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Monday, March 30, 2009

Community Outreach Initiative to Launch for Wellness Awareness



 A community outreach initiative will be coming to a new community centre in East Saint John thanks to a partnership between the provincial government and St. Joseph's Parish.
 Health Minister Mike Murphy says the St. Joseph's Community Health Centre will provide primary health care, as well as chronic disease education and management.
 Murphy says it's about time we start changing the way we look at health care in this province.

 The Regional Development Corporation is providing $200 thousand dollars towards the construction of the community centre, with the hopes of opening by 2010.

Cigarillos Are Out



Also being changed is how people are going to be buying cigarillos. Cigarillos tend to be use candy or fruit flavouring, and can be purchased individually. Murphy says the marketing is trying to appeal to young people, and get them smoking. The change will force cigarillos to be approved under the Tobacco Sales Act, and will also force manufacturers to sell them in packs of 20 or more.


No More Lighting Up Behind the Wheel



The police are going to be on the lookout for anyone smoking with children in their vehcile. Health Minister Mike Murphy announced the change in the legislation today that prohibits smoking in a car with someone under the age of 16 present.

Murphy says law enforcement is going to be on the lookout ready to hand out tickets, but says he isn't sure what the punishment will be yet. He estimates a ticket will run you between $100 and $200 dollars. New Brunswick is the fourth province to adopt this change.

SJ Man Faces 4 Charges After Break In with Weapon



A Saint John man will be in court in the coming weeks facing a number of charges: On the list are break and enter, forcible confinement, assault with a weapon and possession of a weapon obtained in the commission of a crime. RCMP report the charges stem from an incident on March 10th on the Bacon Road in Greenwich.

24-year-old Brian Anthony Cochrane will be in custody until his April 14th court appearance to set a trial date.

Lung Association Happy About New Legislation



No more ligthing up behind the wheel with the wee ones in the car--- the province has implemented legislation making it illegal to smoke with children in the car and restricting the sale of cigarillos--- As you can imagine, the NB Lung Association is thrilled with the new legislation to ban smoking in vehicles with children and restrict the sale of Cigarillos. President and CEO Ken Maybee tells CHSJ News, this has been a long time coming:

The smoking ban in cars for this Province follows similar bans implemented in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia. 


River Watch Update Bulletin



Another year of winter has come, and for the most part, gone--- but in the face showers yesterday and today, and the forecasted snow in outlying areas River Watch 2009 is keeping a close eye on the province's water levels--- Karl Wilmot tells CHSJ News so far no news is good news:

Today River Watch is advising the public the waterflow will be diminished in the northern part of the St John river due to the forecasted snow--- but the southern portion will see levels increased due to the rain. For more details check out

Premier Travelling to Toronto to Meet with Business Execs



Premier Shawn Graham is packing again for another road trip promoting the province--- He'll be taking along Business New Brunswick Minister Greg Byrne on the visit to Toronto's Bay Street where they'll talk to executives about lower taxes designed to attract investments in the area and new jobs. 

The business minister will visit a National Career Fair in the big smoke while the Premier addresses the Toronto business community at a luncheon with the Economic Club of Toronto.

River Watch 2009 Update Expected Today



Another year of winter has come, and for the most part, gone but in the face showers yesterday and today, and the forecasted snow in outlying areas River Watch 2009 is keeping a close eye on the province's water levels--- Karl Wilmot tells CHSJ News so far no news is good news as they have not had any reports of rising levels of H-2-0 in the province.

An updated advisory is expected to be made today--- in the meantime River Watch 2009 is reminding New Brunswickers who live or work nearby any waterway to keep an eye on the water levels as the warmer weather approaches, melting the snow and ice which have fallen this year and possibly causing floods or ice jams.

Abbey Saint Andrew's Seeking Council's Help



City council will hear a request for help tonight from a mixed income housing project slated to be built this year at the intersection of Duke Street and Charlotte--- Chair of the Abbey Saint Andrew project Peter Jollymore tells CHSJ News they are hoping city council will help with the cost of building permits by waiving the fees or providing a grant in the amount of the permits total costs.

The Church of Saint Andrew and Saint David committee is also asking the city to pay for the costs of refurbishing the sidewalks and curbs surrounding the proposed site. They hope to break ground on the project by the beginning of May.

RCMP Closing in on Thieves



A big break into the investigation of a summer camp that was broken into this month. Grand Bay-Westfield RCMP tell us they recovered quite a bit of stolen property over the weekend that was taken from a cottage on the Brittain Road in Lower Greenwich. They believe the break-in happened between the 15th and 28th of this month.

The stolen items include ATV Helmets, a stereo, computer speakers and two pellet guns were recovered close to where the cottage was broken into. No arrests have yet been made.

Fire in Kennebecasis Valley



There was a fire in the Valley earlier this morning. Crews were called to the Shell station on the Marr Road just after 4:30am. When they got inside, they found a fan in the bathroom had caught fire which they quickly put out.

Nobody hurt and damage was minimal. 

Near Gear Coming in for Valley Fire Department



If your daily commute takes you past the Kennebecasis Valley Fire Department, you may have noticed a new truck in one of the bays. The department received delivery of a new pumper truck about a month ago and it has been in service for about two weeks. Chief Larry Greer tells CHSJ News, as the Valley continues to grow, new gear is a necessity.

Greer adds they still await the arrival of their new Quint Fire Truck which is a combination pumper and ladder truck which should arrive late this summer or early fall. 

Earth Hour Numbers are in from NB Power



The numbers are in and there is plenty to be proud of if you took part in Earth Hour over the weekend. NB Power is reporting  we almost tripled what we accomplished last year with 400,000 lights turned off around the province between 8:30 and 9:30pm compared to 150,000 that were shut down last year.

Still no word from Saint John Energy but we have left a message with the utility.

Schools Closing Because of the Weather



Due to the winter weather and deteriorating conditions of roads in the outlying area's, District Six is closing Apohaqui Elementary, Norton Elementary along with all schools in Sussex and Belleisle. Buses will begin loading up students at noon in Sussex, Norton and Apohaqui. Students in Bellisle will start making the trek home at 12:30pm. 

In District 17.........schools in Cambridge Narrows, Coles Island, Gagetown, Minto and Chipman Area's are closing down for the rest of the day. Buses will start shipping home students at 12:15pm.

Thousands are with-out Power



After most voluntarily shut down the power on Saturday, NB Power crews are busy today trying to get thousands back on the grid who want their power on. Their web-site is reporting over 1300 of it's customers with-out electricity, the hardest hit area in Moncton where over 1000 homes and businesses are in the dark.

Just over 200 are with-out power in St. Stephen and less than ten in the Fredericton area.


Winter Continues to hang on For Some Parts of the Province



Winter just doesn't want to let go, in at least some part of the province. As hard as this may be to hear, there is a heavy snow-fall warning in effect for Sussex, the Kennebecasis Valley and Kings County for the next 36 hours. Saint John will see mostly rain with the exception of a few flurries but the area's I just mentioned could get hit with anywhere between 15-25cm's.

The latest radar shot shots 10cm's this afternoon, another five tonight and more during the over-night. The full three day forecast is coming right up. 

Saint John is a Happy City



A study conducted by the University of British Columbia is calling Saint John the happiest city in Canada. Mayor Ivan Court tells CHSJ News, the demeanor of the residents is how we stay so happy.

One test used in the study was the wallet test where residents say they are confident if they lost their wallet it would be returned fully intact. Moncton and Halifax also cracked the top ten of Canada's happiest cities.

Non-Profit Minister Pleased with Open Forum



Community Non-Profit Organizations Minister Brian Kenny tells CHSJ News, community meetings with non-profit groups helps advance the provincial strategic plan and focus in on the needs of the sector.

Kenny says attending open forums helps him get in touch with what the groups actually need. He adds being readily available to hear from people and learn their concerns is better than looking over a report.

Human Development Council Meets



The Executive Director of the Human Development Council says meeting with government officials and other members of non-profit groups is the best way to advance the sector. Randy Hatfield tells CHSJ News, the open forum over the weekend was a great opportunity to meet with Minister Brian Kenny and find out the progress made delivering on the Blueprint strategic plan.

Hatfield says a main priority for the non-profit sector is to have funds readily available rather than lurching from fiscal year to fiscal year. Members of community non-profit organizations had a chance to network with each other at the forum and Hatfield says it's important to get everyone together in the same place to discuss the battles each faces.

City Councilor Continues Fight



Motions sitting on the shelves will be highlighted tonight as City Council meets at City Hall. Councilor Gary Sullivan is putting forward two submissions aimed at making city staff more efficient including making staff accomplish the tasks they're handed by council. CHSJ News asked Sullivan if it's a common frustration around the horseshoe.

Sullivan adds there are still outstanding motions yet to be acted on by staff. City council meets in the council chamber at seven O'Clock tonight.

Pair of Announcements in Greater Saint John



Health Minister Mike Murphy starts off the new work week with a pair of announcements in Greater Saint John. Murphy will be joined by Social Development Minister Mary Schryer for a news conference on health legislation. Things get started at one o'clock in the gym of Quispamsis Middle School.

Following that, the Health Minister will travel to St. Joseph's Church on the Loch Lomond Road to make an announcement about improved health care services in the Loch Lomond Area. Joining Murphy for this announcement with be Tourism and Parks Minister Stuart Jamieson. Things gets started at 2:30pm.

Early Earth Hour Numbers are In



NB Power and Saint John Energy won't have numbers added up until later today, but all indications point to heavy participation for this years Earth Hour. On Saturday, homes and businesses were encouraged to shut down the power in their home for one hour. More than 285 cities and municipalities from every province and territory participated. Globally, 3,937 cites have reported they took part in the the lights out call.

As many as one billion people may have participated worldwide, including a predicted 81% of Canadians according to a pre-poll numbers. Out of 88 countries that took part, Canada recording the third-highest number of darkened cities.

City Police make Notice of Poverty



City police need to listen when it comes to poverty. That from Sgt Jim Flemming with the Saint John Police Force who attended a recent poverty forum in the city. He tells CHSJ News, there is a heavy misconception about crime and poverty going hand in hand.

Flemming says barriers such as health issues and mental health issues do see some people falling through the cracks of the system--- he says that can sometimes lead to people ending up in court simply because they don't fit into the system.

Woman Hit by Van and Reports of Shots Fired



A woman in her 20's is being treated at the Regional for a head injury this morning. City Police tell us she was hit by a van along Fairville Boulevard just before three o'clock this morning. A van had just pulled out of Westwind Place when the woman was struck. Heavy rain and dark conditions are being blamed on visibility being low and it doesn't appear any charges will be laid.

Officers were also called to the North End just after two o'clock on a pair of reports that shots were being fired. When they pulled onto McLaren Boulevard, they stopped a vehicle with several men in it. A search of the vehicle found a quantity of fire-crackers and officers believe that is the cause of the gun shot like sounds. No charges will be laid.