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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tuition Rates On The Rise In The Maritimes

A higher education might be a good idea on the job front, but it's definitely costing students and their parents a pretty penny these days.

The Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission releasing a study saying the average tuition fees in the Maritimes have gone up by 2.1 and 8.8 per cent over last year while the inflation rate was 1.3 per cent for July.

Nova Scotia was the most expensive province to attend university in the Maritimes followed by New Brunswick. P.E.I. was the least experience. Tuition fees in the Maritimes range between $53-hundred and $72-hundred dollars.

Get Checked For Prostate Cancer This Month

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month---and the head of the local group for survivors is urging men to get tested early and often. 

Reverend Doug Moore telling Common Council it's more common than you might think, with 1 in 7 men recieving the diagnosis in their lifetimes.

There will be over 23,000 men diagnosed in Canada this year--but the good news is 90% of cases are curable if they're caught early. 

Men are advised to start getting tested at 40 or earlier if they have a family history.

Guns Drawn In The North End

Major Crime is looking into incident today after guns were drawn in the North end.

Police received a complaint about a group of men in their 20's traveling in a black Mazda.

It was stopped on Landsdowne Avenue and three men were arrested. No word yet on charges. 

UNB Students Shining Shoes For Cystic Fibrosis

Groups of university students taking over the uptown as they raise money for cystic fibrosis as part of Shinerama.

Kyle Goguen is a first year student at UNB Saint John and tells CHSJ News they're shining shoes for donations and it's going really well so far. He says the warm, sunny weather and the fact that a cruise ship is in port seems to be helping their fundraising efforts.

Goguen says he's made a lot of new friends by participating.

Intial Feedback Positive On Potential Business Partnership

They share some of the same members and many of the same goals so it makes sense to work together.

The Board of Trade in Saint John, the Chambers of Commerce in the KV and the River Valley along with the West side business association are exploring the potential for a partnership.

Saint John Board of Trade Executive Director David Duplisea tells CHSJ News the move would allow them to increase their membership and speak with a single voice.

He says we don't have geographical boundaries in terms of how we live, work and play and people are involved in all the areas so it makes sense to move towards a single partnership.

Over 4 weeks the feedback from members in all areas has been positive but the four groups plan to get more information on merging four into one.

For more info, click here

Mill Rats Sign Curtis Again

Pending clearance from the International Basketball Federation, the NBL #1 overall draft pick says he'll come back to Saint John.

The Mill Rats say 6 foot 10 centre Robert Curtis has agreed to return to the Port City.

He was selected first overall by Windsor and his rights were traded to the Mill Rats for the rights to two other players.

Curtis played two games with the Mill Rats last season before going to play with Thailand.

Rothesay Police Investigating Fire At Playground

A blaze at a playground in the valley being investigated by the police. 

On August 22 at approximately 2pm, they were called to Sierra Avenue and discovered one of the swings was on fire. 

They're now looking for information from the public. If you were in the area the day it happened and saw anything out of the ordinary they're urging you to contact Cpl. Henderson at 847-6300.

Police Release Names Of Couple Found Dead

The names of a husband and wife found dead outside a home in Kedgwick being released.

Police were called to a home on route 260 where they discovered the bodies of 64-year old Raoul Leclair and 65-year old Nicole Leclair. They're both from Kedgwick.

Autopsies have been conducted and at this point in the investigation, police say the deaths are considered sudden and they don't think anyone else was involved.

Wyatt Needs A Home

Wyatt the warrior cat is a tough dude who will need a very specific home when he's ready.

The street cat was shot from a tree by a bow and arrow on August 13th near Exmouth and Richmond streets.

He had extensive surgery and is recovering well.

Wyatt will need to be an indoor cat and because he has feline leukemia he must be the only cat in the house.

To learn how you might adopt him, call Dave at 642-0920 or email

Only One Boat Running At Gondola Point


The Department of Transportation letting us know only one ferry will be operating at Gondola Point from 10am today until further notice while a cable is being replaced.

More Shots Fired In North End And East Side Robbery

A robbery at knifepoint is being investigated by City Police which was called in by a man around 10 last night from Ellerdale and Margaret Streets.

Police also investigating a report of shots being fired in the north end in the Davenport Street area. There were no injuries reported. 

This follows shots being fired on Ropewalk Road over the weekend.

City To Take Steps To Make School Zones Safer

Walking to and from school is going to be made safer as traffic calming measures are on the way for 24 elementary and middle school zones in the city. 

Tim O'Reilly of Traffic services explains his department needs more resources to do the job people want done. There's a backlog of over 400 complaints about dangerous streets and his department has been too understaffed to get them all.

Common Council is committing to the 4 year project which is to be completed at the cost $40 thousand per school.

Two Former Common Councillors Taken Off Saint John Energy Board

If you serve on city boards, agencies and commissions, term limits are now being strictly enforced by Common Council. 

It has decided to remove former Common Councillors Chris Titus and Bernie Desmond from the board at Saint John Energy where they had served for 16 years and 13 respectively and which Titus had been chairing. 

A longtime senior official at City Hall, who represents the retirees, Claude MacKinnon has also been taken off the Saint John Industrial Parks Board after 12 years.

Quispamsis Examining Viability of Electric Cars

You could soon be plugging in instead of gassing up in Quispamsis.

The town is looking into the possibility of taking part in NB Power's electric car program. Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News they've been using hybrid vehicles for the last three years, so going electric would just be the next logical step.

As one of the first municipalities in the province to engage with NB Power on their electric car program, Driscoll says they're taking the lead. NB Power is also in talks with other towns and cities including Rothesay, Fredericton and Bathurst.

The town will be doing an analysis to see what it would take to participate.

"Solving Saint John Problems The Saint John Way"

It's time to give the city of Saint John the tools it needs to solve its problems, instead of having to run to the provincial government.

That's the sentiment being expressed at common council as legislative changes are discussed that would, potentially, give the city more freedom over bylaw enforcement, taxation, and more. 

Mayor Mel Norton tells CHSJ News the reforms would let local government respond to citizens better--in his words, "let Saint John solve Saint John problems the Saint John way."

The paper on the reforms is now going to be sent to the NB Cities Association and council will be kept posted on any updates.