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Monday, February 21, 2011

KV Fire Department Makes Changes To Volunteer Division

The KV fire department is restructuring is volunteer firefighting divison to fit the needs of people who don't want to run into burning buildings.

Fire chief Bill Ireland tells CHSJ News they now have a two tier fitness tests with the first one being a qualifying physical.

He says to advance to the actual running into the burning building role, it's a much more complex process with a much higher level of fitness required.

To learn more, you can attend an information session hosted by the KV Fire department on Wednesday night at 7pm. The session will be held at Fire station 1 at 7 Campbell Drive in Rothesay.   To pre-register call 848-6610 or click here

Port Gets Millions For Expansion

The Port of Saint John getting a huge funding boost from the federal government and the province.

The Feds investing 4.5 million dollars into expanding the berthing capacity of the port.  The total project costs 14 million dollars and the remainder will be split evenly between the province and the port.

Minister of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Keith Ashfield says it's a sound investment as cruise ships are getting bigger and are carrying more passengers.

The funding is part of two other infrastructure announcements by the federal government: 5.2 million for the Fredericton Airport and 4 million for the Moncton Airport.

Saint John Port Authority Eager To Get Expansion Started

Meanwhile, the Chair of the Saint John Port Authority Stephen Campbell is excited to get to work on the berthing expansion.

He tells CHSJ News construction will begin soon and it should not interfere too badly with this year's cruise season as the cruise lines have been made aware of the project.

He says the expansion should be completed in time for the 2012 cruise season.

Moosehead Management Is Willing To Talk

Moosehead's Joel Levesque says the dispute relates specifically to post-retirement benefits.

He tells CHSJ news they have a program in place that provides 100 per cent coverage to their retired employees they have been providing for many years which is rare in any company.

Levesque adds it's a benefit whose cost has spiraled out of control and they want to continue to offer it so they have asked to share the cost and that is where the talks broke down.
He says the company is willing to talk and adds this work stoppage will not impact the availability of Moosehead products for consumers here or anywhere else.

Holder Says We Should Not Focus On What Other Cities Are Doing

If Saint John wants to host a CFL game then it should go for it but not just because Moncton is doing it. So says Saint John Portland M-L-A Trevor Holder who's also a member of the provincial cabinet.

He says we shouldn't be looking over our shoulder at what Fredericton, Moncton, Halifax or even Boston are doing but, focusing on what we can do here in Saint John.

Holder would like Saint John to go after its own unique events and is urging everyone to get behind the effort to land the 2012 Memorial Cup Tournament.

Moosehead Workers Locked Out

172 production workers for Moosehead Breweries are locked out after failed contract negotiations.
Union President Jeff Stoddard tells CHSJ News the main issue was cuts to their prescription drug plan for retirees.

He says it's very unfortunate because the one thing that people can be united on is the fact that they get sick and there is a source to help them out and they would like to have it.

Stoddard says it's an unfortunate situation that not only affects 172 families but the rest of the Moosehead family as well.   He says the workers will be picketing 24 hours a day but are open to discussion if the company wants to talk.