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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Judith Irving has been selected by the Canadian Red Cross as the recipient of its 2010 Humanitarian Award.

This is to recognize Irving's commitment to charitable work and philanthropy.

The Red Cross has also announced that Amanda Titus from Sussex will receive its 2010 Young Humanitarian Award.
The awards will be handed on November.17th at the Delta Brunswick.

Update On Scott Avenue Stabbing

21-year old Mary Lisa Carrier remains locked up and will under-go a psychiatric exam.

Carrier is accused of stabbing a man in the chest of a Scott Avenue apartment over the Holiday Weekend.
Carrier made a brief court appearance this morning in Hampton and will be back in court on Monday for election and to enter a plea.
The man who was stabbed remains in stable condition at the Regional.

Teenager Killed While Texting And Driving

If you don't believe that texting while driving can kill you, this next story might.

A 19-year old man from Fredericton, John Sommerville is dead after a crash on Highway two near Pokiok yesterday.

RCMP say Sommerville crashed into a rockwall in the median which seperates the east and westbound lanes.

A 20-year old passenger in the vehicle was taken to hospital and is going to be alright.

Officers say it looks like Sommerville was sending a text message while driving and may have been a factor for the crash.

Lifesaving Society Says Lifeguards Should Be Paid More

          (Fisher Lakes)
           (File Photo)

In the aftermath of a 21 year old man drowning Sunday afternoon at Fisher Lakes, a question has been raised about why there was no lifeguard on duty.

Elizabeth Lamothe of the Provincial Lifesaving Society says these jobs are taken by students who have to return to school on the Labour Day weekend and they're not merely window dressing sitting around the beach all summer getting a tan. Only one per cent of drownings take place where there is a lifeguard on duty.

Lamothe says if the wages were increased for lifeguards, people other than students, who are physically fit, might be more willing to train for the job over the winter and be available longer.

Province Being Urged To Set Up Anti-Bullying Hotline

An anti-bullying activist is calling on the province to set up a hotline for victims to talk directly to police while remaining anonymous if they so wish.

The co-founder of Bullying Canada. ca, Rob Frenette says the idea springs from what they're doing in Halifax which has had such a hotline in place now for several years.

There has been alot of attention placed on bullying over the last few months but Frenette tells CHSJ News whether that will make a difference remains to be seen as he is receiving more calls from parents than ever before.

The Halifax hotline operates 7 days a week and has worked out quite well from what he's been told. Frenette maintains if such a hotline can save just one student from being bullied then it's well worth it.

Conservatives Focused On Class-Room

With the first day of school in full swing, the Conservatives latest campaign pledge focuses on the class-room.

Leader David Alward says if elected, his party will maintain the number of class-room teachers in both the Anglo and Francophone sectors to enhance service to our students.
Alward is also committed to working with the districts to increase the number of teaching staff who provide increased support for students requiring literacy and mathematics support.

New Democrats Would Put An End To Crossing The Floor

Crossing the floor of the legislature would be a thing of the past if the NDP win the election on the 27th.

The Party says MLAs elected under a party banner should serve under that banner and legislation would be put in place to prohibit MLAs from sitting as members of any party caucus other than the one for which they were elected.
An MLA who leaves their party would have two choices: to sit as an independent until the next election, or resign and run under their new party in a by-election.

New Initiatives Launched In District 8 With Start Of New School Year

(School District 8 Superintendent Susan Tipper)
                          (File Photo)

Everyone is ready for classes to resume in District 8 and this school year will feature a few things to help parents, teachers and students.

District 8 Superintendent Susan Tipper tells CHSJ News they are adding new busing software called "Versatrans" that will allow parent's a chance to keep track of their child's bus number, route and time online.

Autism Centres are also new this year and will be located East,West and Central. Students with their parent's permission travel to the centres with their teacher's assistant and learn from an autism trained teacher how they can help children learn.

Enrollment Expected To Be Down In School District 6

(District 6 School Superintendent Zoe Watson)
                     (File Photo)

Despite crowding in some schools, District 6 is still predicting a slight drop in enrollment numbers this year.

Superintendant Zoe Watson says, while they won't know for sure until everyone is settled, they are predicting a drop of about 150 students, maybe more. The reduction is expected in the outlying areas of the school district in Sussex and Hampton.

Watson says they projected a small decrease in students last year as well and ended up with a decline of about 100.

Anti-Bullying Initiatives In Place At Schools In Province

The first day back to school can be exciting but also frightening for many with the threat of bullying in or outside the classroom.

Rob Frenette is the founder of Bullying and tells CHSJ News, the Department of Education has a solid anti-bullying initiative in place at every school in the Province.

Frenette adds it's important that parents reinforce the message to their child or children that if someone is picking on them to immediately find a teacher or parent and tell them what is happening.

Drivers Urged To Exercise Caution As School Year Begins

Your drive into and home from the office is going to be a bit different starting today. School buses are back on the road and Sergeant Evan Scott, head of the Traffic Division with Rothesay Regional Police tells CHSJ News, as always, patrols will be out keeping a watchful eye.

Sergeant Scott adds there are alot of distractions in a vehicle including cellphones, texting and even having a conversation.