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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Province Launches Youth In Care Network

(Partners for Youth Project Coordinator Mathieu Cormier, Social Development Minister Kelly Lamrock, and Partners for Youth General Manage John Sharpe)

Youth-in-care in the Province now have a network of peers to provide a positive influence, support and guidance in their lives.
Social Development Minister Kelly Lamrock made the announcement today.

The government will provide $200,000 over five years to Partners for Youth Inc. to develop local youth-in-care networks as well as a bilingual, provincial youth-in-care network. Youth-led consultations will be held across the province where youth-in-care will be able to offer suggestions about what services and functions should be available through their network.

Attempted Abduction Never Happened

Police has found out the report of attempted abduction made a 10-year-old girl in Memramcook is false.

After she was being interviewed by RCMP investigators, she admitted she made up the incident.

The young girl told police a man tried to grab her at a building yesterday afternoon.
Police tells us because of the age of the girl no charges are being considered.

Fond Memories Of A Brother

     (John E. Jack Irving)

I was very fortunate to have Jack as a brother.

He was a great friend and I always enjoyed his company.

We did a lot of business together – Jack was a steadying hand, he had good judgment.

He lived his life by the important lessons our mother and father taught us – he was thoughtful, sincere and loyal – an example to all of us.

He was very proud of the companies founded by our father.

He was a team player; he worked hard and paid attention to detail.

Jack believed in Canada and was proud of his country.

He was my brother and my friend - a good brother and a good friend. I loved him a lot. I'm going to miss him a lot.

There will never be another Jack.”

 Mr. Arthur Irving

City Saves Big Money By Restoring Old Pipes

(Municipal Works Commissioner Paul Groody)
                    (File Photo)

The new system of cleaning out the insides of cast iron watermains in the city that have become clogged over the years has saved taxpayers alot of money. That word from the head of Municipal Operations for the city,

Paul Groody who says since 2006 more than 36 kilometers of pipe have been restored where the flow of water had been very much restricted. In the past, once those pipes had become clogged, they would have to be replaced. Restoration comes at just a fraction of the cost.

Once cleaned out, Groody estimates the watermains are expected to be in use for another 30,40 or even 50 years. He has also revealed there is a still a pipe in use at Fernhill Cemetery which dates back to the American Civil War.

New Concerns Raised By Residents in Glen Falls

(Saint John Mayor Ivan Court)
            (File Photo)

A couple of new concerns have come to light from the people who have to cope with the flooding in Glen Falls. Mayor Ivan Court says they need immediate attention with one being whether the city can institute a moratorium on development in the designated flooding area for at least two years.

Court says he has also learned there are some people in Glen Falls who have mortgages and if they can't get insurance will have their homes taken back by the lender. The Mayor wonders whether the provincial government might be able to help the affected residents get proper insurance.

Lake Utopia Meeting Tonight

Home-owners in the area of Lake Utopia want to see if increasing algae blooms in the water can be fixed.

A meeting is scheduled for tonight to vote on whether or not to form the Lake Utopia Association.

Spokes-person Alant Hart tells CHSJ News, home-owners believe this is a pro-active move.
Back in February, Lake Utopia home-owners formed a steering committee to give a unified voice to matters concerning the lake.

Tonight's meeting gets started at 6:30pm at St. Marks Anglican Church in St. George.

Agent Orange Meeting in Oromocto

A meeting in Oromocto tonight will focus on Agent Orange spraying at Base Gagetown in the 60's.

Presentations will be made by several groups including Widows on the War Path as they fight to receive compensation.

They have been left out of a $20,000 package offered by Ottawa to military and civilians who worked at -- or lived near the base when the chemical was tested.

Liberal MP Rob Oliphant is the Veterans Affairs Critic and tells CHSJ News, his party wants to ensure that justice is served.

The widows have been shut out of the compensation package because their spouses passed away prior to the start up program in February of 06.

Tonight's meeting get started at seven o'clock at the Days Inn.

Garage Fire In Sussex

Officials can't find anything suspicious about a fire that broke out yesterday afternoon in Sussex.
Fire crews were called to the Waterford Road to find smoke and flames coming from a detached garage just before five o'clock.
The building and some of the stuff in it was damaged from the flames and still no word on how it started.

Gas Prices In the City Up Slightly

Drivers making their way around town will be paying just a bit more for gas after the weekly setting. Self Serve Regular has risen by under a cent a litre to 98.3 cents. Diesel increased by almost a penny a litre to $101.1 and propane is less expensive at 99.6 cents.

More Reaction To The Death Of Jack Irving

(Provincial Conservative Leader David Alward)
                     (File Photo)

The Leader of the Provincial Opposition offering his condolences on the death of Jack Irving at 78 after a short illness.David Alward tells CHSJ News he felt great sadness at the news of his passing.
Alward says Irving has a long legacy including his family and the impact of the Irving empire on businesses across the Province.

Energy Minister Jack Keir is sending his condolences to the Irving family saying he knew both Irving and his wife and they're wonderful people. Keir says it's a sad time for the entire community.

The M-P for Saint John calls Jack Irving a leader in our community and our province. Rodney Weston says the city and province has suffered a major loss as Irving made a valuable contribution to the worlds of business, culture and community.

Buskers On The Boardwalk Getting Underway

(Market Square)
   (File Photo)

Celebrating it's 20th anniversary, Buskers on the Boardwalk get started this morning at 9:00. Stephanie Peterson with the Hardman Group tells CHSJ News, it's four days of fun and excitement for everyone to enjoy. She says the great thing about Buskers is a chance to be interactive with the entertainers.

Peterson adds she is hoping the beautiful weather we've been enjoying holds but if it does rain, the festivities move inside to the atrium in Market Square.
 As part of the finale on Sunday, a woman dubbed the human cannonball will be shot down the boardwalk. The event finishes up at 6 Sunday night.

Homeowners In Lake Utopia Meet To Unify

Algae blooms in Lake Utopia are on the rise and homeowners in the area want to see if they can fix the problem.

A meeting is scheduled for tonight to vote on whether or not to form the Lake Utopia Association. Spokesperson Alant Hart tells CHSJ News, if formed, the association will give residents a stronger voice.

Back in February, Lake Utopia homeowners formed a steering committee to give a unified voice to matters concerning the lake. Tonight's meeting gets started at 6:30pm at St. Marks Anglican Church in St. George.

Sussex Health Centre Getting New Tool To Detect Breast Cancer

The province giving $168,000 for a new digital mammography unit at the Sussex Health Centre.

The Department of Health is providing $56,000 over three years to the Health Centre's fund-raising campaign to acquire the new unit. The goal is to have the unit operational in 2012.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer and the second-leading cause of death among women in this province.