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Friday, July 5, 2013

St. Andrew's To Host Triathlon Series Next Year

With TRI St. Andrews starting up tomorrow -- comes an announcement that makes this weekend seem like a practice run.

St. Andrews has been chosen for the Challenge Family global series of long distance triathlons.

Race Manager Scott Bevington tells us the team was absolutely floored when they heard the news.

He says they have 21 races around the globe in every corner of the planet with the top pro athletes in the world.

This marks the Challenge Family's 1st half distance triathlon in North America. 

The event is set for next July.

Bridge Work To Finish This Fall

You can almost hear the squeals of joy from long suffering West siders.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams says work will be finished by this fall.

CHSJ News asked Williams if any extra work will be needed on the westbound lanes of the bridge due to a dip and potholes.

He says the company that has the contract will have to do the appropriate rehabilitation that is supposed to be done as part of the contract.

Williams says despite a problem with the original contractor the work will be completed with no extra cost to provincial taxpayers.

Alberta Commits $5 Billion To Pipeline

It's looking more and more like Alberta crude will be making it's way to the Irving Oil refinery in a few years.

In a big show of support to the project,  the province's government is on board with up to 5 billion dollars over 20 years to get the crude east.

The Alberta government has signed a memorandum of understanding to take up to 100,000 barrels-a-day of firm capacity on TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline.

In a tweet, Mayor Mel Norton says the next step is Trans Canada committing to building the pipeline.

Expect To Taste & Smell More Chlorine

You might notice a strong taste and odour of chlorine in your water if you live on the west side.

Work on the Lancaster Water Storage Reservoir on Fundy Drive means more chlorine is being distributed from the Spruce Lake Water Treatment Plant.

The work will continue into next week.

Rockfall In North End

A headsup for drivers.......The eastbound lane on Wright Street, east of Spruce Street in the North End remains closed due to a rock fall. Detour signs has been placed in the area. 

The city warns ignoring the signs and concrete barricades could cause a major collision as it's a blind hill in both directions.

Drivers travelling eastbound are advised to left turn to Spruce Street, right to Seeley Street, straight to Allison Road then right to Gilbert Street.

The detour will remain in effect until further notice. 

Warning About Buying Flood Damaged Vehicles From Alberta

A warning from the Insurance Bureau of Canada for those people in the province in the market for a new or used vehicle........Be wary of buying any vehicle that's been damaged by recent flooding in southern Alberta because insurance companies may consider them to be non-repairable. 

Consumers are being advised to buy only from a licensed automotive business.....Look for any discoloured upholstery or carpet that fits poorly or does not match exactly....Have a certified automotive service technician inspect for signs of water or silt in the vehicle's fuse box and electrical junction boxes.....Get information about the history of vehicle from a registry agent and an inspection before you buy.....Check underneath the hood and look for a water line that was marked by mud or silt or for evidence of a recent engine shampoo......Check the heater and air conditioner several times and look in the vents for signs of water or mud.

City Warned To Be Flexible When Making Development Decisions

Either they'll get what they're looking for in Saint John or they will move outside the city. So claims Kamal Debly of Debly Construction who's answering criticism about allowing 80 mini homes outside Plan SJ's prime development area on the east side. 

Debly, who says he applauds the effort to get more development closer to the urban core, warns you have to be a bit flexible when deciding these things. 

Rick Turner of Hughes Surveys says while housing prices are low in Saint John when compared to other cities, there's a lack of affordable new housing. 

He warns if young people are renting, they're more mobile and can leave the area at a moment's notice, taking their skills with them.

Port Saint John Buys Harbour Bridge Building

Port Saint John has a new building after buying the Harbour Bridge building for about $470,000 from the Province.

Port CEO Jim Quinn tells CHSJ News it gives the port access by land and water and expands the area where they can do business.

He says there are no other ports that have this kind of access. 

Quinn calls the building a great operational type facility with garage bays that their maintenance crews can use.

Local Unemployment Rate Goes Up

Saint John now has the highest unemployment rate of any city in the national survey by Stats Canada at 11.2 per cent in June, up one percent from May. By contrast, Regina has a jobless rate of only 3.7 per cent. 

The provincial jobless rate also rose to 11.2 per cent from 10.5 per cent in May with the loss of 52 hundred jobs.

Provincial Liberal leader Brian Gallant tells CHSJ News the rising unemployment rate, which is now the highest of all the provinces, is proof positive the Alward Government is bankrupt of ideas to get the economy going.

Gallant charges New Brunswick is the only province in the country to experience a decrease in population during the past year and the economic indicators over the next year don't look good.

Salty Jam Kicks Off Tonight

The organizers of the Salty Jam must be beaming with excitement at the perfect weather this weekend.

Festival Chair Karla Maclean tells CHSJ News the music kicks off at Market Square tonight.

She says Chris Colepaugh is playing on the Boardwalk from 6 to 8pm and the Salty Jam tent opens at 7 with Earthbound Trio, Two Hours Traffic and Hey Rosetta.

The music continues all day Saturday in the City Market, King Square and on the Board and in the tent at night with the Joel Plaskett Emergency, The Reason and Stephen Lewis and the Big Band Of One.

The tent is located on Water street in the Coast Guard parking lot.
For ticket info, click here

Toddlers Death Serve As A Warning

The tragic deaths of two toddlers in Ontario and Alberta after being left in hot cars should teach us about the seriousness of extremely hot weather.

A heat wave continues with a humidex of 37 at 11 o'clock this morning at the Saint John Airport.

When you work or play outside in these high temperatures, drink plenty of fluids, apply sunscreen before you head into the sunshine and reapply as you sweat or swim.

Police also advising people not to leave pets or children in a hot vehicle during this heat wave.

Traffic Disrupted On East Side

Westmorland Road between Northumberland Avenue and Loch Lomand Road is closed to all traffic except for buses and emergency vehicles because of repaving until 8:00 tonight.

Walkers Get Lost In The Park

A man and woman are safe and sound after some anxious moments in Rockwood Park last night. They lost their bearings after going for a walk along one of the paths. 

City police were using their patrol sirens and lights along with cell phone location info to help get the pair safely out just before 11:00. 

Luckily, they had a cell phone with them and could keep in contact with 911 operators who then conveyed information to police who were searching for the couple.