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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Enterprise Saint John Holds Wellness Meetings

Enterprise Saint John teaming up with the Board of Trade and the Heart and Stroke Foundation for a workshop focusing on wellness at work.

Gina O'Rourke-Mackay tells CHSJ News part 1 was held last Monday.

She says they have a packed house with over 20 employers and she says the response is positive from a wide variety of industry who already have some wellness programs in place at their offices.

For more information on the workshop, you can email Gina O'Rourke-MacKay at, call her at 648-4648 or visit their website at

Saint John MP Holds Pre-Budget Meetings

Saint John MP Rodney Weston and Senator John Wallace having a sit down with social, economic, and community groups in the city as part of the federal government's pre-budget consultations.

Weston tells CHSJ News the Prime Minister wants input from all communities as the federal budget shifts away from stimulus spending and it's certainly not lip service.

He says common themes gathered from the meetings include the need to reduce duplicity in service delivery, improve access to capital for small businesses, and more spending on infrastructure.

History Being Recorded

The first day of the Saint John 225 City Stories project goes today.

The idea is to have citizens share a story or memories about the Port City -- scribes will take it down and the tale will be uploaded to the City Stories website.

The event goes today from 10am to 12pm at the West Branch Library at Lancaster Mall.

You can also participate online at