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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wanted Fredericton Man Arrested By RCMP

A wanted man being nabbed by the Mounties.

18-year-old Nicholas Bain of Fredericton being arrested in connection with a traffic stop in Pennfield in December of last year, where RCMP discovered a large amount of drugs, a loaded handgun and body armour.

Bain is facing several charges relating to drug trafficking and weapons offenses. He will be making an appearance in St. Stephen Provincial Court tomorrow morning for a bail hearing.

Prince William Refurbishment Moving Ahead As Planned

Shovels will be hitting the ground by the end of this month or first of May on Prince William Street.

Believe it or not, the refurbishment of the street is going ahead as planned despite the subzero weather.

Civil Engineering David Moore tells CHSJ News there's an abandoned tunnel under the street left over from the days of steam heating lines, which will need to be taken out--all without disrupting electrical and other service to the street. You can also expect to see periodic lane closures and street closures on an as-needed basis.

The project is expected to take until October and make the end of Prince William toward Saint John High look more like the rest of the street.

Everyone Is Taking Part In Pranks Today

It's April Fool's Day and everyone is getting in on the practical jokes even politicians.

A news release from the NDP arriving in our inbox overnight spoke of the expulsion of leader Dominic Cardy and Kelly Lamrock touting it as the final step following an unprincipled public attack upon the party and the building of socialism.

The release also speaks of how socialism has defeated Cardy and Lamrock as it defeated other petty bourgeois tendencies in the revolutionary movement.

Another prank unfolding on Twitter had a stadium going up on Partridge Island generating outrage from a few who got fooled saying it was heritage site and should be protected.

It even includes a picture of how it might look adding to the legitimacy.

Graeme Stewart-Robertson has admitted it was his idea describing it was the least controversial of his photo-shopped April Fool's Day ideas.

Are Tax Holidays For Developers A Good Idea?

A local realtor is suggesting a "tax holiday" for developers--in other words, the city giving them a break on the increase in property taxes until a property is sold or a three-year limit expires-- could be one idea to foster new growth in Saint John.

According to Hodges Hamm, a tax holiday would be a good way to encourage new development. Common Councillor Shirley McAlary says it's not a bad thing to consider, and in the past Saint John did offer incentives of that sort and maybe we should again.

But City Manager Pat Woods says we can't subsidize sprawl under ZoneSJ--and if we do provide any incentives they had better be to increase density in the urban core.

KVHS Washroom Closure Sparks Complaint

Last month, vandals at KVHS removed a pipe from below the sink and soap dispensers in one of the school's washrooms, which meant the washroom had to be closed for repairs.

Shortly after that, a concerned parent--who does not wish to be named--wrote a formal complaint stating that requiring kids to use a single washroom is unhygienic and unfair.

Superintendent Zoe Watson tells CHSJ News they have their facts incorrect, because at no point were students force to use a single washroom, and the facilities were only closed for the length of time it took to make the repairs.

Watson says whenever there's a water or health and safety issue the school treats it extremely seriously.

City Crews Will Help Restore Power In Moncton

It's still an ugly weather situation for many today and to bear without power is even worse. 

More than 19,000 NB Power customers are off the grid today after another ice storm.

Bouctouche, Moncton and Shediac are the hardest hit regions but closer to home more than 1100 homes and businesses are without power in Lepreau today.

Saint John Energy is sending crews to help their counterparts in Moncton restore power.

The Red Cross is offering help here and in PEI.      Warming centres have been set up in Bouctouche, Barachois and Shediac.

There are reports today that some people may not get there power back until Saturday.

For more info on the latest outages, click here

Flowers For A Great Cause

It may still be a little while before the daffodils start blooming in the garden--but the bright spring flowers are still showing up all over the Port City as part of the Canadian Cancer Society's annual fundraiser.

Jill Russell of the Canadian Cancer Society says the campaign goes all month with flowers and pins being sold in local grocery stores and other pubic spaces.

If you're not a fan of flowers, daffodil pins are also a great way to show your support for cancer patients and their families. For more information, click here

Horizon Health Withdraws Its Request For Legal Standing

Horizon Health's lawyers have withdrawn their request for standing at the Serena Perry inquest.

Two doctors are still seeking legal standing but, they do not represent the province or Horizon.

Negotiations are ongoing to determine how the inquest will proceed.

Health Minister Ted Flemming and the Perry family want the inquest to start as soon as possible.

Beer In Province Costing You More

You'll have to pay more for that 12 pack of beer as the price has gone up by 50 cents.

Over the past six years, the price of bottled, canned and kegged beer in the province has increased by an average of 11.7 per cent per litre while, correspondingly, the number of litres sold has fallen by more than 8 per cent.

Power Outages Because Of Latest Storm

That slow moving Nor-easter is continuing to make life miserable in the Maritimes with more than 18 thousand homes and businesses without power around the province, most are in Moncton, Shediac and Buctouche. 

There are just isolated power outages in the Rothesay region at Browns Flat, on the Kington Peninsula and Lower Greenwich. 

Just under a hundred homes and businesses were without power this morning in the Sussex area, primarily in Bloomfield and Springfield.  

In Fredericton, 48 centimeters of snow fell from from the weekend through yesterday. By contrast, Saint John has had ten centimeters.

Big Savings For Homeowners On Their Own Wells & Septic Tanks

You shouldn't have to pay fees for services you don't use--and there are going to be some big savings for homeowners who aren't connected to the city's water and sewerage system.

Currently, homeowners with properties along the city's water and sewage lines are charged for using them-- even if they have their own wells and septic tanks. Common Councillor Ray Strowbrige says he thinks that's wrong, since he's heard from many people in his ward who couldn't afford to hook up even if they wanted to.

Mayor Mel Norton tells CHSJ News they've agreed to knock down the fee by 50% for those who don't hook up to the city service, since they do get to use the fire hydrants in case of an emergency. Charging some fee provides people with an incentive to hook up to the city system, according to the mayor.

Further, Norton says there will probably be an increased number of people hooking up to the city water system when we have our new water-treatment facility in place.

A Quispamsis Boy Helps Others With Pop Can Tabs

He's got a big heart and an enterprising spirit.   

A 11 year old from Quispamsis got the idea after a bike ride with his friend between campgrounds in Sussex.

Zach Richard tells CHSJ News he saw a bucket on the counter and asked the lady what is was for.

She told him she gives them to a big organization that use the aluminum to make wheelchairs for people that can't afford them.

Richard takes what he has collected to her every August and tells us he does it for the huge smile he sees on her face.

To donate your tabs, you can call Zach and his family at 847-4504 or click