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Monday, April 1, 2013

Weather Conditions Could Lead To Ice Jam Flooding

Ice jam flooding a possibility due to current weather conditions. 

River Watch issuing an advisory saying that Environment Canada has forecasted above freezing temperatures during daylight hours, below freezing temperatures at night and a mix of rain and snow today, a combo that can disintegrate ice covers.

Stream flows are predicted to increase steadily in both streams and tributaries. Residents being asked to keep an eye on water levels and any ice cover movement. They're advising anyone living or working in a place prone to localized flooding to take precautionary steps to safeguard their homes and the things they own.

Uptown SJ Wants To Join Long Wharf and Lantic Sugar Sites Conversation

Uptown Saint John wants to weigh in on how to develop two waterfront sites.

Matt Alexander, the president of Uptown Saint John has written to Common Council saying it wants to become part of the conversation about what to build on the Long Wharf and Lantic Sugar sites. 

Alexander tells CHSJ news that before a development concept gains any momentum, council should consider if it fits within the city's Plan SJ report.

When it comes to development, he tells us that a 4-Plex has been mentioned for the Long Wharf site by Mayor Mel Norton while a potash terminal or trans-shipment terminal has been proposed for the Lantic Sugar site.

Finance Commissioner On Whether The Big Industrial Users Are Paying Their Fair Share

There has been alot of talk recently about water and whether the large industrial customers aren't paying what they should.

The City's Finance Commissioner Greg Yeomans has heard it as well but points out the Irving Oil Refinery is paying bylaw rates for 80 plus per cent of its water. Yeomans says the refinery uses 20 per cent of the city's water which is treated with chlorine and, as such, is the same as that used by homeowners.

Irving Pulp and Paper uses 60 per cent of the city's water and gets it untreated from Spruce Lake.

Gene O'Connor Passes Away

Well-known Saint John country musician Gene O'Connor has passed away.

The famous City performer died last night after a two-month stay in hospital.

Brenda Bridges of the Grove Lounge tells CHSJ News it's a 
sad day at the bar.

She tell us she met him years ago when he owned Gene's Country palace on Union street  adding he was a great guy who went out of his way for people.

O'Connor was 72 years old.     Comments on Facebook today describes him as spiritual and a character who will be missed.

Bridge says around the bar they will miss his famous cowboy hat and how he was always yodelling.

Employment Insurance Appeals Made Harder According To Organised Labour

A town hall meeting has been scheduled in Sussex next weekend at the Legion on Magnolia Avenue to talk about changes to employment insurance and Fundy-Royal M-P Rob Moore has been invited to attend. 

Serge Landry of the Canadian Labour Congress is warning it's going to be alot harder to appeal if you're turned down for Employment Insurance. 

Landry says, in the past, appeals used to be heard by an independent board but now only one person, appointed by the Harper Government, will make the decision. Landry tells CHSJ News that change is going to make a huge difference.

In New Brunswick, the government appointee is in Bathurst and Landry says interaction will be by phone or video conferencing which is not the same as sitting down face to face with someone.

NB Liquor Wants To Increase Sales To Boost Government Revenue

One of NB Liquor's mandates is to increase sales so the provincial government has more revenue which it desperately needs these days being saddled with a rising deficit and net debt. 

Gary Von Richter of NB Liquor tells CHSJ News they want to increase the number of places where beer, liquor and wine are available and that will be done with agency stores. But what about supermarkets and corner stores? Von Richter says that possibility has been on the table and still is.

NB Liquor's last report showed sales of beer and hard liquor continuing to go down. Wine sales were up but not by enough to offset the declines with beer and liquor.

Railway Station To Be Restored

A railway station is getting a facelift, and the government of Canada is helping foot the bill.

Through Parks Canada's National Historic Sites Cost-Sharing Program, they've agreed to give up to $99,515 to restore and rehabilitate the McAdam Railway Station in the village of McAdam. Built between 1900 and 1901, the two-and-a-half storey stone railway station and hotel in the village of McAdam was designated a historic site in 1976 because of its ties with the development of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

The dormers, second and third floor windows and the station's waiting room and dining room will be repaired. McAdam mayor, Frank Carroll says the renovations will boost the station's potential to attract more tourists to the village.

Drugs Seized By Warship Built In Saint John

A Canadian frigate that was constructed at Saint John Shipbuilding back in the early 90's has made a major drug bust at sea.

The Department of National Defence is reporting the HMCS Toronto has seized around 500 kilograms of heroin from a boat in the Indian Ocean.

The drugs were found after a naval boarding party searched the vessel as part of a security operation. The HMCS Toronto is currently part of a international naval task force patrolling the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean.   

HMCS Toronto's commanding officer David Patchell is calling it one of the largest heroin seizures in a maritime environment.

Man Beaten Up Severely On West Side

City police investigating an assault that took place early this morning at A-J's Lounge on Manawagonish Road. 

One man, in his 40's, was taken to hospital to be treated for the injuries he suffered which are described as substantial.

He's listed in critical condition. So far, no arrests have been made.