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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Radio Renovations Week Four

Skate to Care

It's not just officials at the Regional Hospital Foundation getting geared up for this years Investors Group Skate to Care. Angela Morris is getting Musquash ready to stage it's own event. This is the fourth year they have done it, the second where they registered. Morris tells CHSJ News, it's plenty of fun for the entire community:

Morris says last year theye raised $2400 dollars and hope to get close to $3000 next month.

Provincial Leaders Recognize Senate Appointment

[M-L-A Rose-May Poirer----File Photo]

The Premier is extending his congratulations to recent senate appointee New Brunswick MLA Rose-May Poirer.
Shawn Graham says although the two have disagreed on public policy matters in the past, he has always held Poirer in high regard for her work on behalf of the province.
Poirer will be one of the newest members of the senate as of February 28th.
Provincial Tory Leader David Alward is also congratulating Poirer on the recent appointment.

New Brunswick Student Alliance Responds to State of the Province Address

The New Brunswick Student Alliance is pleased with the Premiers commitment to make post secondary education more affordable.
During the State of the Province Address, Premier Graham said twice his government will be working to further expand programs on students loans, and will make post secondary education more affordable for students.
President Duncan Gallant says it's necessary the Graham Government follow through on the commitments because right now many students do not qualify for the student debt cap, or the timely completion benefit.