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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dispensing Fees To Rise Under NB Drug Plan

The Department of Health has finalized a memorandum of understanding with the New Brunswick Pharmacists' Association.

Under the new agreement, dispensing fees will go up from $10.50 to $11 per prescription under the New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program. The NB PharmaCheck program--a medication review program--will also be extended to Social Development clients covered under the prescription drug program.

This is the first MOU signed with pharmacists. It remains effect until March of next year.

Preparing For Provincial Pothole Repairs

The province is putting 18 million bucks in highway maintenance this year beginning next week.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure will begin patching potholes three weeks earlier than last year.

DTI Minister Claude Williams says the equipment is being prepared and they have 48 crews ready to go.

High traffic areas with the most significant potholes will be given top priority and they hope to have the work finished by August 1st.

CUPE Supports The NB Pension Coalition's Legal Challenge

CUPE is also pursuing a legal challenge to the shared risk pension model for provincial retirees.

National Rep Mike Davidson tells CHSJ News they support the fight of the Provincial pension coalition.

He says they don't think their should be any two-tiered pension in New Brunswick and they are fighting to protect them for their actives members and retirees.

Davidson says their members paid hard-earned money into their pension plan they were supposed to receive and now the government has stolen it away.

Moose Season To Be Extended This Year

The moose hunting season is going to be extended this year from three to five days.

The change is in response to a demand for moose licenses that has been as much as 14 times the supply.

The moose quota for the 2014 season will stay the same. The moose draw will be held from May 20 to June 13, and hunting season is the last week of September.

VIDEO: Saint John Fire Fighters Show Off Their Roof Rescue Skills

As part of an announcement that Port Saint John will be contributing $75,000 toward enhanced ship board fire training for SJ Fire Department members, the fire fighters staged a demonstration of their roof rescue skills at the Diamond Jubilee Cruise Ship Terminal.

Alward Government Attacked Over Rising Obesity Rate

A failure of leadership...........That's how Liberal M-L-A Donald Arsenault characterises the Alward Government's record on wellness and combating obesity. 

Arsenault accuses the Conservatives of ignoring the initatives that were in place to keep people from becoming ill when they assumed power because they came from the Liberals.

According to Aresenault, the national obesity rate is 18 per cent but in New Brunswick, it's 28 per cent.

Clifford Shares Harrowing Experience With Ship Fire

Fire Chief Kevin Clifford has firsthand experience with the terrifying scenario that is a shipboard fire.

He tells CHSJ News when he was a fairly new firefighter back in the 1980s, a ship carrying bales of jute caught fire in the harbour. After four days of fighting it, crews believed they had the fire put out; however, when they went in to do a check, a malfunction with the air ducts trapped two fellow firefighters.

The incident nearly claimed their lives. Clifford says it was the first time that he realized he wasn't invincible, and his axe might not be enough to get him out safely.

Clifford says over 30 years later he's happy to see firefighters starting to get training on what to do in that scenario.

Firefighters To Recieve Better Training For Shipboard Fires

When you think about all the ships coming in and out of our Port carrying highly flammable cargo, you start to realize the importance of training firefighters to deal with blazes on boats.

Port CEO Jim Quinn announced today that the Port is contributing $75,000 to the fire department's training center on Grandview Avenue. Quinn says we need to support our firefighters.

The money will go toward a fire training simulator that imitates the conditions of a fire on a ship, including the types of stairs, doors, and other features crews might not otherwise be familiar with.

Firefighters were on hand to demonstrate the techniques used in a rooftop rescue prior to the announcement at the Diamond Jubilee Cruise Ship Terminal.

Social Development Explains How Vandalism Is Handled

Social Development is explaining how vandalism incidents are handled in public housing, after windows and vehicles belonging to a woman in Crescent Valley were damaged.

Police were called to the address several times on the weekend. They describe the situation as an ongoing dispute.

Media spokesperson Jason Humphrey tells CHSJ News while he can't speak about specific cases, if a public housing unit needs repairs that result in someone having to move out, Social Development offers them another rental housing unit--unless the repairs are caused by willful damage or negligence. They'll also provide financial assistance to move on a case-by-case basis.

When it comes to accusations of illegal activity, tenants are urged to contact police.

Budget Legislation Has Unanimous Support

Proposed legislation that has all party support will see all election promises costed out before the September 22nd vote. 

Provincial Liberal Leader Brian Gallant tells CHSJ News he doesn't want to see voters be taken in by unrealistic promises but instead support the party that comes up with a realistic plan to turn around the fortunes of the province. He says his promises will be fiscally prudent

The Atlantic Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation Kevin Lacey says people in the province can't afford any more auctions for their votes as they get hit with higher taxes.

Lacey warns unless there are jobs, people will continue moving out of the province.

Copper Thieves Strike Again

There has been yet another theft of copper in the city. 

Police say this took place in the dark of night earlier in the week at a vacant home on Mount Pleasant Avenue East. 

 Police have acknowledged an increase in copper thefts of late and they're in the process of coming up with a strategy in response.

Some West Siders Given Boil Order

People who live along a portion of Rodney Street on the lower west side will have to boil their drinking water. 

A localised boil water order has been issued for 229 to 263 Rodney Street because of a water main break. 

A sinkhole developed along part of the street which almost swallowed up an SUV which had to be pulled out by a tow truck. That portion of Rodney Street has now been closed to traffic. 

There's no indication from the city on when the localised boil order will end.

A Price Break For Drivers

There has been a significant drop in the price of self serve regular after the weekly setting. 

In the city, it's down by almost 4 cents a litre to $1.35.4. 

Diesel is almost 2 and a half cents a litre less expensive at $1.37.3. 

The maximum price for propane is now $1.08.2 and for heating oil it's $1.25.1.

MacDonnell Shares Personal Tragedy But Offers Hopeful Advice

A big crowd enjoying food, fashion, shoes and advice for maintaining your mental health at the  "A Days In Her Shoes" fundraiser.

Women and Wellness founder Helen MacDonnell lost her brother to suicide and to cope began sharing her story with anyone who would listen which lead to many events where thousands of woman have heard her story and were able to share their own.

She offered a few of her 'Helen's hints' which include 7 hugs a day for optimal health.

She also recommends 15 minutes in nature a day to soothe the soul, eating to avoid being hungry and angry and to send letters and write notes to people.

All proceeds from "A Day in Her Shoes" will support the programs of the Canadian Mental Health Association in Saint John.