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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Long Wharf Lobster Sale

Lobster for Sale at Long Wharf

In case you couldn't make it to Long Wharf for the Lobster are some pictures taken by Jim Hennessy.

          (Fishing Vessels Pull into Long Wharf)

        (Lobster Fans Line-Up for Crustaceans)

          (Cooked Lobsters Ready to Be Sold)

     (The Line-Up for Lobsters Continued to Grow)

Lobster For Sale on Long Wharf

(Line-Up at Long Wharf Looking for Fresh Lobsters)
                  (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

They were hoping for a big crowd and that is exactly what local lobster fisherman got. The line-up started at ten in the morning and a steady stream of people with coolers continue to show up at Long Wharf for an amazing deal on crustaceans. They are going for between four and five dollars a pound. Colleen Lynch is spokes-person for the Fundy North Fishermans Association and tells CHSJ News, they should have known plenty of people would turn out but you never want to take anything for granted.

Lynch adds an important part of today is to keep awareness front and center that there is a local fishery. The lobster are on sale until three o'clock.

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Wrong Way Driver

One man charged with impaired driving last night after driving the wrong direction on the highway. Early this morning police followed a vehicle heading eastbound in the westbound lane on Highway 1. The 28 year old driver proceeded to hit an oncoming vehicle before pulling over on the Fox Farm Road.

No one was injured. The man has been charged and released.

Impaired Driving

A Rothesay Regional Police officer thinks a move by the Conversative opposition to tougher the penalties for drunk drivers is a good idea. The Conservatives want to see the number of days a person's licence would be suspended if they blow a warning after a breathalyzer from 24 hours to 5 days.
Sargeant Evan Scott tells CHSJ News any kind of a deterent against impaired driver is a positive move. Scott says their officers will be out doing random checks through the Holidays looking for impaired drivers. He encourages anyone who suspects they see an impaired driver on the road to call 911.

Randy Nelson Trenholm Inquest

The death of Randy Nelson Trenholm will go under the spotlight during an inquest to be held in the new year between Feb. 22nd and the 26th. It was back on June.2nd of 2007 that Trenholm was unresponsive while in the custody of RCMP. Emergency medical services transported Trenholm to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Presiding coroner John Evans and a jury will publicly hear evidence from subpoenaed witnesses in order to determine the facts surrounding the death. The jury will have then make recommendations aimed at preventing future deaths under similar circumstances.