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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Traffic Note for Catherwood Street

Both the eastbound and westbound lanes of Catherwood Street on the West side will be closed to thru traffic from 8am to 430pm tomorrow between Manawagonish Road and Ready Street for repairs.   For more info,  call 658-4455.

Canada Day Uptown Boasts New Event

For one hour on Canada Day, our Mayor Mel Norton will preside over a re-enactment of a "Pie Powder Court".

That is a special tribunal held at fairs or markets that dates back to 18th century England.

Following this, the Mayor will be awarding certificates to citizens declaring them Honourary Deputy Market Clerk.

It begins at 10am on Monday in the City market.

You can get all the details on the event and all other Canada Day events by clicking 


Stabbing Victim Testifies at Saia Brothers Trial

The trial of twin brothers continues with the jury hearing testimony from a young man who was stabbed during a deadly home invasion on November 3 of last year. 

21 year-old Christopher Reid testifying he went to sleep with a meat cleaver and a knife by his bed, because he was afraid a group was going to kick in the door to his house on Prince Street West. 

He says he woke up to men yelling "Saint John Police Force" so he grabbed the knife. He says he saw three men go by and he stabbed the last. 

Reid was then hit in the head with a hammer, hit in the back with a machete and got cuts on his shoulders, throat and neck.

The court also heard from Melissa Perry who testified her boyfriend, A-J Dennison didn't want to participate and was later stabbed during the home invasion. 

Perry is the sister of Serena Perry who died at the Regional Hospital under mysterious circumstances and whose body was found in the amphitheatre.

Former Chicken Noodle Club Volunteer Speaks Out

There's stigma attached to the name Chicken Noodle Club ever since the arrest of former Common Councillor and pedophile Donnie Snook and his guilty pleas on more than 40 charges of child exploitation. 

Snook became the face and voice for the Chicken Noodle Club. Judith Meinert-Thomas, who was a volunteer for 4 or 5 years, says a makeover is needed to ensure its survival but she's confident it will withstand the current difficulties.

Meinert-Thomas says besides a new moniker, a new person will have to be hired who will be spotless.

She points out the lunch program feeds 18 thousand young people a year in the south end and that's nothing to sneeze at.

Weston Calls For Changes on the Release of High Risk Sex Offenders

Saint John MP Rodney Weston says he is personally troubled with the number of high risk offenders being released into our community.

He says many people are expressing concerns to him over safety and protecting famillies.

After speaking with local police and the federal office of Public Safety, Weston says its clear changes need to be made with how known sex offenders are released, what information should be made available to the public and the locations where they are to be released.

Weston says he'll be working with the Minister of Public Safety and the province to examine the current provisions in place. 

He's calling for stronger rules to ensure more public disclosure of information surrounding the release of high rish sex offenders and the application of conditions to their release which protect the public interest.

Holland Will Remember Scott For Politics, Personality

One of Andy Scott's former employees says he'll remember him for not shying away from the tough issues.

The former Fredericton Liberal MP passed away at the age of 58, and Andrew Holland, who started working for Scott in the fall of 2003, tells CHSJ News, he tackled contentious topics like same-sex marriage and gun control head-on.

Holland says Scott would manange to bring people on both sides of the issue together so the community would have a good conversation about and a better understanding of what was being discussed in Ottawa and Parliament.

Holland worked for Scott for four years, and says on a personal level he was a huge sports enthusiast and a really good father.

Water Rescue After Fire Breaks Out

One of our listeners letting us know about a water rescue that took place last night on the St. John River at Gorham's Creek off Belleisle Bay. 

We're told a stove caught fire on board a sailboat and one person may have suffered burns.