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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Many Of Us Have Heart Disease

More than 2600 people in this province got a diagnosis of heart disease between 2009 and 2010.

That startling stat from a provincial report on heart health.

More than 21,000 men and over 13,000 women are living with the disease.

Almost 1800 people in the province went to hospital for the first time with heart failure over those two years.

The rate of new cases of heart disease is steadily decreasing over the last decade and more people with heart disease are living longer.

With growing senior populations and the increase in rates of diabetes and adult obesity, the evidence doesn't show whether or not the decline in new cases and deaths due to heart disease will continue.

Not Getting Hospital 3T MRI A "Broken Promise"

Just another promise he made to get elected. That's what one Liberal Health Critic is calling the Alward government's failure to get the Saint John Regional Hospital a 3T MRI.

Donald Arsenault tells CHSJ News that was a commitment Premier David Alward made to the community and is now just another addition to a long list of broken promises. He says he wants to know where Alward stands on the issue now.

The city's medical professionals seem to want the 3T version, while the Horizon Health Network has come out against it. Arsenault says they'll see what position Health Minister Ted Flemming takes and go from there.

Fall Means More Deer & Moose On The Road

Watch out for those Bullwinkles and Bambis as you drive around the city.

City police putting out a warning about the potential for deer/moose collisions this time of year.

Drivers are asked to be vigilant when driving as deer are coming closer to roadways from the woods this time of year.

The police asking drivers to heed the warning signs in areas where moose and deer are regularly spotted, to drive defensively and be aware of your surroundings.

The Sea Dogs Have A Tims Card

It's a keepsake that gives you coffee and supports your favourite team.

You can get a reloadable coffee card at your local Timmy's with the Sea Dogs logo on it.

Sea Dogs President Wayne Long tells CHSJ News it's something they always thought about doing.

He says you always see the cards with a winter scene or the Tim Horton's camps and they thought it would be a great idea to have a Sea Dogs logo on one of those cards.

You can get your own Sea Dogs Tim's card at locations between Sussex and St. Stephen.

New Air Miles Scam Making The Rounds

A new telemarketing scam is making the rounds. The Saint John Police Force Fraud Section warns people are receiving calls stating that they have won anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 bonus Air Miles.

They are then asked to provide personal information like a credit card number. Air Miles has debunked the scam as a fake saying they never use automated messages.

You can visit the Canadian Antifraud Centre's website at here to learn more about what steps you should take to avoid becoming a victim of telemarketingand automated telephone schemes.

MLA Calls For Proactive Approach To Flooding

We need to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to flooding. That from MLA for Charlotte-The Isles, Rick Doucet who isn't happy his idea to establish a committee on flood damage control was shot down by Premier David Alward. 

He tells CHSJ News the government's Regional Emergency Management Coordinators network only deals with flooding after-the-fact. He says we have to get into a proactive stage and get out in front of these things because they're going to be happening more and more frequently.

Doucet says we're losing an opportunity to open up some dialogue on a topic that's impacting all New Brunswickers.

Two Break-Ins In Two Days In Quispamsis

You might want to be extra careful about locking your doors if you live in the Quispamsis area.

There have been two daytime break-ins and thefts already this week on Hardwood Crescent and on the Quispamsis Road. Both happened when the homeowners weren't at home, and numerous items were taken.

The Rothesay Regional Police Force is asking the public to report any suspicious people or activities in their neighbourhood. Call the dispatch center at (506) 847-6300 or 911 if a crime is in progress.

New Steakhouse In Market Square

A Nova Scotia franchise has opened a brand new restaurant in uptown Saint John.

The newly-opened Ryan Duffy's in Market Square is the third location of the steakhouse and seafood chain in the Maritimes, with locations already in Truro and Halifax

The restaurant is named after a Halifax speakeasy from the prohibition era and  specializes in grilled menu items, table side-prepared caesar salads and drinks according to manager partner Matt Costain, who will be running the restaurant with owner Damian Byrne.

Ryan Duffy's will be announcing its grand opening in the coming weeks.

Roadbuilders Still Hopeful Province Will Spend More Money

The New Brunswick Roadbuilders Association is not discouraged by the response of the Transportation Minister to spending more money on roads around the province. Claude Williams warns money is tight. 

Tom McGinn is the Association's Executive-Director. He says the idea is to spend a bit today, then avoid being faced with a more serious problem that will require more money down the line.

McGinn also warns many of the people who work on the roads have gone out west to the point where there's a labour shortage.

More Is Known About T-B Patient In Province

The patient who's suffering from a potentially highly contagious type of tuberculosis and remains hospitalized at the Dr. Georges Dumont Hospital is a business faculty student at the University of Moncton who was on hand for the first week of classes.

Medical authorities indicate the student’s condition is getting better and are optimistic the risk of infection is low.

They're also confident only those people who had close contact with the affected student are at risk of infection.

The university is establishing a list of those who could have potentially been in contact with the student, including other students, professors and all other staff members. 

Over the next few days, health professionals will be present in the classes in which the affected student would have been present during the contamination period in order to answer questions that may arise.

Guilty Pleas In Cochran's Robbery

It's a crime that shocked the community at a place you might not expect to see violence.

Cochran's Country Market in Rothesay was robbed in the early morning hours of July 16th and two employees were tied up.

Arrests were made by Rothesay Regional Police in early August.

Stephen Corey Richard and Blake Andrew Smith pleading guilty in court and will be sentenced October 4th.  Both are in their late 20's.

47 year old Keith Oliver Dixon also pleading guilty at an earlier court appearance and will be sentenced next month as well.