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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Boil Order Ends For Rothesay Avenue

The last remaining part of the Boil Water Order for Saint John has been lifted.

Water tests for the residents impacted on Rothesay Avenue have been reviewed by the Department of Health and the Medical Officer of Health who have lifted the boil water order effective immediately.

If you haven't been home since last Saturday, you should run the water in your pipes to let the old water flush out.

The boil water order was necessary after a major water main break on Rothesay Avenue during last Saturday's storm. 

Losier Says Second Meeting Of Commission Ran More Smoothly

The Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission will be entering its first-ever deficit next month due to declining amounts of garbage being dumped since the recession in 2008.

That report came from the second-ever meeting of the Fundy Regional Services Commission. Grand Bay Westfield Mayor Grace Losier tells CHSJ News she's not overly concerned, since the numbers may well stay steady--and if they don't, there's always the option of finding efficiencies within the organization or borrowing the necessary funds.

Losier says despite some important issues being raised the most recent meeting was an improvement after the first meeting of the Fundy Region Services Commission in which tension ran high between the rural areas and bigger municipalities.

Regional Hospital Radioathon Kicks Off At 6am Tomorrow

It's time to show your hospital some love on Valentine's Day.    

The Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation is partnering with Country 94 and the Wave to raise some money in a 12-hour broadcast on both stations.

Foundation director Victoria Clarke tells CHSJ News the aim is to tell the stories of the hospital.

She says they want to tell the stories of gratitude from our patients, of excellence and innovation from their staff and to invite people from the community to make a donation to the hospital foundation.

Country 94 and 97.3 The Wave will be broadcasting live from the Regional hospital from 6am to 6pm tomorrow.

For more info, click here

Liberals Putting Premier On Spot In Aquaculture Investigation

The charge laid this week against a senior provincial government official for obstruction of justice in an aquaculture investigation involving Deputy Premier Paul Robichaud's brother is raising more questions in the mind of Liberal M-L-A Victor Boudreau. 

It was he who got the ball rolling when he received an anonymous letter containing an allegation which he then passed on to the RCMP. Boudreau tells CHSJ News he believes there's more to the story, adding the RCMP have not confirmed whether the investigation is over or whether more charges will be laid.

Boudreau is wondering what Premier David Alward is going to do with his Deputy Premier while all this is going on and whether the integrity of the provincial government is being harmed.  

St. Martins Man Dies Before Movie About Him Is Released

A funeral service will be held this Friday morning at 11 in St. Martins United Church for a man from West Quaco about whom a movie has been made to be released in the spring.
Craig Morrison's ordeal has been turned into a movie called "Still" starring character actor James Cromwell who played the warden in the Tom Hanks' movie "The Green Mile".  

Morrison, who passed away at the age of 93, had a running battle with the New Brunswick Royal District Planning Commission about building and staying in his own home without using stamped lumber. The province charged he was not following the national building code.

Mayor Touts Rosy Economic Future For Port City

How New Brunswick can elbow in on the wealth from oil and natural gas has been a major topic of conversation n the province of late.

Mayor Mel Norton is maintaining his usual spirit of optimism about Saint John's economic prospects in that arena. 

The Mayor tells CHSJ News he's excited about a future where the Saint Johners who have left for out West can return to work at home. Norton says exploring the options with shale gas and a West-East oil pipeline would create well-paying, long term jobs and that's what this place desperately needs.

Woman Thrown From Vehicle

City Police are investigating the circumstances after a woman was tossed from a vehicle on Garden Street. She was taken to hospital to be treated for any injuries she suffered. 

A drunk driver on the east side led police on a short chase of around a kilometer before being arrested but a police car did sustain a bit of damage.

Woman Falls In Water

A woman fell into the water down on Navy Way off Chesley Drive at the Coast Guard site as she was stepping from the wharf into a boat. That prompted a call to the fire department for help.

Platoon Chief Joe Armstrong says she might have been in the water for as long as a couple of minutes but was out by the time fire crews arrived.

She appeared to be none the worse for wear but was taken to hospital as a precaution against hypothermia. 

The fire department was also later called to the Transit building on the east side for a leak of natural gas in the boiler room. The building was evacuated and aired out before the people who work inside were allowed back.