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Friday, January 11, 2013

Deer Warning In Effect

If you're driving on Highway 1 between St. Stephen and Saint John you're advised to be extra cautious of deer on the highway. Deer have recently been reported on both fenced and non-fenced sections of the highway.

In fenced sections, deer have become trapped between the fencing and DNR staff have managed to herd some back through, but several deer have been killed recently by cars.

The Department of Natural Resources also wants to remind you that as of Jan. 1, 2013, drivers who are on the same side of a road or highway must slow down  when approaching a stopped emergency vehicle exhibiting a flashing red light. On highways with two or more lanes of traffic, you must also move over into another lane if it can be done safely

Violators will be fined $292.50 and lose three points off their driver’s license.

Ferry Could Be Back Soon

After a few months of longer wait times and reduced service, the William Pitt II ferry could be back on its run in the very near future.

We've received word from the Department of Transportation the ferry will be returning from its repair job in Nova Scotia tomorrow; however, Atlantic Towing isn't currently able to get it back to its rightful location due to the thick ice on the river.

With some warmer weather forecasted for the coming week they say it's possible the ice breakers will be able to make their way through and in the meantime ice conditions are being monitored.

Milk Prices Set To Rise

Milk may do your body good...but it's getting more expensive as of February 1. The New Brunswick Farms Commission announcing steadily-increasing costs for distributing milk to consumers are going to result in a 3 cent per litre price increase for the white stuff.

Producers will receive less than one cent, processors will receive one and one-half, and the rest goes to  retailers. Pricing under the School Milk Program will not be changing over this school year. 

Know A Young Person Looking For A Job?

With the economy in a slump many are complaining it's a lot tougher for young people to find their first jobs...but the SEED program for students might make that a little easier.

The provincially funded program places  students in provincial government departments and agencies; municipal offices and non-profit organizations. Students who want to start a summer business can also apply for an interest-free loan of up to $3,000.

Students can get SEED application at Service New Brunswick, on campuses, in high schools, and regional offices of the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour.

We Know Why The Power Was Out

We can tell you why the lights went for hundreds of people in St. Martin's, Bain's Corner and Fairfield this morning.

Kathleen Duguay of NB Power tells CHSJ News it was a problem with a switch that caused the outage impacting more than 700 homes and businesses.

The switch has since been replaced.

The good news is the outage was brief, the lights were back on by 730 this morning.

The Power Is Back On

A brief outage made getting ready challenging in St. Martin's this morning.

According to NB Power's website, the 700 homes and businesses in Rothesay that didn't have electricity now have their lights back.

Lights Out For 700 In Rothesay Area

We are getting calls about the lights being out in St. Martin's this morning.

According to NB Power's website, 700 homes and businesses in Rothesay are without electricity this morning because of 4 unplanned outages.

We have a call into the utility to find out why the lights are out.

Mayor Releases Statement On Snook Charges

The City of Saint  John releasing a statement of behalf of the Mayor on the charges against Councillor Snook.

It says Snook is entitled to hold office under the provisions of the municipalities act until there is a violation. 

It goes on to say the situation is a personal matter for Snook and a matter for the courts and they will not be commenting on it anymore.

For more information on how it relates to the Municipalities Act, click here

Vacant Main Street Building Suffers Fire Damage

City fire crews and police responding to a structure fire in the North end.
The call came in just after 2am for the blaze at 168 Main Street North.

When firefighters arrived on scene the first floor had heavy fire and smoke.
Most of the damage is contained to 3 rooms on the main floor with the entire building suffering smoke and water damage.

A fire investigators is now at the scene looking into the cause.