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Friday, October 22, 2010

RTNDA Chooses It's New President

A provincial journalism instructor has been named President of the Radio Television News Directors Association of Canada.
Andy Leblanc works at the NBCC campus in Woodstock and has been holding down the title of treasurer of the association.
He will serve as president until the RTNDA’s annual general meeting in June.
The organization speaks for the leaders of countrie's radio and television news operations on the issues that impact the newsroom.

Cupe Calls For A National Inquiry

Canadian Blood Services unions from across the country are calling for the Federal Health Minister to call a national inquiry.

They want a deeper look into the decision by Canadian Blood Services to re-locate it's production lab in Millidgeville to Nova Scotia.

Cupe Rep Mike Davidson says it is a concern when CBS officials say the move was made to save money when CEO Dr. Graham Sher makes over $671,000 dollars a year which includes an over $141,000 pay increase over the past three years.

Davidson adds any inquiry should also have the Federal Health Minister ask CBS how it can ignore the Provincial Medical Community and it's wishes.

City Councillor Comments On Survey

       (Over-Head Shot Of The Exhibition Grounds)
                            (File Photo)

The numbers are in on a survey conducted over the summer by the Exhibition Association.

It asked what you would like to see in a multi-purpose recreation facility on it's property with an open house scheduled for Wednesday.

City Councillor Joe Mott is also an Executive on the Horsemans Association and tells CHSJ News, he applauds the Association for taking on this initiative.

Councillor Mott stands firm a new grandstand is needed to continue generating revenue from the harness racing industry which he believes is still viable.

The meeting gets started at six o'clock Monday.

Fuel The Care Celebrates Its Work

(Fuel The Care Supporters Gather At Golden Ball)
            (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

A sea of red marched through the uptown today as Irving Oil's Fuel The Care Program marked a milestone.

Over the past eight years, the company has assisted 25,000 families in Atlantic Canada and New England by helping with some of their fuel costs to and from hospitals.

Amanda Bennet is one of those and says doctors found a tumor inside her son Chece's chest and had to be rushed to the I.W.K. in Halifax.

Chece is now 100% cancer free and Bennet says when you factor in the price of food and a place to stay when your away from home, to have the money for gas is phenomenal.

Future Of Union Street Will Be Up To Common Council

City officials hope the Peel Plaza Development will lead to a rejuvenation of that part of the uptown which includes Union Street.

Chief City Planner Ken Forrest says it will be up to Common Council to determine what it wants Union Street to look like in the future. It could be an extension of the uptown business district or, as Forrest would prefer, a mix of residential and commercial.

Forrest says the character of Union Street begins to change once you cross Waterloo Street. The Village area around Waterloo is considered one of the city's more vulnerable neighbourhoods.

Remains Of Body That Washed Ashore Will Be Difficult To Identify

It could be several weeks before the RCMP indentify a body that washed on the shores of Grand Manan.

Officers tell us the body is very badly decomposed and it may take
D-N-A testing or dental records to figure out who the person is.

Officers are also aware with two fishing vessels that recently sank in the area, they are not ruling out that the body could be one of the missing fishermen.

Waterfront Condos Should Be Occupied Next Summer

Construction is underway on the new Harbourfront residences at Prince William and Water streets in Uptown Saint John.

Work is underway on the roof of the underground parking garage which will become the floor of the living room, dining room and kitchen areas of the 81 suites.

The building should be enclosed by the middle of March at which time interior finishes will start to allow owners to move into their condos next summer.

Fuel The Care Program Reaches Milestone

A small celebration will be held today to mark a milestone for Irving Oil's "Fuel the Care Program".

Over the past eight years, the company has assisted 25,000 families in Atlantic Canada and New England by helping with some of their fuel costs to and from hospitals. That adds up to $1.7 million dollars in gift card donations.
Irving Oil also makes yearly donations to several hospitals to continue research which to date totals $350,000 dollars.
The day will be marked with speeches from families and health-care workers involved with the program starting at 11:30am at the Golden Ball.