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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Car Carrying 4 Young People Plunges Into Tracadie River

The Mounties are looking for three men and a teen girl after their vehicle plunged into a river early this morning.

Corporal Chantal Farrah says the crash happened around 1am when a vehicle carrying four people, between the ages of 17 and 20,  lost control while driving on Route 370 near Tracadie-Sheila.

Farrah says the vehicle lost control on a dirt road in a remote area while trying to go uphill and slipped off the road and into the Tracadie River.

Divers and a search and rescue team are combing the sides of the river, while officials are trying to recover the submerged vehicle.

The province's Transportation Department has provided a plow to clear away a path to the area.

Farrah says road conditions were slippery at the time of the crash.

Saint John Embraces Kindness Initiative

Nothing says Christmas in Saint John more than random acts of kindess for no particular reason.

That's why the phenomenon known as Pay It Forward is gathering steam in the Port City.

Founder Michael Whelton is a vice-principal at St. Mac's and he tells CHSJ News it began as a result of a conversation with a number of teachers at the school he decided to take it further and make it more formalized at their school.

Pay It Forward Saint John is run by a group of 7 individuals including City Councillor and Educator Greg Norton, Ross Jefferson of Destination Saint John and Constable Dan Weber of the City police.   Whelton tells us they want to see it expand more next year so Saint John can be a real contributor on World Pay It Forward Day which is April 25th 2013. 

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Wind & Rain Don't Help In Getting The Lights On

The crews working for NB Power have to be way behind on the Christmas shopping.

Another wild night of weather, this time heavy rain and very strong winds, leading to more power outages.

More than 600 homes and businesses are without electricity this morning.

The largest outages area in St. Stephen, Sussex and Fredericton.