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Friday, August 6, 2010

Cohen To Receive Award From U.S. Adoption Council

A retired Senator from Saint John is travelling to Hartford this weekend to get an award for her efforts in promoting local adoption.
Erminie Cohen tells CHSJ News the award is from the North American Council on Adoptable Children.
Cohen says the award is for the volunteers and donors and she says they are all very proud.

Cohen was asked by former Premier Bernard Lord to head the New Brunswick Adoption Council that has helped over 800 children in the province find forever famillies.

Drugs and Cash Seized From Home In Black's Harbour

RCMP seizing drugs and cash after a search of a home in Black's Harbour yesterday.
The search the result of weeks of investigation into drug trade activities.

Police seized enough marijuana that could produce more than 5000 joints along with drug paraphernalia and over $4000 in cash.

A man and woman in their 30's will be in court at a later date to face drug trafficking charges.

Lepreau Refurbishment Is Further Delayed

(Energy Minister Jack Keir)
 NB Power has announced the refurbishment of the Point Leprau nuclear power plant is at least another year behind.

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited knows the problem is getting a seal on the calandria tubes and while they have a solution, they don't know how long it will take.

Energy Minister Jack Keir tells CHSJ News right now the cost of overruns is on the backs of ratepayers in this province.

Keir says they want Ottawa to appoint a mediator to look at the schedule and the contract at Lepreau and see if there is something they can do to mitigate the cost to ratepayers.
The cost to buy replacement power while the reactor is offline is about 1 million dollars a day.

Impaired Driving On An ATV in Baxter's Corner

Sussex RCMP are looking into an incident involving a man on an ATV in Baxter's Corner.
The 38-year-old man was driving an ATV when he collided wtih two parked vehicles while trying to go between them at a home in Waterford.

The driver was not injured but had been drinking and blew over three times the legal limit on the breathalyzer.
He was held in custody until sober and released and is due in court later to face charges.

Give Blood At Market Square Today

If you get tired of the sunshine today, you can go give blood at Market Square.
Amanda Cullen of Canadian Blood Services tells CHSJ News there is a clinic on until 3 today.

Cullen says they have some opening so, people are encouraged to drop by and donate but, they do need to bring photi identification with them.
She says the summer months are a challenging time for blood dononation with people on vacation but, she adds hospital patients still need blood and blood products.

Saint Johners Can Have Their Say On Quality Of Life

The more information the better.........That's why the Greater Saint John Community Foundation is reaching into its pocket to pay for an online survey to measure the quality of life in the Saint John area. The Foundation's Executive Director Jane Barry tells CHSJ News such areas as learning, housing, healthcare and poverty will be graded and this will help decisionmakers who might otherwise be flying blind.

Barry says the more people in the Saint John area who fill out the survey, the better it will be for everyone.

You can find the survey to fill out by going to:

Blaney Responds To Suggestion Of Conservatives Being Unconcerned About Highway Safety

(Rothesay M-L-A Margaret Ann Blaney)
                   (File Photo)

The Provincial Liberal candidates who are running in the K-V are trying to paint the Conservatives as being unconcerned about safety along the MacKay Highway.

There has been some criticism about expanding the highway to 6 lanes from the Valley into Saint John and whether that will ease congestion or make it safer.

Rothesay Conservative M-L-A Margaret Ann Blaney tells CHSJ News there's more to this than just making the highway bigger such as better access on and off the MacKay.

Blaney goes on to say she would like to hear more talk about how the Liberals will address the problem of not having enough classrooms in the K-V with schools having to use portables.

More Traffic Expected In Saint John Over The Weekend

Two city events mean more traffic in the Port City this weekend.
The Reunion 2010 concerts at Fort LaTour being held today and tomorrow will mean many pedestrians in and around the Uptown area.

Concert goers can access Fort LaTour from Long Wharf only.

Drivers are also reminded of Marathon By the Sea coming up on Sunday.

Traffic in and out of the Lily Lake entrance may be delayed.

Rainbow Pride Festival Kicks Off Today

(Gay Pride flag flies outside City Hall)
(Photo by Sherry Aske)

No doubt you have seen the rainbow signs all over the city signalling the kickoff of The Greater Saint John area Pride Festival.
The 9-day event features a parade, a bowling night, theatre event and a dance.

Festival Chair Mack Mackenzie tells CHSJ News Mayor Ivan Court will be raising the Pride flag to start things off at 12:15 today in City Hall plaza.

The Greater Saint John Area Pride Festival continues until August 15th with the parade coming up next Saturday.