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Friday, April 11, 2014

Crews Respond To Hillcrest Road Fire

The Saint John Fire Department responding to a fire in East Saint John earlier today.

Crews managed to knock down the blaze that may have started with a lawn mower which caught fire next to a trailer and garage at 910 Hillcrest Road.

The people who live there and a dog got out safely.

Hillcrest Road was blocked at Churchland Road and Golden Grove road.

Bust In Geary Results In Pot Seizure

A 25-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman have been arrested after a search conducted at a home in Geary today.

Police seized a quantity of marihuana and cash. The two residents were arrested a short time later, then released.

They are expected to appear in court on drug-related charges at a later date.

Parents Warned About The Dangers Of Co-Sleeping

Co-sleeping with kids and newborns is common practice for some parents--but it can be dangerous according to a committee investigating the deaths of two children in New Brunswick.

In both cases, the  families were known to Child Protection Services.

As well, they recommend babies and kids never be allowed to sleep on couches or other unsafe surfaces.

The department plans to beef up its efforts to educate parents on those dangers within 45 days.

NDP Calling On Province To Obey Supreme Court Ruling On Abortion

Provincial NDP leader Dominic Cardy says we don't need an independent review to determine the accessibility of abortion services in the province. 

Cardy tells CHSJ News what we have to do is follow the law as laid out by the Supreme Court. He say the 1988 ruling guarantees publicly funded abortion services to every woman in the country.

The NDP is calling for the requirement that two doctors give their okay for medical reasons before an abortion can be performed in New Brunswick to be rescinded.

Suspected Drunk Driver Nearly Sets Car On Fire

Just after 3am, city police noticed a vehicle parked in a lot off Waterloo where it looked like something was seriously wrong. The vehicle was running and had smoke pouring from the hood area. 

Taking a closer look, they found the driver passed out at the wheel with his foot on the accelerator, causing the vehicle to over-rev and overheat.

He was taken to the drunk tank for the night and has a future court date for DUI and refusing a breathalyzer.

Mixed Views On New Drug Plan

The New Brunswick Drug Plan will start providing coverage to New Brunswickers on a voluntary basis starting May 1.

In the legislature, Health Minister Ted Flemming touted the success of the program with 600 people asking for applications--and he's hoping to see more.

But Liberal MLA Victor Boudreau says those figures aren't actually that impressive considering there are 150,000 uninsured New Brunswickers. He advises Health Minister shouldn't get so excited about a small fraction  actually showing interest.

Premier Defends Forestry Plan

The new forestry plan has been slammed as "devastating" and "radical" by the Green Party, biologists, and forestry management experts--but Premier David Alward says he's proud to be part of the team that has introduce that plan, and the development will be responsible.

Liberal Leader Brian Gallant says his party is all for responsible development, but the Alward government has refused to discuss any of the science on which the plan is based and that is a massive cause for concern.

Alward responding to questions with allegations the Liberals are simply against any forward movement.

Former Communications Director Says Flaherty Was Great to Work For

Chisholm Pothier says Jim Flaherty was an old school politician who believed political rival didn't mean political enemy.

The former Finance Minister's Director of Communications tells CHSJ News he was well regarded by everyone.

Pothier says Flaherty loved the cut and thrust of life as a parliamentarian adding he liked people and they liked him.

Flaherty's ancestors arrived at Patridge Island in the 1840's while fleeing the potato famine in Ireland and Pothier says this province held a place in his heart.

His final budget included funding for a study to determine the future of Patridge Island.