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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weston Banging The Drums Over Blood Center




(Saint John Conservative M-P Rodney Weston - file photo)

The fight to save the Canadian Blood Services distribution center on University Avenue is stepping up -- Saint John M-P Rodney Weston is asking for a meeting with provincial Health Minister Mike Murphy within the next ten days.
Weston tells CHSJ News he wants to find out what information Murphy has been privy since first learning of the decision a year ago -- he says he's doesn't want to point any fingers of blame rather he wants to work together to get the decision reversed.
Meantime -- Weston is firing back at the blood agency -- he says the initial response to his letter requesting information on the decision was inadequate -- and -- he's been promised a more detailed response.

Dionne Fire Accidental; Main Street Blaze Under Investigation



The blaze at Dionne Auto Body shop is being called an accident. The Fire Department has determined the fire began after a light bulb broke, igniting some loose fuel. The building is being called a total loss but forunately no injuries to report. The Fire Department were able to save an antique car being worked on at the shop, but says two vehicles were destroyed.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues into a fire at 349 main street north which left at least 11 people out in the cold with just the clothes on their backs.

Rockwood Entrance Update



Rockwood Park is going to look a little different tomorrow as work begins on Phase 1 of development at Lily Lake and the Mount Pleasant Area.
 Traffic will be limited to one way from Lily Lake Drive through the main parking area at Fisher Lakes.
 Businesses in Rockwood Park will remain open, but there will not be parking available at the Pavilion.
 Construction is expected to be wrapped up by the 10th of July.

Grass Fire Season is Approaching



The Saint John Fire Department is looking to dispell the urban myth that lighting a grass fire is a ritutal of spring. The warmer and dryer weather is coming and that means crews will be kept busy stamping out wild fires around the metro area. Divisional Chief Kevin Clifford tells CHSJ News, the message is clear........don't light them, they are dangerous:

Clifford says the number of grass fires were down in Saint John last year and they will begin visiting schools to spread the message about not lighting them. 

Minister Confident Renewable Energy Projects Will Proceed




(Energy Minister Jack Keir - file photo)

The idea of harnessing the Bay of Fundy tides to generate energy is far from dead -- Energy Minister Jack Keir says Irving Oil continues to do the groundwork on 15-potential sites in the bay to determine the equipment needed and the amount of power they could generate.
Meantime -- the minister remains confident a major wind power development will proceed one way or another -- the private sector company has shied away because of the economic conditions.
But Keir says N-B Power is getting ready to issue a request for proposals for another 100-megawatts of wind power -- and -- the existing development could be included if the utility and its partner can't resolve their issues.

Police Looking For Mom Of Baby Found In A Snow Bank



R-C-M-P in the Moncton area are appealing to the mother of an infant whose body was discovered in a snowbank yesterday to come forward.
The Mounties say the body of the newborn baby boy was found along the Taylor Road near Mount Eagle.
Police say they don't know how long the body has been in the area and are asking anyone who may know someone who has given birth since November of last year -- but -- no longer has the baby in their possession to call 1-888-506-RCMP  or Crime Stoppers.