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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Uptown Alive With Sights & Sounds

Lots of people turning out for this year's edition of Harvesting the Arts in King Square today.

And passengers from this year's only call by the Queen Mary 2 were among the hundreds of people in Uptown Saint John under bright, sunny fall skies.

Media Cars, Equipment Seized At Shale Gas Protest

The Premier and the Chief of the Elsipogtog First Nation may have agreed to a cooling off period, but things appear to still be heated at the scene of the shale gas protest near Rexton where journalists have reportedly had their vehicles and equipment seized. 

The provincial Assembly of First Nations' Chiefs issuing a statement condemning these acts of intimidation against the media. They endorse Arren Sock's call for peace, and agree that a cooling off period is needed. They say this means an end to violent protests, an end to the blockades, and an end to violence by all parties in all its forms.

The RCMP are advising drivers that traffic is slow on Highway 134 near the demonstrations and encourage you to find a different route.

Industry Leaders Embarking On Cross-Border Tour

Partners from the tourism industry will be taking in the sights around here and across the border in an effort to better promote the so-called Two Nation Vacation. 

Provincial Tourism Minister Trevor Holder says marketing New Brunswick and Maine together is something they have been doing for about a decade, but have been ramping it up in recent years.

Holder says the centerpiece of the marketing strategy is the fact that four-term US President Franklin Roosevelt vacationed with his family for several generations on Campobello Island.

They leave the Fundy Trail Parkway Interpretive Centre in St. Martins tomorrow at 6:30 in the evening. For more information about the Two Nation Vacation, click here.

Women's Clothing Boutique On Wheels Opens

A new women's boutique rolling into town.

In Pursuit is a mobile clothing store that's run out of a hot pink truck owned by Dominique Leger, who says she fell in love with the concept when she saw one in Boston two years ago and started researching how to start up a fashion truck of her very own.

Leger tells CHSJ News she has a permit allowing her to park at any metered parking spot in the city, and once the time on the meter runs out, she just moves to another location.

The boutique is having a soft launch today at the Harvesting the Arts festival in King Square. For more information about In Pursuit, visit the boutique's Facebook page.

National Foster Family Week Beginning Tomorrow

This upcoming week is dedicated to recognizing the more than 500 families in the province who have brought foster children into their homes.

National Foster Family Week starts tomorrow and runs until October 26. Right now there are over 900 children being fostered in New Brunswick.

The provincial Foster Families Association president, Brian Williams, says the week is also a time to encourage those thinking about becoming foster parents to start the process. For more information about foster families or becoming a foster parent, call 1-800-990-0119 or visit the Department of Social Development's website.

Premier Meets With Elsipogtog First Nation Chief

A three hour meeting between Premier David Alward and the Chief of the Elisipogtog First Nation Arren Sock taking place last night in the aftermath of a violent clash between shale gas protestors and police.

Both agreeing on a cooling off period with more meetings next week. There was no agreement on whether there should be a moratorium on shale gas exploration on First Nation land.

Sock was among the 40 people arrested along Route 134 in Rexton on Thursday. RCMP say six police vehicles were destroyed by fire, several explosives were were discovered and defused, Molotov cocktails were thrown at police and at least one shot was fired by someone other than police.

As the RCMP enforced a court injunction obtained by SWN Resources, snipers could be seen lying in the grass off the side of the road as police, some in riot gear, came face to face with the protestors.