan which will help them meet a few goals including projected customer demand for electricity over the next 25-years and respecting its mandate to provide reliable, accessible service at low and stable rates.

6th Annual Pavilion Cup Underway Now

With 12 ice surfaces, fireworks, live music and a whole lot of pond hockey....Lily Lake is the place to be for the 6th annual tourney on now until Sunday.

Rolph Spangenburg tells CHSJ News its a family event and the proceeds support a wide range of services at Rockwood park all year.

He says they look after senior events and provide movies in the park for the whole community.

The Pavilion Cup is on now and your can learn more here

Our sister station The Wave has a team this year and they are playing tonight at 5pm taking on Canaport.

Sting Operation Leads To Arrests, Recovery Of Stolen Jewelry

Two jewelry thieves finding themselves under arrest after trying to sell the stolen goods on the internet. 

Sergeant Jay Henderson of City Police says the jewelry was taken during a break, enter and theft last summer on the West side. When an online classified ad featuring the jewelry popped up, undercover officers got in touch and met up with the ad-posters at an uptown coffee shop.

The 20-year-old man and woman were arrested and are being charged with possession of stolen property. Both will be making court appearances.

NDP Leader Has Different Take On State Of The Province

Provincial NDP leader Dominic Cardy sees Premier David Alward's State of the Province speech as a sign of desperation with so much being pinned on the future of shale gas. 

Cardy tells CHSJ News you just have to check on what's happened since the Premier's first State of the Province address back in 2011 with unemployment levels up and would be a lot higher without all the migration out west, the provincial debt has risen and the government has not been able to get a handle on the deficit.

As for the revitalisation of forestry, Cardy points out the province is still losing tens of millions of dollars on its crown lands which is a sign of incompetence so there's still a long way to go before that's turned around.

BREAKING: UNB Classes Will Resume Monday

UNB President Eddy Campbell announcing all classes will resume on Monday after a tentative deal with the union representing faculty.

Campbell says they are all looking forward to a return to the vibrant UNB campus life that students, faculty and staff contribute to every day.

He adds they are working toward making sure the move back to class is as seamless as possible.

Campbell says questions can be answered and more details will be found on the UNB website as they become available.

For more info, click here

Premier Optimistic About Province's Future

Even though the New Brunswick economy is still struggling, Premier David Alward delivered a State of the Province address that's optimistic about the future. 

He claims the government is revitalising forestry in the province with commitments to invest half a billion dollars in the upgrading of mills that will generate hundreds of new jobs. 

The Premier also speaking strongly in favour for continued development of shale gas, claiming the oil and gas industry in the province could amount to more than 20 billion dollars and Corridor Resources is looking to drill new wells in the Sussex area. According to Alward, New Brunswick is viewed as a critical player in the global energy market.

The Premier also vowing shale gas protestors, whom he describes as a minority, will not derail the province's development.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Government Receives Report On Aging Well In NB

The provincial government getting a report on how to help our seniors stay happy and healthy during their golden years. 

What Was Heard is a report from the New Brunswick Health Council compiled after nine public sessions were held last summer to identify challenges and opportunities facing our older population. Healthy and Inclusive Communities Minister Dorothy Shephard tells CHSJ News transportation seems to be the biggest issue.

Shephard says transportation ties into being social in terms of being able to get to community events. She says that's one of the areas where more community involvement is needed in order to take care of senior isolation. Getting out and about, socializing and keeping their mind in tip-top shape listed as very important for seniors.

Click here to read the report.

RCMP Cracking Down On Distracted Driving

That phone call you answered while driving could cost you upwards of $170.

The RCMP say they are cracking down on cell phone use while driving. Officers in Oromocto issuing seven fines to motorists on Tuesday and Wednesday while in an unmarked vehicle to people who were using their phones behind the wheel.

They stress drivers who are distracted behind the wheel put themselves and others in danger as they're at a higher risk for being involved in a crash. Constable Derek Black says you have to pull over if you want to use your phone, or have a hands-free device installed in your vehicle. He says you have to be able to react quickly and be paying attention to the roads at all times.

For information on the law regarding cell phone use while driving or if you have questions about any motor vehicle law, head over to the N.B. Department of Public Safety website  or contact the RCMP at 1-888-506-RCMP (7267).

BREAKING: UNB & Teachers Announce Deal To End Strike

Both the school administration and the faculty at UNB announcing a potential deal in their more than two week old strike.

A tweet on the UNB profile says the Association of UNB Teachers and UNB are pleased to announce an agreement to recommend suspension of the strike/lockout.

In a news release, UNB says the recommended suspension comes as a result of reaching a tentative agreement on the key issues related to wages.

The parties agree to jointly announce further details over the next 24 hours.

City Businesses Take Part In Northern Lights Trade Show

19 provincial companies are in Ottawa attending the Northern Lights 2014 Business and Cultural Showcase highlighting the business and cultural diversity in the regions of Nunavut, Nunavik and more.

Economic Development Minister Bruce Fitch describes it as an event for New Brunswick businesses looking to partner and operate in Northern Canada.

The province is hosting a pair of workshop sessions during the event.

Maple Leaf homes from Fredericton along with Atlantic Towing and Irving Equipment from Saint John are all taking part.

Security Camera Catches Break, Enter & Theft

An early morning break, enter and theft at a home on the East side getting caught on tape.

Sergeant Jay Henderson of City Police says just after 1:30 Wednesday morning a security camera at an apartment building on Ellderdale Street catching a man breaking into a work room in the basement and stealing about $350 worth of power tools.

The suspect is described as being a 25-30 year old white man, approximately 5'10, of average build, with dark hair. He was wearing a white baseball hat, blue jacket with a white collared shirt underneath, dark jeans, white sneakers, and was carrying a purp

carrying a purple duffle bag.

Meantime, police arresting a 26-year-old man for making threats. He's facing charges including uttering a death threat and probation violation.

Alward Government Under The Gun On Daycare Inspections

The Alward Government is being pressed to release reports of inspections that have taken place at publicly licensed daycares in the province.

Provincial Liberal leader Brian Gallant calls it a no brainer, dismissing the government explanation about the reports being kept under wraps to protect the privacy and financial interests of the daycare operators. 

Gallant maintains releasing the reports would not only be good for parents but also for the operators themselves to ensure top notch quality. He argues if daycares get public funding then parents are entitled to know how they're doing.

He points to a study done in 2012 which concluded New Brunswick and Quebec were the least likely of any of the provinces to release information.

Police Association Not Surprised

The President of the New Brunswick Police Association is hoping any talk of switching Saint John over to the RCMP will end once and for all. This follows the recommendation by City Manager Pat Woods against the switch, warning of dire financial implications. 

Dean Secord tells CHSJ News Mayor Mel Norton should have listened to the new chair of the Police Commission, Jonathon Franklin who's well aware of Moncton's experience with the RCMP. Franklin has been vocal in his support of retaining City Police. There has also been criticism of Common Council for bypassing the Police Commission. 

In a written report to Common Council, Woods says any switch as he warns it could sink the shared risk pension plan and result in the tax rate rising by 28 to 35 cents.

The suggestion has been made that all this talk of changing over to the RCMP was an attempt to influence contract negotiations between the city and the Saint John Police Association.

Kittens Found At Fernhill Are Doing Well

It's good news for the 7 kittens found in a laundry basket in Fernhill Cemetery on Monday afternoon.

3 have been adopted and 4 are being fostered by SPCA Animal Rescue League president Melody McElman. McElman tells CHSJ News says the kittens are quite young.

She says their teeth have just broken through so she had to bottle feed them the first night and the next day she put some older cats in the same room and they showed the babies how to use the litterbox and eat soft food.

McElman tells us that Dr. Cathy Adams of the Fairvale Animal Hospital has offered free vet checks and the first two vaccinations for the four kittens she is fostering.

McElman says this situation shows the serious problem of cat overpopulation and how badly a low cost spay and neuter voucher program is needed.

A man walking his dog on the Rothesay Avenue side of the cemetery found the 7 kittens in a laundry basket shivering, wet and hungry. He took them home, posted a Kijiji ad which McElman saw and went to get the 4 who still needed homes. 

McElman says all 7 kittens are spoken for.

City Taxpayers Would Be Hit Hard By Switching To RCMP

Common Council is being told by City Manager Pat Woods to drop the idea of switching policing of the city to the RCMP, in part, because it would cost too much money. 

Woods says there would be massive financial hit to the city's pension plan if it has to be closed up which could happen with the loss of a significant number of members and that could mean the city would have to make a payment of 100 to 125 million dollars. 

That sort of payment could raise the tax rate anywhere from 28 to 35 cents.

No Relief In The Price Of Gas And Propane Is Way Up

Another increase in the price of gas, heating oil and propane after the weekly setting.

Self serve regular will cost you over 2 cents a litre more and is at $1.29.8 in the city. 

Diesel has gone up by more than five cents at $1.50.8 a litre. 

Furnace oil rising by 3 cents to a maximum price of $1.33.1 and the maximum price of propane has increased to $1.45.9, which is 7 cents a litre than it was just yesterday.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Police Rule Out Foul Play In Teen's Death

City police closing their file on the death of Gen Cormier.

Sgt. Jay Henderson confirms to CHSJ News that foul play has been ruled out in her death.

The 19 year old's body was found on a beach in Red Head on November 2nd.

She was reported missing in late September.

Family, friends and volunteers conducted a series of searches for the teen in the area when she was last seen near the Reversing Falls restaurant.

UNB Saint John Students Planning Friday Rally

The students at UNB Saint John are looking for your support in a rally on Friday.

1st year nursing student Kaitlyn Assadpour tells CHSJ News the point is to have the student voices heard because they are ones really suffering as the strike carries on.

She tells us the event is open to anyone in the community including famillies to have anyone come out and support students from UNB so they can see an end to this strike.

Both UNB administration and the representatives of the faculty are due to meet today and tomorrow with the government specially appointed outside mediator Brian Keller in hopes that the strike can end.

The student rally is coming up Friday morning at 1130 in Kings Square.

Sussex Mounties Make Arrests In 2013 B&E's

The Mounties in Dairytown arresting four people in relation to several b&e's in Sussex and Havelock.

The crimes occurred between September and November last year with two Havelock men and a man and a woman from Sussex all facing charges.

RCMP officers have recovered stolen items from four different locations and all four have been released with court dates in March and April.

UPDATE: 16 Year Old Facing Charges After Uptown Spree

City police kept hopping early this morning with a spree of vandalism and damage to vehicles.

Just before 4am, officers responded after a report that someone climbed a rear fire escape behind an apartment building on Germain Street and threw a concrete block on to the roof of a parked car below.

Sgt. Jay Henderson tells us a short time later that was another call about more vehicle damage on Duke street.

He says it appears the person walked up onto the hood of the vehicle and on to the roof smashing out of the sunroof.

Just after 5am, officers found a 16 year old in a vehicle on Orange street. 

He tried to take off and damaged the vehicle in the process and is a suspect in the damage to vehicles earlier this morning.  

He was found with stolen property, arrested and is facing many charges.

The teen's case was adjourned until February 5th.   He will be held in custody until then.

Bad Roads Campaign Generating Lots Of Calls

The bad roads campaign launched a while back by the Canadian Union of Public Employees has generated over 700 calls from drivers this winter which has been a stormy one since mid December. 

The President of CUPE local 1190 Andy Hardy tells CHSJ News people can call a toll free number if their roads have not been plowed so they're safe to drive on. Hardy says you can't have the plows going 24/7 unless you have spare operators.

Hardy says the roads being mentioned are being passed along to the Transportation Department so they can be checked. 

That toll free number is 1888-TRIP-198 or 1-888-874-7198.

Hardy says the calls have been coming in from all over the province, not one specific area.

Jail Guards In Province Now Talking About Possible Strike Action

After going 31 months without a contract agreement, jail guards in the province are talking about strike action in a few months. The Canadian Union of Public Employees has applied for binding arbitration.

 Ryan Murnaghan has been a guard at the jail on Old Black River Road for 12 years and is president of the union local. He tells CHSJ News if there is a strike, there will be fewer guards working and the provincial jails will be locked down. This can cause tensions to rise on the inside and violence to erupt which happened during the last strike by jail guards.
Murnaghan says the guards in New Brunswick are the lowest paid in the country, earning 25 per cent less than their counterparts in Nova Scotia and they're looking for wage parity with them.

Corrections officers staged an information picket earlier this week outside the office of Saint John Lancaster M-L-A Dorothy Shepherd.

A Difficult Shoplifter & Copper Piping Theft Leads To Flood

Someone broke into a vacant building on Golden Grove Road and left behind a real mess.

Sgt. Jay Henderson tells us officers responding to a break, enter and theft around 430 Tuesday afternoon found a padlock had been cut off on a door leading to the basement.

Henderson says whoever did this removed and stole about 30 feet of copper plumbing piping causing the water to pour into the basement resulting in exstensive damage.

Officers also responded to a store in East Saint John around 7pm where a 29 year old shoplifter was struggling with store security.

It's believed she had taken $2500 in electronic merchandise and a woman's wallet was found on her that had been reported stolen back in December.

She is facing several charges including possession of stolen goods and assault and she was held 
in custody.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Website Aims To Answer Consumer Questions

The Financial and Consumer Services Commission has a new service where New Brunswickers can find answers to consumer and financial questions. It has launched a website to answer frequently-asked questions about pensions, credit union depositions, gift cards, and more, including:
●    Can I withdraw the balance of my pension account if I become disabled?
●    Where can I check to see if my insurance agent is licensed?
●    When does a gift card typically expire?
●    Are deposits in New Brunswick Credit Unions insured?
●    How can I find out if a securities salesperson is registered?

The website provides the answers to these questions and to other concerns like avoiding buyer's remorse, dealing with door-to-door sellers, and how to avoid fraud.

You can check out the site here

Should You Be Able To Will Your Property To Whomever You Choose?

An estimated quarter of a million dollars in ancient artifacts, coins and documents that once belonged to Saint Johner Robert McCorkill is in legal limbo, because McCorkill bequeathed them to the American antisemitic and white nationalist organization, the National Alliance.

The court heard that it's not the job of lawyers to decide whether a beneficiary of a will is morally worthy of receiving it. That, argued lawyer Andy Lodge for the Canadian Association for Free Expression, would create  a slippery slope wherein none could then argue that a drug dealer or a rapist shouldn't be able to inherit property.

McCorkill's will itself is legal and does not specifically say the funds should be used to promote hate--just that they be given to the National Alliance. The National Alliance also  paid for McCorkills final expenses.

Little information had been revealed about McCorkill other than that he was a friend of one-time teacher and noted Holocaust denier Malcolm Ross who was present in the courtroom.
Conversely, lawyers representing McCorkill's sister who is challenging the wil arguedthat leaving the estate to the National Alliance would be contrary to public policy in Canada.

Man Finds 7 Kittens At Fernhill Cemetery

A man walking his dog in Fernhill Cemetery found 7 kittens left in a laundry basket.

Melody McElman of the Saint John SPCA says they were freezing, wet, hungry and not in very good shape.

McElman says the kittens would have died with the flash freeze warning last night but the man took them home.

The man who discovered them has found homes for 3 and the other 4 kittens are being fostered as the shelter is full to capacity with cats and kittens.

The kittens will be available for adoption through the shelter within the next two weeks.

McElman says it was a very timely rescue or the kittens may have met a cruel fate.

Saint John M-P Finds Criticism Of Harper Government Over The Senate "Ironic"

The federal budget will be unveiled on February 11th. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is promising to present a balanced budget in 2015 without raising taxes or cutting transfer payments to the provinces.

While the Harper Government wants to steer clear of the Senate expense scandal and concentrate on the economy, the opposition has other ideas.

Saint John M-P Rodney Weston tells CHSJ News he finds what has transpired very odd because it's the Harper Government that wants to reform the Senate, yet it's getting all the criticism.

Weston accuses the Liberals of not having anything to say about reforming the Senate and the NDP just wants to abolish it which may be popular these days but could very well be unconstitutional unless all the provinces agree.

Weston applauds the Alward Government for coming out in favour of an elected Senate.

Crews Hauling Away Fire Debris

 What is left of two buildings at the corner of Waterloo and Union streets may be nothing but a memory later today.

Crews are in the process of hauling away the debris following the structure being knocked down late yesterday.

City fire officials in discussion with Technical services deemed burned out building was too dangerous to be left standing and might fall on its own.
Platoon Chief Peter Saab tells us investigators will take all their facts and over the next week come up with an origin and cause for the fire.

A large fire broke out in the corner buildings around 3am Monday morning.

The Red Cross says two men are homeless are as a result of the blaze.

Man Facing Charges For Assault and Harrassing Phone Calls

Saint John Police responding to 86 calls for service over the last 24 hours.

Sgt. Jay Henderson tells us officers arrested a 25 year old man late Monday afternoon for assault, harassing phone calls, uttering threats and more.

Henderson tells us the man and the victim know each other adding the man was held in custody pending a court appearance later today.

City police are also looking into the theft of a 42 inch tv from an apartment on Elliot Row from a tenant who had just moved in.

If you have any information on this crime or any other, call City police at 506-648-3333 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or click here

SJ Council Looking To Lead The Way In NB's Energy Future

Saint John council looking to lead the way when it comes to the province's energy future. 

A report from Moncton consultant David Campbell being presented at a special meeting of council, giving an overview of New Brunswick's energy sector and how energy impacts our economy. 

Mayor Mel Norton tells CHSJ News City Council needs to send a message to everyone in New Brunswick that this is the kind of opportunity that can pay huge dividends, can provide real services, can keep people in this province and bring people who have left the province back home.

While the Saskatchewan government gets 21-per-cent of its revenue from energy royalties, New Brunswick gets only 1-per-cent. Campbell says our economy has been flat-lining since 2008 partially because of a lack of energy infrastructure investment.

Campbell says there's an estimated 70-trillion cubic feet of gas in the McCully and Stoney Creek fields, which would translate into about a 50-60 year industry.

Monday, January 27, 2014

VIDEO: Burned Out Building Coming Down

The roads will continue to be blocked off near the scene of a major uptown blaze on Union Street until crews are convinced its safe for the public. 

Saint John Fire Platoon Chief Peter Saab tells CHSJ News the area is high traffic and they decided to bring the building down today.

He says as the day went on the walls starting bowing more and for public safety they think they should get it down as soon as possible.

The blaze which broke out at around 3 this morning leaving two people without a place to live according to the Red Cross. 

The man who lived in one apartment was away at the time while the other, a taxi driver, got out of the burning building with just the clothes on his back.

Crews Concerned About Fire-Damaged Buildings Collapsing

The major blaze that completely gutted two buildings on the corner of Union and Waterloo may be extinguished but the scene is still potentially dangerous. 

Deputy Chief Joe Armstrong tells CHSJ News crews are keeping the area blocked off to traffic until the collapse zone is better secured or the building walls they're concerned about are knocked down.  He says over the next couple days we will likely be seeing those destroyed buildings demolished.

The Red Cross says two people are now homeless. The man who lived in one apartment was away when the early morning fire broke out, and the other is a taxi driver who escaped the burning building with just the clothes on his back. The cause of the fire is still not yet known.

Province Appoints Outside Mediator In Faculty Strike

Postsecondary, training and labour Minister Jody Carr announcing the appointment of a special outside mediator while directing both sides in the UNB faculty dispute back to the bargaining table.

Carr says Brian Keller will meet with both sides on Wednesday and Thursday.

Carr adds he has the endorsement of both sides and this move adds a new level of urgency to the process.

Carr says Keller is an expert in labour law practicing in the field since 1972 and has served as vice chair of the Canadian Labour Relations Board.

CHSJ News Informs Man On Floating Ferry When He'll Be Rescued

A cable broke on the Westfield ferry about 1030 this morning due to ice build up with 8 cars, 10 passengers and 2 crew members on board the ferry.

One of those passengers is Mike Koti of Summerville, who called CHSJ News from the anchored vesssel, telling us he got on the ferry at Harding's Point's about only travelled about 50 feet and there was a big bang with ice hitting the side of the boat.

After that he heard a big bang underneath his car and thought "oh no, don't tell me they broke the cable".

While Koti himself was unaware of this until we told him,  DOT told CHSJ News in an email a short time ago that the crew dropped anchor and the ferry will be towed to shore at approximately 2pm this afternoon when ice is expected to move in the river with the change in tides.

New Reading Program Launched By Sea Dogs

The aim is to get young children who are in kindergarten to grade 3 at St. John the Baptist-King Edward School reading books. 

The Sea Dogs, Canaport LNG and the Anglophone School District  have launched the program that will see those students who read three books be eligible for Sea Dog tickets. 

Sea Dogs President Wayne Long tells CHSJ News they want to make reading fun for the kids and he's hoping the program will be expanded to other schools from St Stephen to Sussex next year.

School District Superintendent Zoe Watson says it's essential children know how to read by grade 3, otherwise it becomes more of a challenge later on and can result in behaviour problems. 

It's estimated 60 per cent of people in the province 16 years of age and older have problems with literacy.

Ferry Drifting Down River

We're getting reports from our road warriors that the Westfield Ferry has snapped its cable and is drifting down the river, possibly with vehicles on board. 

We've contacted the Department of Transportation for comment and are still waiting for a reply.

On The Police Blotter: Assault, Resisting Arrest, And A B&E

The SJPD had a busy weekend responding to a number of calls for service.

A 20 year old was charged with resisting arrest and obstruction of justice after attempting to run from police during a traffic stop and refusing to provide a breath sample. Sergeant Jay Henderson of the police department explains a home on Saint James Street was also broken into and a TV stolen.

Further, 2 men ages 20 and 50 are facing charges of assault with a weapon and common assault after an incident on Rodney Street West.

A 25 year old victim was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Liberals Calling For Health Plan

People in the province need to know what the future of healthcare is going to be. 

That, from Liberal healthcare critic Donald Arsenault who's calling on Health Minister Ted Flemming to come up with a health care plan in light of the latest layoffs in radiation and nuclear medicine at Horizon Health.

Arsenault claims the people who work in healthcare are uncertain about what the future holds and for the first time ever, no nurse practitioners have been hired and other provinces are coming in to approach these graduates.

Rothesay MLA To Run Again

Saying his work is not done, the MLA for Rothesay, Ted Flemming, who's also Health Minister and Attorney General, tells CHSJ News he'll be seeking re-election in September and is ready to defend the Alward Government's record.

Flemming says aside from having a new leader, the same group of Liberals will be running who showed they didn't know how to run the province under then Premier Shawn Graham and were essentially fired in the last provincial election.

VIDEO: Major Fire On Union Street

Two buildings have been destroyed after major fire broke out shortly before 3am in the uptown.

The fire appears to have started at 221 Union, where the Pawn Star pawn shop was located, then spread to the adjacent former beauty salon. Deputy Chief Joe Armstrong tells CHSJ News the cold weather complicated matters for fire crews as they found some fire hydrants frozen when they arrived, and securing a water supply was a challenge.

No tenants were at home in the upper floor apartments at the time of the fire, although the Red Cross is reporting 10 people from nearby buildings have been evacuated. Fire crews managed to stop the fire from spreading to the building along Union Street that once housed Union Deli.

City Police tells CHSJ News
Union is closed from Charlotte to Carmarthen--also Sydney Street from King Square North to Peters Street. Power is also out in that area.

The cause of the fire has not been determined.

Lung Association Urging Homeowners To Test For Radon

This colourless, odourless radioactive gas could be seeping into your home without you even noticing, and the New Brunswick Lung Association is urging you to test for it. 

Radon is caused by the natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water and can get into your home through cracks and openings. It's the second leading cause of cancer in Canada.

Community Outreach Manager Roshini Kassie tells CHSJ News you should make sure to buy a long-term test kit in order to get your true level of radon concentration, since radon levels in your home vary over time. You can buy a home testing kit at various hardware stores or through the NB Lung Association by calling 1-800-565-Lung. For more information, visit their website.

Major Uptown Fire

A major fire breaking out early this morning at the corner of Sydney, Union and Waterloo Streets. 

The building that houses Pawn Stars right at the corner appears to have been destroyed. Fire crews managed to stop the fire from spreading to the building that once housed Union Deli and are trying to keep it away from the nearby buildings along Waterloo. 

City Police telling us the area from Union to Prince Edward Street will be blocked off to traffic for most of the morning.

Power has also been shut off to parts of the uptown because of the blaze.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Researchers Exploring High Salmon Mortality During Early Migration

Photo Courtesy of Tom Moffatt/ASF
Researchers with the Atlantic Salmon Federation are closer to getting to the bottom of why wild salmon are dying off in large numbers once they swim into saltwater. 

Director of Research Jon Carr says his team is launching new studies to try and figure out what's causing the high death rate. He tells CHSJ News they've been tracking juvenile salmon for over a decade and now, they're going to be tracking striped bass as well.

Carr says while the population of striped bass has been booming, they found in 2006 smolt survival through the estuary of the Miramichi was about 60-per-cent and by 2012 survival had dropped to about 26-per-cent.

They'll be looking to see if striped bass are found in the same areas as smolt, and at what's inside their stomachs. They will also be looking at the potential impact cormorants may be having on smolt survival.

The tracking of smolt starting in 2003 on the Miramichi and Restigouche rivers in New Brunswick and the Cascapedia river in Quebec. A-S-F researchers will be back in the field tracking salmon starting in May.

Laubach Literacy Holding Family Literacy Day

Highlighting the importance of literacy in all of our lives.

Laubach Literacy New Brunswick is holding Family Literacy Day on January 27th. The day features literacy events and fairs across the province. Executive Director Deanna Allen tells CHSJ News the organization has been providing one-on-one adult literacy services for 35 years across the province.

In New Brunswick approximately 60 per cent of the population aged 16 and over, have what are considered to be below the level of literacy skills that would allow them to function day to day in work, and in personal matters, according to Allen.

She adds, literacy is the foundation of prosperity in the province. For information on Family Literacy Day events, visit the organization's Facebook Page.

Better Business Bureau Has Advice On Choosing A Safe Kennel

If you're looking for a place to house your pet while you're away, the Maritime Better Business Bureau has some tips for finding the right kennel.

Jill Atkinson of the bureau tells CHSJ News many times consumers aren't aware of who they're dealing with and aren't satisfied with the service they received. She says the first thing you can do to avoid getting into a similar situation is to simply ask around. Get recommendations from friends and family and also check with the Maritime BBB to see if they've had any complaints.

Atkinson adds you should ask a lot of questions especially if your pet has health or behavioural issues and make sure to get a contract in writing so you know exactly what you're getting into.

January Is International Crime Stoppers Month

This month is dedicated to celebrating and promoting the work of one of the largest crime-solving and crime-fighting programs in the world. 

In New Brunswick, Crime Stoppers has helped solve almost 8000 cases since it started back in 1985. Provincial Police Coordinator Sergeant Noel Cyr tells CHSJ News one of the challenges the organization faces is raising their profile and finding enough volunteers to help out.

Tips to Crime Stoppers resulting in more than 8000 people being arrested, $8-million in property being recovered and an estimated street value of over $67-million worth of drugs seized.

If you have information on any unsolved crime, and wish to remain anonymous, you can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or submit your information online at

Two Arrested In Lower West Side Assault

Two men arrested for assaulting another man with a weapon on the lower West side. 

Sergeant Cowan of the Saint John Police tells CHSJ News the incident happened on Rodney Street just after 10pm yesterday night and a man was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police are still working to figure out what type of weapon was used. 

Cowan says this assault was not random. The two men who were arrested will be appearing in court at a later date.

Over 4000 New Brunswickers Off The Grid

Thousands of New Brunswickers are without heat and lights today, with power outages across the province. 

Over 4000 NB Power customers are off the grid, with the Fredericton and Mirimichi area getting the worst of it. Power is expected to be back on anytime now. You can see the list of outages by clicking here.

Yesterday, thousands in St. Stephen were in the dark after a Harvey substation was vandalized.