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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Minister Meets with Canadian Blood Services

The Province's Health Minister is not too optimistic after a meeting today with officials from Canadian Blood Services. Mary Schryer said she outlined the reasons why the government is opposed to the Blood Distribution Centre in Saint John moving to Dartmouth.

She tells CHSJ news the government put a good offer on the table offering money for the building in Saint John but, she didn't not get a committment from CBS officials today.

Schryer says one of the issues is the fact that Nova Scotia hospitals use more blood than the ones in New Brunswick about 300 units more. A news conference on Thursday at Canadian Blood Services in Saint John which may provide more answers.

Heavy Rain Expected in Greater Saint John

If you've been plagued with flooding problems at your home recently, here is something to keep an eye on. Environment Canada is tracking a low pressure system which is expected to bring lots of rain to the Province tomorrow. The heavy rain is expected late tomorrow morning in this area and spread into the north-eastern half by tomorrow night.

Forecasters say we could get 50 millimeters of rain in a short period of time.

Ferries Scheduled for Maintenance

Just like you getting a tune-up for your vehicle before the winter, two provincial ferries are being put up on the hoist as well so to speak. Fall maintenance is scheduled for the Deer Island Princess ferry and John E. Rigby. Work on the Deer Island got started on Sunday and is expected to finish this Sunday. Maintenance on the John E. Rigby is scheduled to last a week as well starting on the 18th.

The Island Hopper, an 18-vehicle replacement vessel will be used at both sites while maintenance work is carried out.

Trying to Stay Warm This Winter

The Provincial Government is extending an olive branch to those who need help keeping their home warm this winter. It's an enhanced emergency fuel benefit which builds on the Department of Social Development's existing emergency assessment by providing up to $550 in emergency funding to households who qualify.

The enhanced benefit also removes the requirement that potential applicants deplete their assets to qualify for assistance. This means that items like investments, cash-in-hand and bank accounts with less than $2,000 will not be considered in figuring out if a household needs the benefit.

Vital Signs Chair Sarah Mudge Responds To Reporters Questions

Future of Blood Distribution Center

This week could lift some of the cloud of mystery that hovers around the future of the blood distribution center in Saint John. Canadian Blood Services officials will be at the center on Thursday for a news conference. They will provide an update on the status of the Atlantic portion of the National Facilities Redevelopment Project.

CBS announced back in the spring they wanted to re-locate the blood center to Dartmouth which was met with a fire-storm of opposistion from workers to the Graham Government. In recent weeks, Premier Graham has offered a blank cheque to CBS for any renovation work that needs to be done at the current facility in Millidgeville with the stipulation the center stays in Saint John.

North End Building is Certified Gold

(Photo by Jim Hennessy)

A small ceremony was held at 130 Somerset Street today to mark an achievement for the building. It is the first of it's kind in Atlantic Canada and one of only 18 across the country to achieve gold status in leadership, energy and environmental design. Commercial Properties designed and constructed the building and President John Irving says this will set the standard for up-coming projects and any renovation work to their exsisting properties.

The building is 25,000 square feet and features several initiatives including reduced lighting, a rainwater collection system and low flow washroom fixtures.

Energy Minister Likes New Building

As someone who grew up in the North End, Energy Minister Jack Keir is thrilled with the gold leed status for 130 Somerset Street.

Keir says energy conservation is all part of the bigger picture that is the energy hub plan.

Some Successes In Vital Signs Report Card

The population drain in the greater Saint John region appears to have been plugged -- the latest report on the region's vital signs indicates we posted a net gain in population in the past year for the second year in a row.
But Vital Signs committee chair Sarah Mudge says obesity rates are up while the rate of physical activity is down.
Mudge also speculates the increase in violent crime is related to an increase in the number of police officers and the police department's efforts to have more people report crimes.
The complete report can be found here:

Report by Official Languages Commissioner Offers Recommendations to Government

The Commissioner of Official Languages is making three key recommendations in his 6th annual report. Michel Carrier says government should take three steps in order to ensure the success of the new language of work policy within the civil service. Carrier says too often, the Official Languages Act is seen as a necessary evil rather than a symbol of respect and equality.

He is recommending Deputy Ministers and managers provide strong leadership, government implement a strategy for promoting official languages in the workplace, and ensure better access to language training. Carrier also recommends key elements of the new policy be added to the Official Languages Act by the end of 2012.

2010 Acadian Games Logo Unveiled

(Acadian Games Organizing Committee, Mascot, MLA Roly MacIntyre, and Mayor Ivan Court--Photo By Diane Henry)

Saint John East MLA Roly MacIntyre is promising renovations at the Canada Games Stadium will be finished by next June and will not impact the 31st Acadian Games. Games Organizing Committee President Michel Cote tells CHSJ news he is confident the games will run smoothly.

The official logo for the 2010 games in Saint John has been unveiled featuring colours of the Acadian flag in the shape of lightning bolts to represent the slogan "Energy is our Strength". Cote says they will also be launching a $400,000 fundraising campaign to support the games and provide food and transportation for the 1,200 participants.

Man Recovers from Two Broken Legs After Domestic Dispute

A 46 year old man is recovering from two broken legs after being run over by a car last night in the parking lot of Loyalist City Compound on Ashburn Lake Road. Police say the driver took off and they believe the hit was intentional as a result of a domestic dispute.

The man is still in hospital. No word on charges at this point.

Vital Signs 2009 to be Released Today

A new report by the Greater Saint John Community Foundation shows elevated cancer rates, particularly for men, are substantially higher in Saint John than can be explained by the local smoking rates. The finding is described as puzzling in the latest Vital Signs 2009 report to be fully released later this morning.

The annual community check-up displays data in ten categories including housing, work, and the gap between rich and poor. Some of the other information to be discussed today is community concern over high levels of poverty and teen pregnancy, as well as violent crime.

Importance of Proper Investing

The Executive Director of the New Brunswick Securities Commission says 61% of people in this province think financial planning is important, but 70% don't have a formal plan with investment goals. Rick Hancox tells CHSJ News when it comes to investing we know what we should be doing but, we don't necessarily do it.

Hancox adds the type of plan you choose shows your risk tolerance such whether or not you are willing to lose money in your investments.