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Friday, October 2, 2009

Military Exercise in Hoyt and Oromocto

It will be busy in Oromocto and Hoyt this weekend with a military exercise.

The soldiers from the 3rd Field Artillery Regiment will be conducting training both Saturday and Sunday. It includes a dry-fire artillery exercise with C3 105-mm Howitzer.

The military assures residents that the exercise which involves the movement and activity of Canadian Forces vehicles and personnel should be too much of a disturbance.

All safety procedures will be followed during the training.

Man Pleads Guilty to Charge

A guilty plea from 57-year old Gregory Whelan in court today. He is charged with armed robbery after the Bank of Nova Scotia was robbed on Main Street North Wednesday. Whelan walked up to a teller, handed her a note and she gave him some money and he took off.

Whelan was picked up by police late yesterday afternoon and is due back in court to be sentenced on November.18th.

Quispamsis Youth Home Update

By the end of the month, the new youth home for at risk teenagers in Quispamsis will have it's first resident. The home at 186 Vincent Road has been a fire-ball of controversy since it was unveiled earlier this year. Renovations are now complete and staff training continues. Mel Kennah is Executive Director of Moncton Youth Services and tells CHSJ News, the number of residents staying at the home will be closely monitored.

A second and third resident isn't expected at the home for up to a year. Kennah adds he is aware of the appeals that have been filed and looks forward to the opportunity of a hearing to ensure no back door deal was done to have this approved.

Update on Irving Refinery Project

With a month now in the books.....the over $220 million dollar upgrade at the Irving Oil Refinery is moving along. Spokes-person Valerie Pike tells CHSJ News, no major problems or headaches at this point.

Pike adds they hope to be finished the project in early November.

Will Election Chatter Go Away

Now that the Harper Government has survived another confidence vote, can we expect the election talk to go away? No according to a political scientist at UNB Saint John. Don Desserud tells CHSJ News, the NDP is not going to put up with all this posturing for-ever.

Desserud adds most are looking at the House of Commons as a set up with-out the right dynamics and wouldn't be suprised if talk of a Federal Election re-surfaces in the spring.

Saint John Airport on Pearson

(Airport CEO Bernie Leblanc - file photo)

With word that landing fees and terminal charges are being cut by 10 per cent at Pearson International, what does that mean for the Saint John Airport. President and CEO Bernie Leblanc tells CHSJ News, he see's this move as support for other terminals across the country.

Leblanc adds the benefits for the Saint John Airport are if the fee is a direct cost to the airlines they are serving with flights between here and Toronto........hopefully this will mean a reduction in ticket prices.

Who Bagged a Swamp Donkey

With another Moose Hunting Season behind us, just how many people around the Province bagged a swamp donkey this year? The Department of Natural Resources tells CHSJ News, preliminary figures show that 2436 moose were shot during the third week of last month. Just over 3500 hunters were awarded a license through a lottery.

Total moose numbers are up in all 4 regions, with Region 1, the Northern Half of the Province, showing the greatest increase. In Region 3 which covers the St. George, Sussex and Welsford area's to name a few, the number of animals shot is up one per cent. Deer hunting season starts Oct.26th and finishes up Nov.21st.

Protestors Are Back

It appears a pair of injunctions isn't stopping Provincial Labourer's from getting their message across. Protestors are back on the street this morning at the corner of Union and St. Patrick as work has resumed on the third storage tank at the LNG Facility.

The contractor hired to do the job has brought in out of province workers and that is why they continue to protest. Last month, a judge filed paper-work to keep the labourers from protesting in front of the Hotel Courtney Bay and the LNG Site. That is where the protests began back in the spring.

Saint John Companies Make the Grade

In business news this morning -- four Saint John companies are sitting in the top 101 Atlantic Canadian companies ranked by regional business publication "Progress" magazine. The magazine teamed up with the Sobey School of Business to develop the score card used for the rankings. Moosehead Breweries - Bayview Credit Union - the Saint John Port Authority - and - Mariner Partners made the list -- and -- all bettered their rankings compared to last year.

Black's Harbor based Cooke Aquaculture placed 15th while Stellarton's Empire Company held onto it's number one position.

Break and Enters East

A 29-year old man from Nova Scotia is locked up and waiting to see a judge later today. City Police tell us he was picked up after several businesses in East Saint John were broken into. A couple noticed a man leaving a business on Bayside Drive around 7:30pm and called officers where he was picked up a short time later. Several businesses in the same building had been robbed.

Police then discovered a stolen vehicle from Saint John Radiator on Rothesay Avenue nearby and when they checked that business, it had been broken into as well.