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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mercantile Centre Gets Green Recognition

The Mercantile Centre getting recognized for it's green initiatives and energy efficiency.

It has been awarded the BOMA BEST level 2 certification for environmental stewardship, which is a national environmental certification program for existing commercial buildings.

Project Manager for Commercial Properties Limited Mark McGraw tells CHSJ News it's about leveraging green technology, such as installing faucets with efficient water flow and lights that turn off automatically during off-peak times.

He says an energy audit was also done on the building which resulted in the reduction of electrical usage by more than 20 percent and savings of about 75-thousand dollars.

Commercial Properties Limited had previously won a green award for the Brunswick House building.

Councillor Farren Wants All Of Chesley Drive Re-paved

Councillor Bill Farren wants one of the most beat up roads in the city to get a complete make-over instead of a partial one.

The city plans on paving three out of the four lanes on Chesley Drive from Hilyard to Bentley but Farren says the city might as well fix all four lanes as the additional cost will only be about 30-thousand dollars.

The city plans to make repairs despite it being designated a provincial road.  The city will be looking for reimbursement from the province.

The New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes Says Situation Is "Dire"

Not all is well with nursing homes around the province with costs going up far more than funding and space being at a premium.

The New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes is holding its annual meeting in the city. Assocation President Marcelle Fafard Godbout tells CHSJ News each nursing home resident is getting on average 3.1 hours of care a day when it should be 3 and a half hours.

Fafard also estimates there are 500 people in hospital beds who should be in nursing homes but the space just isn't available.

Police Chief Says Working With Community Is Crucial

Police Chief Bill Reid says city police has a handle on crime in the priority neighbourhoods, particularly in the North End.

He tells CHSJ News intelligence-lead policing has been great for the city since it was introduced in 2009 and he says it's about having the support of the community as they can tell police when new problems arise or when certain issues have been resolved.

According to a recent Ipsos-Reid survey on community policing in the city, 32 percent of north end residents believe there has been more crime in their community but 42 percent also say their police service has improved.

K-V Public Library To Get Millions Of Dollars

Rothesay Council is agreeing to foot its part of the bill to get an addition built on the Kennebecasis Public Library. Rothesay agreed to pay $2.6 million dollars with Quispamsis paying $3.4 million.

Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ News there is some worry over whether the province will come through and pay for books and staff because thus far there has been no commitment.

Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll was in attendance and says he thinks the library is a great project and an example of how the two towns can work together.

Boys And Girls Club To Get More Money Today

Smile! It's McHappy Day. Amanda Masters with McDonald's tells CHSJ News this year one dollar from every Big Mac, Happy Meal and coffee sold in Quispamsis and Saint John will go to the Saint John Boys and Girls Club.

Police Chief Bill Reid will be stopping by the McDonald's at Brunswick Square while Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll will be at the Esso McDonald's on Millenium Drive.

Mayor Ivan Court will take his turn at the McDonald's on Fairville Blvd and Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop is going to be at the McDonalds in Quispamsis.

Common Councillor Mel Norton will be at the McDonald's in Brunswick Square and Councillor Bruce Court will be at the McDonald's on McAllister Drive.