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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Common Council Gets Assurances About City Water

Saint John's drinking water is safe to drink........That message delivered to Common Council with the warning chlorine treatment doesn't protect the water year round. 

Council will have to decide whether all of us who live in the city will be using water meters with the aim being to reduce consumption. 

The Acting Commissioner of Water Bill Edwards tells CHSJ News meters will let you know how much water you're consuming and the more you use, the more you pay and that, according to Edwards, will save the city alot of money.

Edwards also says the estimated cost of providing safe drinking water with advanced treatment may not be as high as 280 million dollars.

Once the water is properly treated, Councillor Donna Reardon says the city could generate additional revenue by selling some of it.

City Looking At Losing A Big Percentage Of Its Workforce

The city wants to become the employer of choice as it faces the loss of almost one-quarter of its workers over the next five years through retirement. Common Council has been told 151 city workers could be retiring over the next five years. 

There has been talk some of those nearing retirement could be leaving early because they're uncertain over what's going to happen to the city's pension plan. Human Resources doesn't know how many of them will actually retire because many times they give very short notice. 

The city is making do with 70 fewer workers than it had a decade ago and there is one major job vacancy at City Hall these days.......Commissioner of Water as a decision will have to be made on universal metering and efforts continuing at reaching a funding ageeement with the federal and provincial governments on advanced treatment of drinking water.

'Superhero Shindig' Fundraiser At Rockwood Park

Spiderman working the BBQ while Bowser raises money....Those are just some of the characters you can expect in Rockwood Park tomorrow. Harbour Con-Fusion will be hosting a 'Superhero Shindig'...a fundraiser full of food, face painting and other goodies to raise money for the Animal Rescue League. Chaz Gougen from Harbour Con-Fusion tells CHSJ news everyone is welcome to dress up and bring picnic food to donate.
"We're recommending that if people want to come dressed in costume, feel free to do that! We're not limited to super heroes, whatever costume you have, if you want to wear one, feel free to bring that. But costumes aren't required to attend, if you want to show up as yourself you're welcome to."
Harbour Con-Fusion is a local non-profit organization planning a family friendly "comicon" convention for July. The event takes place from 11 until 2.

For more information on Harbour Con-Fusion, click here.

Quispamsis Says No To Fracking

The town of Quispamsis doesn't have a problem with seismic testing for shale gas and that's not why it wants a ban, according to Mayor Murray Driscoll.

"It's when they come to fracturing to find shale gas. That's the difficulty and of in our town, we have 6,000 wells with 3 major ones to look after our water supply for the entire community."

Driscoll says the town opposes anything that would jeopardise the integrity of those wells.

Driscoll  tells CHSJ News when they come up with a method for extracting the natural gas which doesn't pose a risk to drinking water from wells, the town will have another look.

Arrests Made At Westfield Establishment

Several arrests made at a venue on Westfield road last night after multiple complaints by neighbours. Saint John City Police tell CHSJ news there were several violations under the liquor control act. One man is criminally charged with criminal disturbance by swearing. Another man facing charges for drinking and driving and failing a breathalyzer. The venue itself allegedly broke a noise by-law and liquor control act. Police could not confirm how many arrests were made. The incident is under investigation.